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Global Ports Holding Hires Two Saint Lucians To Play ‘Pivotal Roles’


Global Ports Holding (GPH), the world’s largest cruise port operator, is pleased to announce significant developments in its Caribbean expansion.

Following the recent signing of a 30-year concession agreement with the Government of Saint Lucia to operate and manage Saint Lucia Cruise Port, GPH has hired two esteemed Saint Lucian business executives who will play pivotal roles in its local and Eastern Caribbean operations.

Mr. Lancelot Arnold has been appointed director of the GPH Eastern Caribbean team and will also serve as the director of Saint Lucia Cruise Port.

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, he brings a wealth of experience in seaport management, maritime operations, mega structure creation, project development, and financial management to his new role.

He has held senior leadership positions at Invest Saint Lucia, JQ Charles Group of Companies, and the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA).

Mr. Arnold will join the new port management company from the National Insurance Property Development and Management Company (NIPRO) where he has worked as chief executive officer since 2019.

Mr. Arnold will oversee the St. Lucia Cruise Port Investment Plan during the anticipated two-year construction period, lead the Saint Lucia Cruise Port team, and drive profitability. He will also spearhead operations of GPH-managed ports across the Eastern Caribbean.

Known for his visionary leadership, his exceptional proficiency in seaport operations & development and consistent history of establishing robust business structures while driving optimal business outcomes will align perfectly with the local and regional growth objectives of GPH. His appointment will take effect on December 1, 2023.

Mr. Gasper George has joined the GPH team as the director of operations and product development for GPH Eastern Caribbean and for Saint Lucia Cruise Port.

In his most recent previous position, he served as senior manager of business development and corporate communications at the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA).

In addition to having worked in various roles within the private and public sectors, including the St. Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency, George has served on critical local tourism and industry boards and committees including the Saint Lucia Community Tourism Agency, the St. Lucia Hospitality & Tourism Association, the Airlift Committee of Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

He has also participated as a member of the Marketing and Communications Committee for the Airport Council International – Latin America and the Caribbean.

A dynamic and multi-faceted professional, his diverse range of experience in stakeholder engagement, management, and product and business development will make him a valuable addition to the GPH team.

He will play an instrumental role in enhancing the regional cruise tourism experience and supporting the company’s commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism.

He assumed his new roles on October 16, 2023.

Mike Maura, Jr., Regional Director of Global Ports Holding Americas, expressed the GPH team’s enthusiasm about these appointments.

“We are thrilled to welcome Lance and Gasper to the team. Lance will bring strong leadership and managerial capabilities and significant industry experience that will set Saint Lucia Cruise Port and our Eastern Caribbean portfolio on a strategic path for success. Gasper will help establish the brand and build relationships with our customers and the community, strengthening our relationships with our cruise line partners and increasing passenger engagement. Their extensive local and international industry connections, along with their personal interest in community development, will also help ensure that this initiative benefits Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean greatly. We look forward to supporting their success.”

Mr. Arnold shared his sentiments about his appointment, stating, “I am thrilled to join Global Ports Holding and the Saint Lucia Cruise Port team. I look forward to working with our internal team, international partners, and the local community to continue the excellent work that SLASPA and the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority have achieved and to help drive the growth and advancement of cruise tourism in Saint Lucia. We intend to make Saint Lucia Cruise Port and the Eastern Caribbean operation an even bigger role model for port operations and service excellence worldwide.”

Mr. George also expressed his excitement about the future of Saint Lucia Cruise Port, saying, “I think the establishment of St. Lucia Cruise Port has created a fantastic opportunity for us to enhance the existing cruise tourism product. I am excited to join GPH and look forward to bringing my business acumen and community development experience to the team to create meaningful and tangible opportunities for Saint Lucians.”

GPH anticipates announcing more new hires in due course as it continues to build the Saint Lucia Cruise Port team and expand regionally.

SOURCE: Government of Saint Lucia

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  1. I think the words that stick out to me most here are “ mega structure creation”……… keep St. Lucia Simply beautiful , no hirises like the ugly Hilton from the good ole AFrame days, Capones surrounding area to what it is today!!! if u make St Lucia like every other island , Miami style like UWP wanted it St. Lucia will loose it’s specialty and magic bc it will be a typical redundant Blaise island nation!… no matter if you have unesco Pitons ! please keep mega structures to a minimum I mean check new hotel size in pt seraphine!,,,yuck!……. No mega structures keep Lucia Simply beautiful. I I IThank you.

  2. Sell out! Both of you,now we know why SLASPA was silent over that stupid deal.Pockets before country.

  3. I take absolutely nothing from these two brilliant, talented St. lucians, however here this here is tokenism at it’s finest. Make noise about giving the “Slaves” some crumbs while we run away with the whole loaf. Cabot all over again but this time on the other side of the political divide so no comments will be forthcoming.

  4. 30 years and all taxes collected are theirs. Another sale of your patrimony under SLP and UWP. You have nothing. Your kids have no future in this land as usual. Cause government sold you all out again. Both red and yellow. Those two guys are just figureheads. Nothing significant. They will get a check and a name and zero power and influence. In short, the government has screwed the present living Lucian’s, their kids and future generations.

  5. The Arnold boys just raking it in…see why you don’t do marjee with yourselves for politicians is those who stay out of the battle get the best positions…Hilaire boys again

  6. @ AWA:- “Janitors in Suits” – I love it.
    When I read the resume of these men, I wonder what kept them in St. Lucia all that time; ‘with such visionary leadership…..’ I don’t mean to piss all over these guys, but GPH knows how to sell you something, hoping you will buy it; ST.LUCIA SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL IS GONE. suckers.

  7. They always using the black man as a front man take for example Cabot does the same thing but the shareholders are white people and the so called Jews . That is just a trick by the Babylon system

  8. @Fire burn:- please my brother, don’t listen to & don’t repeat this hidden Racist comment, it dose not sound good neither is it good for St. Lucia, that cannot exist without foreign investment; I say so because you made specific statement to ” white people and so called Jews” but brother, what is & why “the Babylon system” – may I ask, who is being tricked by these phrases that you utter? I am a local citizen grew up in the CDC Block C.S. before it was knocked down. St Lucia is not an anti-Semitic nation, leave the jews alone; But we embraced Syrians didn’t we? Cabot is small fry that’s providing work to many. ‘Global P. Holdings’ is one I’m watching very carefully and why was a chunk of Crown Lands at & about the proposed Harbour GPH development sold, not by a white man, much too cheap but by a man we all know too well? be not guided by the knowledge of man, but by the wisdom of the ‘Almighty heavenly Father.’ My Lord, keep watch on St. Lucia, Amen.


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