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Conway Resident Granted Bail On Attempted Murder, Drugs Charges


A court has granted bail to a Conway, Castries resident arrested and charged with attempted murder and drug possession.

Police identified the accused as Brendan Thomas, alias Brendan Charles.

A police press release indicated that officers executed a search warrant on his premises during an early morning operation on Friday in Dennery and the Central Division.

The officers found 30 foil wraps of Cannabis Resin, a quantity of suspected Crack Cocaine, a quantity of suspected marijuana, and $2055.55.

At the end of the search, the law enforcement officials arrested Thomas for possessing the items and for attempting to cause the death of Carlton Biscette.

Biscette sustained a gunshot wound to the chest on Thursday in Conway at the hands of a ‘known individual’.

Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) rushed the victim to the hospital, where he was reported in stable condition.

According to the police, when Brendan Thomas alias Brendan Charles appeared before the court charged with drug possession and attempted murder in the Conway shooting incident, he received bail as follows:

Possession of Cannabis Resin – seven hundred dollars ($700.00)
Possession of Crack Cocaine – seven hundred dollars ($700.00)
Intent to Supply Cannabis Resin – one thousand dollars $1,000.00)
Intent to Supply Crack Cocaine – one thousand dollars ($1,000.00)
Attempted Murder – ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00)

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  1. Wow, is this thing for real? I recalled a heist by a lone individual at Morne Fortune where a gun belonged to a well-known family member was stolen and no bail was given.

  2. Really, Saint Lucia? The victim of the attempted murder should sue the State for all the distress associated with the Court setting loose the drug-dealing attempted murderer, who may very well make sure. Lw that the vlctim is killed! After all, dead men tell no tales! We can lie to ourselves and pretend that “star witnesses” are not oftentimes silenced in Saint Lucia so that drug dealers and murderers can walk free! What a shameful justice system we have in (un)Fair Helen!

  3. Wow Bail for attempted murder …we should all pack up and move to St. Lucia …..where the laws are sooooo lenient …this is ridiculous on every level.

  4. Bail for attempted murder? Getting a second chance to finish the job? So the police report of character as per the new measures was out? Or did he get that sorted out before the offense was committed?

  5. If Lucians decide to protest for the govt to stiffen the charges for gun possession and attempted murder and murder I will join. We even marching in RED. When i tell ppl dem politicians that running those gangs so they eh wanna stiffen the penalties. Based on what i read there I eh wanna hear Nuttin from PJP mouth. Everything he says will be useless.

  6. Hmpt. The officers must feel dispondent. Given bail for him to hirt more people. When will the victims in SLU get justice smh.

  7. Wow- 10k bail for attempted murder. Please go ahead and let him out on the streets to finish the job!

  8. Congratulations, Pierre! While you are busy protecting the victory, the security of the country is falling apart. Let me see if I understand what took place. A POS tried to kill an individual. By the way, he is found with crack that he distributes. Oops! He has a gun. To add insult to injury, he is let loose on the victim and society in general. This is the reason why I always break into a nervous laugh when I see you on television. As a security manager you are scary terrible, Pierre.
    Freaking amazing!

  9. Why’s everyone on here acting like they surprised the guy got bailed it’s the norm, he has to finish what he started

  10. Caught with a hand grenade? Pierre has your back. Bail.
    Caught with sticks of dynamite? No problem. Bail.
    Caught with a machine gun? Got you bro. Bail.
    Caught with a suicide drone? Cool. Bail.
    Caught with a boatload of weapons on the coast? Smile. Bail.
    Caught attempting to murder someone with a gun? Chill. Bail
    *Poor St Lucia.

  11. What you people expect the guy’s from Conway why wouldn’t he get bail his godfather is in charge

  12. I won’t say I’m surprised because everything is Fair in Fair Helen especially in the era of protecting the victory. However I never knew that bail was being granted for attempted murder. This is just putting additional stress on the police cause this man just paid 10 thousand dollars maybe in surety to go and finish what he started.

  13. Was there anything offensive about my comment. I know it was just a simple comment of concern like all the others in this thread. So why am I being discriminates against.

  14. why is it that our politicians dont change these laws we have? you tried to kill a guy but he didnt die and you getting bail? to be able to do that to someone else again? i am sure the police are very frustrated with these judges and magistrates and these stupid laws

  15. So he made bail, so back to business as usual….the state needs the cash, I guess that’s the logical explanation.
    Sweet St.Lucia.


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