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‘Pappyshow!’ – Chastanet Criticises Government Over The State Of The Millennium Highway


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has taken the Philip J. Pierre administration to task over the poor state of the Millennium Highway.

“What they are doing now is an insult to Saint Lucians. It’s a pappyshow and they are treating us like we are a pappyshow,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader declared.

The former Prime Minister spoke Monday during the radio call-in programme, Newsspin.

“It is time that we demand respect from this government,” Chastanet told programme Host Timothy Poleon.

He declared that the road conditions in Saint Lucia are probably the worst ever, damaging vehicles.

Chastanet said that the most distressing was the state of the Millennium Highway.

He noted that many people were heading towards the West or East Coast for Jounen Kweyol on Sunday and would have used that route.

Chastanet stated that the patch of the Millennium Highway where the landfill was dangerous.

“It is unbelievable that after working for three years on this road that’s what the state is,” the opposition leader asserted.

But he said even worse is the roundabout area coming down from the Morne.

“The state of the road is just unbelievable that today, in 2023, that would be the condition of our road,” Chastanet lamented.

In addition, he noted that there has yet to be a response from the government.

“Where is the Minister of Infrastructure? Where is the Prime Minister? Where are the persons who are District Representatives for those areas? Joachim Henry, (Ernest)Hilaire? Where are their voices?” Chastanet asked.

He also explained that the West Coast Road was in deplorable condition.

“We are now approaching the winter season where a lot of taxi drivers and a lot of vendors on that West Coast road depend on the cruise ship passe ngers coming down on what they call the land and sea tour,” the former Tourism Minister observed.

He said he did not know which taxi driver would want to bring any tourist on the road given its current condition.

The opposition leader said he intends to write an open letter to Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King.

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  1. Allen, if you don’t know the truth, do some research. Stop telling us lies upon lies. You are a big man don’t make telling lies as part of your culture. Please stop it.

  2. OHHHH so this is why on monday that they filled the holes in the so called round about in cul d sac and smoothed it out a bit. I see, and they should take a ride down to the marigot bay hotel there are some huge holes not suitable for vehicles to get down to that area and with this upcoming tourist season people will realize it and its going to get worst when more vehicles start visiting that area.

  3. its ridiculous that the authorities tell you that your vehicle must be road worthy which includes insurance and valuation and a sticker from transport board but the roads are not worthy to have your vehicle on

  4. do people even work on this road the last time king said he wanted the road to be done by December or most of it thereof. I dont see anyone working on it, is it they are on the millennium highway?

  5. The residents of Marigot have been begging the government and Dr Hilaire ( their MP) for years to fix the almost impassable road to the bay – nothing is done, not even patching! Yet they want tourists to visit this beautiful bay. Priorities need to be checked!

  6. You where their money was dumping, SLP there they don’t care shit because its UWP started project. We have spent collectively billions on our offroad highways. Why does everything have to go rock bottom here before anything can happen? Why all consultants and ministers having doctorates in academics and when you would believe thing will flip it just going backward. Shait mun!

  7. I find it strange that motor vehicle users and the mini bus association leaders who traverse the Millennium roadway and the Cul-de- sac road, are not constantly making their feelings known about the condition of these roads. This is mind boggling. They would definitely not have been so quiet if Chas was in office. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

  8. @Troy….where is the lie? Whether or not you like Chastenent, there’s no denying our roads are deplorable. The bottom of my car was ripped in a crater at cul de sac.

    Now, it’s one of two things, either slp supporters have their own roads and supermarkets etc, cuz everything is fine for them, nothing to complain about, OR, they are suffering in silence but are too ashamed to speak out.

  9. Really Chastenet? Are you for real? Now for once just shut up. You know it’s under your stewardship that this project began. You expect miracles now?
    By the way, we are approaching the winter season?
    Man, just please shut up!

  10. Chastanet lying, Hilaire lying, they’re all lying!!
    Meme bete, meme pwel.
    Finger pointing and gesticulating again … that is all they can do.

  11. Lucian party hacks not easy, especially the slp. They will give the party their assss and shiiiit through their ribs.

  12. Bois and the flambeau house negros would give their life to save their Massa Allen Chastanet’s house

  13. The 25 million dollars he write off for sandals that money could have been use to repair the roads

  14. Apparently this current government expected to win the elections, sit in office with absolutely no projects to erect or complete. The opposition should have completed all roads, finished the hospital, done renovations on all government buildings, bought laptops for all school children, etc, etc.
    You all were elected to work not to sit down to eat our tax payers money. SLP stop complaining and work.

  15. That millennium highway saga lies squarely on,Guy Joseph. He should come and explain the two contracts for,COW, and one was taken away from them and awarded to,Fresh Start.
    Where have all our tax monies gone to?

  16. I am neither SLP nor UWP ..however I watched some recent footage from St. Lucia and the roads and side walks in the town look 👀 like a war torn zone…homes everywhere. I could not believe the deplorable conditions ….of the roads and the side walks. If not extremely careful, someone could easily break a leg or ankle. It is a crying shame …

  17. Look, when will we as st.lucians learn unity. I know with politics, ppl support who they want, and that is a right. But isn’t what going on affecting everyone? Government need to put all politics aside and think of us the people. Do they even care about our concerns. Look we are here complaining about road conditions, what about health care. I don’t mean only getting treatment at the hospital but the way in which it is being given. I think they can learn a thing or two from hotel workers on customer care and approach. They are lacking in care and love for what they do. They is one of the reasons why some people become very rude to them. All of this needs to be addressed. People are losing their lives at the hospital because of neglect. Don’t get me wrong. There are some really great nurses and doctors there but to be honest, the bad really out weight the good. My Visit to the hospital was the worst I have ever experienced. And I will tell you one thing if it mean that I can’t afford to seek help else where I would rather stay at home and die.

  18. Re Article Pappyshow.And that is exactly what going on in St Lucia where no one is responsible for the infrastructure and maintenance of the roads island wide, we should be able to get some financial from the Hotels to keep the traffic flowing through.
    Simply commonsense. The public works department must be accountable for this projects.. Commonsense..
    I hope that the politians wake up and smell the roses..

  19. @ A llison:- “….politicians wake up and smell the roses”
    You’re not talking about politicians, are you? you better wake up & smell the Coffee.

  20. Mate just want nice roads so he can order a Mercedes to flant his wealth. All the money that his father have , why not donate a million dollars to fix the roads…


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