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Babonneau MP Says Opposition Using Women To Launch Attacks

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Babonneau MP Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte has asserted that the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) is using women, some of whom have mentioned her name on the political platform, to launch attacks.

“I am putting them on notice – do not mention my name because I will defend my name,” the Minister for the Public Service, Home Affairs, Labour and Gender Affairs said.

Albert-Poyotte spoke at the recent annual general meeting of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Gros Islet constituency.

She told the gathering she was very disappointed in the opposition’s Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, former Castries Central MP.

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Albert-Poyotte explained that Flood-Beaubrun should have been the senior female among the UWP women and lead by example.

“But she went on the UWP platform and mentioned my name,” the Minister noted.

Flood-Beaubrun has publicly called out Albert-Poyotte over her response to allegations of sexual harassment against a senior policeman by female officers.

Flood-Beaubrun, Minister of Home Affairs and Gender Relations in a previous Labour administration, felt Albert-Poyotte should have been more decisive in dealing with the allegations.

“I have no issues with Sarah and she has to be careful. She has to be careful and we will remain focused in the Saint Lucia Labour Party in the challenge that the people have given us,” Albert-Poyotte declared.

She recalled that the people had given the Labour Party a mandate to represent them.

“This is exactly what we are doing. We will not be distracted by these people who are coming out there and think that we will forget what we have to do and we will pay attention to them,” the Babonneau MP stated.

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  1. you have heart as a woman to come on a platform and say that about your kind? when its your kind the devil used to make adam eat the apple.

  2. Imagine this is coming from a woman, MP from Babonneau. With all the allegations from the women, not a word from Virginia or even at least ask for an investigation to put everything to rest. Instead, she has chosen to launch an attack on those who support those women and then call it politics – what a shame. I am so disappointed in Virginia. I hope Babonneau pays close attention to your words and action

  3. It really and truly hurts my heart seeing this bickering and backbiting. It hurts that those in power are more childish than the children in the classroom. While this is going on, the people, the country are paying the price.

    Brothers and sisters we need to put all differences aside for the greater good. Let us put the people…not some but All, let’s put the country first. This is just petty. Let our actions do the talking and not our mouths.

  4. Did his woman use her leadership of a union for nefarious political purposes? Was her objective the rights of the membership or the furtherance of her ambitions and her political party? Many of us can remember.

  5. Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte do you remember when your party was the opposition? did you guys just sat on the side lines and never challenge the former government ?

    Again it proves that this administration is like foolish dogs they just keep on backing at any flying bird.

  6. Smh with them politicians. If I am representing a ministry and someone mention my name concerning an issue with this ministry will I come out like the madam did . Oh no I will accept it because it is my name and I represent the ministry. I thought we were talking about peace in our beautiful island. Please madam like you are suppose to because that’s what the people voted you to do and stop using childish tactic to put people off. We are more educated now than before concerning political tactics. And those of us that are not our young kids are there to open us and direct us now. every petty things you guys have to answer to. So disappointed in this crop of slp especially those that are new to the political arena and have become so bossy. When they are out there they see everything that is wrong when they are in there they do it worse. Only God can stop these nonsense. My fellow stlucian don’t take off your eyes off Jesus to focus on politicians. Only Jesus can save us if we depend on look to politicians we shall be cast in the bottomless pit. This guys are only there to get and get and get at the expense of the people. I feel your pain and struggle pjp. They are turning you into someone you are not so my advice to you is to complete your term and leave that pit. Serve stlucian in another meaningful capacity. Peace and love

  7. Address the issues Madam Poyotte then Sarah Flood will have no reason to mention your name. The women of SLP have been selective on which issues to speak out against.

  8. Lol.. it’s like nobody can critic anybody in this country anymore. Yes, as a woman, I too have been disappointed with you and the other women in cabinet on the deafening silence as it relates to the rape allegations against the Ex Acting Commissioner. Our women in politics both sides have all failed to advance the agenda of women in this country. Instead they come in and follow the example of the men. Look at this one know “threatening” people if they mention her name. Typical of our thin skinned male politicians!

  9. Oh Virginia, now everyone can see you are new to politics. What are you gonna do when next elections is called? Sarah has had more than her share in criticism, have you ever seen her crying? now may I ask, if any, the Reports on how two murderers were able to escape from their Prison Cells in Babboneau? I’m sorry if you do not have an answer

  10. It’s a disgrace to our politicians acts like high school girls on the playground the ladies that is, the men pa Cotate that’s what Lucian voted for


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