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Police Appeal For Information As They Probe Vieux Fort Double Homicide


On Thursday, October 26, 2023, about 9: 09p.m, Officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, Vieux Fort and Special Service Unit Officers received and responded to a shooting incident on Bridge Street, Vieux Fort.

Upon arrival, the Officers discovered an unresponsive male individual lying on his back on the roadside, with penetrating wounds to his chest, left shoulder, pelvis and his right ankle.

He was later identified as Jimmy Henry of Bridge Street, Vieux Fort.

The Officers also observed another unresponsive male individual sitting in a chair in the veranda of a house nearby.

He had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the left side of his face.  He was later identified as Calife Louisy also known as “Ohms” of Bridge Street, Vieux Fort.

Emergency Medical Technicians from the Saint Lucia Fire Service who responded, transported the victims to a medical facility where they were pronounced dead by a Medical Practitioner.

Investigations into these deaths are ongoing.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is pleading to anyone who may have information about this case to come forward. Anonymous tips can be provided at the number 555.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Crowd and Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) responders at homicide scene.

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  1. When fighting insurgencies, violent crime and war, two strategies are generally employed. The first is attrition, which aims to exhaust the opposition, to force him to give up his goals. In essence, wear him down, bit by bit. The second is annihilation, which aims to destroy the enemy power by the most direct and immediate means possible at whatever cost. I eh see “Generull Peep” employing any of these. Letting gunmen out on bail nullifies both strategies. So what is he doing? He is trying a little “ting” which can only spell more disaster for families.
    This is where we stand on the murder rate for 2022 in Latin America and the Caribbean. Information obtained from Insight Crime, a reliable website used by security people. Note, murder raates are calculated per 100,000 people:

    1. Turks & Caicos…Population 45,114…rate 77.6 murders per 100,000 people
    2. Jamaica…Population 2,827695…52.9
    3. St. Lucia…Population 179,651…42.3
    4. Venezuela…Population 28,199,867…40.4
    5. St. Vincent & G…Population 104,332…40.3
    6. Trinidad & T…Population 100,000…39.4
    7. Honduras…Population 10,278,345…35.8
    8. The Bahamas…Population 407,906…32
    9. Colombia…Population 51,516,562…26.1
    10. Ecuador…Population 17,797,737

    * We are on course for the highest murder rate…Ever!

  2. We don’t hv serious people in our decisions making in st lucia. It’s costing us the lives of innocent people. Vfort is so small and y’all can’t surround that place and secure the area. Mr pm I hv a personal message: if you can’t protect us just say that and we will hv to protect ourselves. It’s that bad right now. I can’t own a fire arm and fellers hv that like sand. So if they decide to pull up at my door step just tell me honestly what I’m supposed to do?

  3. The faithful witness is in heaven,he will make justice and not the ‘untrusty police failures’…
    Let me tell you of what happend sometimes a litte old about a twenty years or…
    There was a couple with four children living near the mother of father of the children in Augier, the mother is from Bellevue, name Christine marry to x which was propriétaire..
    A litte misunderstood cause of the mother in law..
    Do you what happend, after the witch seized from A to Z from their belongings,it is a heart breaking to tell even the children’s clothing’s the mother in law seized..
    After living the children naked,the funinest thing about it is that the same morning of police search.

    Now there was a police officer was passing with her daughter working in Vieux Fort,the same morning of the search, call the witch and to say police will invade her home..
    You know what happend before the search the wicked witch took all the children’s clothing’s in many suitcases in her son’s véhicule and brought them to a place called the heights or highest in catten…
    Where she burned the children’s clothing’s…

  4. Come forward with information so you can feed it to certain ministers and God-knows who else? I did not say it. The minister himself confessed it in public on his own show, without being pressured or questioned by anyone. You are feeding people information that is provided to you. Show us how you are blocking these holes and preventing these transgressions and protecting your public sources and then the public will consider collaborating with you.

  5. The Palistine war, oppression for 60 years and hamas must be labelled for oct 7th invasion. Propaganda at its best and we are trap in it here equally. People lives must pay the price for our legislation to take control and guidance. We’ll forever be fooled

  6. Pip put enimies between police officers and the citizens you give them the power to go in person houses only a mad man will do something like lucia is a lawless country..


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