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Pierre Speaks On Construction Of Halls Of Justice, New Police Headquarters

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Prime Minister Philip J Pierre has disclosed that Saint Lucia is all set to have a Halls of Justice and a new Police Headquarters in the next two years.

Pierre spoke at this week’s sod-turning ceremony for the Gros Islet Police Headquarters.

He said next January, the government will begin constructing the Halls of Justice “for the men and women of the judiciary.”

In the following year, construction of the Police Headquarters in Castries will commence.

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Pierre also said there would be additional repairs to “every police station in the country.”

“I have full confidence in the ability of the men and women of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force,” said Pierre.

“And I can expect that they will do their work, and I will demand that they do their work,” he added.

“I expect them not be caught in the side shows and not to allow petty political differences to disturb their work,” said the National Security Minister.

“And when they fall short, do expect that I will pull them up. Because we are giving them the tools, and the resources and we are doing all we can to improve conditions of work for them,” Pierre declared.

Pierre said his administration has spent more money “on the law and enforcement agencies” in Saint Lucia than any other government.

Citing the upcoming infrastructural upgrades for the country’s security forces, he urged members of the police force to strive to leave “a legacy” after their term of duty has ended.

He noted that the government has purchased two more vehicles for the police.

In addition, the government has allocated $26 million to upgrade working conditions for emergency personnel.

“We are the ones improving the conditions for the men and women of the protective services,” declared PM Pierre.

“Our government is a government of action,” he asserted.

“And that is why we are going to finish St Jude Hospital,” said the prime minister.

He implored the contractor hired for the construction of the Gros Islet Police Headquarters to “do a good job.”

“Your responsibility is to construct a building within costs and on time …and I hope that you can fulfill that responsibility for the people of Saint Lucia,” he added.

“We solemnly believe in the separation of powers and our actions show that, and in spite of all the misinformation that you may hear about the judiciary, all the frustrations and lies …stay focused and let’s get the job done,” Pierre asserted.

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  1. I sincerely hope they put their words where the “actions” will be.
    NOTICE: No time frame (only that it will take two years.)
    NOTICE: No locations mentioned.

    “Nice” speech, but I am not convinced – yet!
    Oh, and by the way, note to SLP: Please do not touch Barnard Hill!! *eyes on you …

  2. One at a time please Mr. Pierre. Can you give us a detail plan for the hospital in the South. Tell us some truth about the hospital and stop with your BS for a change

  3. We need to unite as one and do not follow the trend of deceptive politicians. I hope people understand the reason why the Chinese System is so effective, one party system and fork the US propaganda news which is only destine to poison one mind set. Look at there political structure how destructive is it and look at ours this party system is destroying any progress and our youth get draft into the recycling bin because this what is happening was established moons ago and yet we cannot go further. Chinese is loaning and building infrastructure for other nations. When do you think St. Lucia will achieve this? In my opinion it may happen when the rooster get teeth.

  4. Pierre said his administration has spent more money “on the law and enforcement agencies” in Saint Lucia than any other government.
    That statement. Is it a campaign speech or a swipe at KDA led SLP govts.? I really wonder. Whoever is writing PJP speeches is sooo Political that they even critising their own party. Anyways

  5. all of that yet still they killing us da and night not even in our homes we are safe look te people in vieux fort are scared

  6. This story is about what exactly? The booming construction sector or citizen safety? National security is defined as keeping your citizens safe among other things. Do these remarks make us feel safer or is it just for those who blindly think that you are doing a good job. Where is the plan to remove / eliminate the capability of the young thugs causing the mayhem we are seeing now. Is it just me or we like it so because we voted for it.

  7. This man is a snake oil salesmen and has no plans but to fool his supporters and the people of St Lucia.
    We need a living minimum wage system to abolish the current slave wages system.. with our current wages the PM can not afford to build any thing in the two years that he Bragg’s about..
    I am encouraging the PM to establish a fair living wage system of $10+ per hour based on hours worked to everyone and only then will can move forward.
    His mandates are to keep people poor and overworked..As I advocate for better wages,I would like the PM to discuss the wages system, as soon as yesterday so I can feel better for the workers of St Lucia especially the hotel workers..


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