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‘He Has No Brakes’ – Chastanet Says Frederick Acts As A Law Unto Himself


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has called out Castries Central MP Richard Frederick, accusing the Housing Minister of continuing to act as a law unto himself.

“He has no brakes,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader told a news conference on Tuesday.

According to Chastanet, Frederick continues to do the things that have contributed significantly to the demise of public confidence in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and the separation between politicians and the police.

The UWP leader recalled that at a news conference last week, his party addressed the situation where Frederick, on his television talk show, said the police were facilitating him in gathering files on citizens.

Chastanet said people are not left to speculate regarding what the Minister would do with the files since Frederick has been on a ‘rampage’ since returning to government.

He accused Frederick of threatening citizens publicly.

But Chastanet lamented that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and others have said ‘absolutely nothing.’

“In fact, it appears that they have gone out of their way to protect and to give credence and support to what Richard Frederick has done,” the UWP leader told the news conference.

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  1. No lies told. And the worse thing is people, even supporters of the SLP are scared to challenge anything that he does even on policy level as he will delve into their dirty laundry made up or otherwise to vindicate himself.

  2. There’s something about Richard Frederick that looks downright demonic. The man looks like he is on the verge of sprouting horns.

    Now here’s the thing about bullies; they feed on the fear of their victims. As long as you are afraid of them they’ll hold power over you. I hope many more people (including PM Pierre) will stand up to Frederick).
    And someone close to Frederick needs to get him some much needed help, carrying around that amount of hatred, anger and bitterness can’t be good. He must have had a terrible childhood, I do feel a level of pity for him.

  3. Wait for it Chas Thursday on Can I help Me, you will be the topic of discussion for two hours…Chastenet, Chastenet, Chastenet… That obsession runs deep. Take heart, before you, it was Kenny. You guys epitomize the class that can only be aspired to; hence the deep rooted resentment.

  4. Pure comedy coming from Saint Lucian politics. I know, we are known for our prolific writers that spawn Sir Derek Walcott but even Walcott could not write that script coming out of Saint Lucian Politics……the Pee on Em PM just rubbished the IMPACTS report as not his baby, now the leader of the opposition shouting a man has no breaks….🤣🤣🤣….instead of crying at the dire state of affairs in Saint Lucia I will enjoy the tragic comedy drama….

  5. Chas, where was your brakes when you called black people barking dogs, jackasses etc?
    You called our cousin Non entity. We are waiting for an apology George Eugene, Gifta is your daughter speak up.

  6. You were in power for 5 years, but you never enacted a minimum wage so you think the working poor will vote to put you back as a prime Minster

  7. For those of us St Lucians like Highgrade, who sees nothing wrong with Richard’s utterances, boy I can tell you we don’t know how dangerous our country has become. The man told us that he has files on citizens given to him by the police and my Minister of National Security don’t have an issue with this. That man should be fired from his post. Where is Sir John when we need him? All I can say is that we must have eyes in front, at the back and both sides of our head to see the danger that will befall us.

  8. Saint Lucians should/must observe very carefully the drama being played out with two main actors, one outlier and the other outliers. While some complain
    forever of poverty and low wages, what are being stolen from you are (1) Crown Lands fixed to be sold at a ridiculously low price, far below the market value to an outside purchaser a scam not involving a Real Estate Agent, to publicly accept offers within the range of local and/or outside purchasers, but an elected dealer do the necessary, for whose benefit? but did you know THE LAND IS YOUR LAND, THE LAND IS MY LAND ALSO
    why should we be robed? Why is our P.M. PjP so silent about that, why is he so scared to speak up, why is he and the other ‘Outliers so frozen & scared of this individual’ why is Kenny a brilliant Lawyer keep silent on this matter? Lord help us.

  9. Chastanet, Richard Frederick can debunk your lies so you see him as a threat. Frederick can take you head-on irrespective of the topic or location. You are afraid of his fearlessness and his ability to challenge you on any issue. Frederick is an albatross around your neck; a force to reckon with for the rest of your political life. Others will dismiss your caustic rhetorics but Richard Frederick will publicly expose your ubiquitous stupidity. This is what scares you the most about him.

  10. @Rest my case I can’t wait for Fredrick to file his case against the Coolie……what worries you is not the fact he has files on individuals……but WHO in your yellow alliance that’s bothering you. What’s the matter are you afraid Richard Michael Cohen Frederick is about to bust that yellow bubble.

  11. Richard thinks he is the boss the slps he will shame mate is a dirty man insulting everyone that calls him out people of ST lucia open your eyes

  12. The fearless man. Puts Chas dirty laundry out so Chas feels there is no way out of this demise. He will not win.
    He could never be prime Minister again.
    Colonial Master. The people spoke so please stay in opposition. Lucians have rejected you. Outright 15 – 2 so please wait on another turn in 2.5 years. Unfortunately you will not make it Sir.

  13. It is so blindingly obvious that Allen Chastanet remains bitter and unreconciled to his electoral defeat in 2021.

  14. In another St Lucia, not too long ago, there was a Richard Frederick show dubbed the Kenny Show. Every show was dedicated to the Masa, son of a slave owner, liar, crook, White God and the list went on. Today in another St Lucia, his show is now the Chastenet Show with the same descriptive words. Could it be that Richard is not pleased with his complexion, because both of these black men and note I said black men with a different melanin than him, who acquired their wealth through more legal means than him are thorns in his side. To those who despised him not too long ago and like Pierre would say, all in a sudden, he has become their saviour and master put that in your pipe. What you do afterwards is your business.


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