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UWP Women Demand Richard Frederick’s Removal From Cabinet


In a striking demonstration of strength and solidarity, more than 200 committed women came together for the UWP Women’s Arm Conference on Sunday, November 5, 2023.

The conference’s resounding slogan, “Fanm Sent Lisi, Annou Tjenn Tèt Nou Byen Ho!” exhorted the Party’s female members to remain strong and self-assured, particularly given the current political environment.

The closed morning session received the President’s report and witnessed the election of the executive committee, a team made up of seasoned and committed women who have
demonstrated unshakable support for the Party.

The open afternoon session was a time for introspection, harmony, and joy. Prominent female Party members gave passionate statements that struck a strong chord with the audience.

The speakers conveyed several themes, including the power of women and their unique capacity to bring forth life and to nurture the sons and daughters and future leaders of this land.

These inspirational talks were warmly greeted with applause and sincere gratitude.

In the present atmosphere of hate and denigration of women, speaker after speaker denounced the horrible remarks and violent threats made by Richard Frederick on his broadcast talk show against Ms. Minerva Ward and Ms. Irmar Frank.

Frederick’s foul remarks echoed along the hallway.

In an act of solidarity and deference to all people, the ladies of the Party demanded
that Prime Minister Pierre remove the shameful and transgressive Minister from his Cabinet.

The congregation of women were reminded of the sacrifices made by ordinary women through simple acts of courage to ensure safety, equality, and justice for each generation of women to come.

All women were exhorted to keep their heads up, to be self-assured and unwavering in
their quest of a just and equitable society.

The conference was a huge success, and with every woman’s head held high, the Women’s
Arm of the Party is prepared to pursue its political objectives.

SOURCE: United Workers Party National Women’s Arm. Headline file photo: Richard Frederick speaks with reporters.

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  1. BLA BLA BLA BLA … much we love to be in the news . Fight had at all cost to remain relevant my dear friends.

  2. Make up yol minds….yol wanna wear diapers as adults and disrespect yourselves or be classy and sophisticated? Which one!

  3. I saw grown women on stage with pampers, wasn’t that a form of disrespect and denigration. If the united workers party women is demanding respect,they must respect themselves first,their children grandchildren and their great grands.
    The people of central castries like myself voted, Richard Frederick into office we’ll decide when it’s time to remove him and not the prime minister.

  4. That will NEVER happen. PJP, KDA, EH and dem all scared of the man. The SLP women in parliament support the man. Castries Central women support de man. So who are u all. My aunty, my female cousins, my female friends all support SLP and all of a sudden now support RG. A few yrs ago they tried to show me hw much of a monster he was but now he is their darling. SO……….. Guess what next elections he will turm out to be our PM , Just wait and see.

  5. The only criterion you need to be embraced by the SLP is to be anti-UWP.
    They will have a little prayer for you, and all your sins are gone.
    It is easier to see snow in St. Lucia on Christmas day than to see that happen.

  6. United Pack hoping this is not your last straw. People want yo vote UWP but unfortunately there is no substance in you all deportment.
    So saddd

  7. PJP is RF poppet only one way to remove him is to bare your bearing and when come election time kick his Atlantic mouth out of office. But then the cassette will stick and replay only. Because yall politicians doesn’t change the only thing you all change is you all clothing nothing more.

  8. On a point of correction, Frederick does not have a talk show. What he operates is called a Political Show.

  9. So when will you all remove chastanet as opposition leader remember this man has disrespected women he never enacted a minimum wage for the working poor women but in his 5 years in power. He made millions for himself and his family…

  10. I won’t even comment on the RF issue mentioned in this article, but I will take umbrage at the poor Kwèyol spelling in this article. Who are those responsible for the butchery? Given that Saint Lucia is named after a woman who became a Saint… why is it spelt and pronounced Sent Lisi rather than Sainte Lucie? If one has to be genuine to the pronunciation as written, Sent (Kwèyol) is pronounced like the English Sent…if a Martiniquan or a Haitian had to pronounce the word Sent Lisi it would be pronounced as Sainte Lucie which is no difference in the way Saint Lucians pronounce it. Therefore Sent Lisi is grammatically and syntactically wrong… the word Annou… Which means ‘ let us’ or in essence which can also mean ‘ to us’ is also incorrect…it is more accurate to spell it like this Á nou…Á = to and nou = us…the Kwèyol language is very poetic and makes us of subtleties and the spelling should reflect that… the word Ho…means ‘high’ but again a Haitian or Martiniquan would pronounce it as haute….no difference from a Saint Lucian pronouncing it…so why is it spelt ho? Is that the best those heritage protectors can do? ….I once heard an elderly lady give this story about a young man who disrespected and elderly man… And being disrespected, the elderly man told the young man, ‘garçon mwen, ou manché mwen un ti morceau la politess…’ actual translation is ‘ my boy, you miss me a little bit of politeness’ …but literally meaning is ‘my boy, it appears to me you lack a little politeness’ ….just the beauty of the language and it’s use of subtleties….if only the heritage defenders/ protectors can capture that sophistication in the Kwèyol language and preserve it rather than settle for simplistic spelling like Ho or Sent Lisi or tjenn…

  11. PJP knows he will become a one term PM. His ass clapping uncontrollably everyday, this is why he cannot make productive decisions because he fear Atlantic mouth will jump on TV and spews garbage. He allowed himself to be held at Ransom hence he travel like a nomadic person and when he returns the only sensible thing he can do is to think where to run, look let me add a few more taxes so I can keep them poor and stay stupid. Let me travel here and take a lil bit more money and when I return I’ll ensure they are below the breadwinner bread line. PJP the longer you stay there it’s more hatered you will reward yourself with. I don’t think people hate you personally but the bigotry cabinet you have.

  12. you know if mr frederick was a different type of person he would have been able to reach very far in politics and be a well favored and respectable person

  13. There have been allegations following this character for a very long time. To have someone with such allegations following him serving in parliament is an indictment of the country. It is one thing for the castries central people to elect him. It is another to have him sit in parliament. Not sure what deal Pierre made with this guy but the devil always gets his pound of flesh.

    Even if you don’t believe the allegations. This man’s visa was revoked by the US. Here are some potential reasons:
    1. Arrest
    2. Violations of visa status or conduct in the US inconsistent with representations in one’s visa process
    3. Conduct after receipt of the visa but before travelling to the US
    4. National security: No-fly, terrorist, and a variety of other watchlists are constantly being updated. Not only do these lists encompass the individuals in question, but known family members, friends, associates and associates of the associates, as well. The revocation net is being widened.
    5. A denied immigrant/non-immigrant visa application
    6. A failed nonimmigrant visa application of a family member
    7. Family member(s) in the US engaging in suspicious conduct
    8. Inaccurate information in a visa application
    9. Alien smuggling

    Take your pick of why you think his visa would be revoked and ask yourself if you want this man as your representative.

  14. Re Article/comments.I do support the ladies and not the political issues..I am wondering why soo many women are supporting such character in our political issues? Women please don’t support ( live-Evil)
    I’m speaking for me Mom..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations..
    Folks! Use commonsense to eradicate evil..

  15. I am disappointed and disgusted with our female politicians on both sides. They really have no interest in women’s issues, not unless they can score political points or something affects them directly. They choose when to speak and when to turn a blind eye.
    Some months ago, the Jada Pinkett of St.lucian politics (the self absorbed, opportunist) Lisa Jahwahir was all over the media making noise for Chastenent to apologise for calling someone a non entity. Where is she now? I suppose only certain women deserve respect.

  16. Since 1997, our country has faced serious challenges under the SLP leadership. In 1996, the homicide rate was just around 8 per year, but by 2002, it had surged to 40 per year, a staggering 400% increase. The Debt to GDP Ratio also skyrocketed during this time, with little benefit to the country. The SLP government has been in power for 4 out of the last 6 terms and shares responsibility for these issues due to their failed policies. You can verify these facts with a quick online search for “macrotrends Saint Lucia murder rate chart.” It’s time to get informed and take action. Let’s rally and urge our government representatives to do better, embracing proven strategies that can steer us toward a brighter future.

  17. Oh Really, what did Chastanet do with the 863 million dollars he borrowed during his tenure in office? Why is everyone blaming Richard when some people are telling lies black is blue. How many passports did Chas sell during his reign?
    Richard, you are correct, expose the corruption of the UWP.
    Chas remember you called our cousin non entity, we are still awaiting an apology from you.

  18. Richard Frederick is an embarrasment to The Govt . But then again this only happen in St. LUCIA ….nowhere else in the world ….so glad I leave before it devolve into a gun thoting failed state like HAITI .

  19. Castries my old Town, has sadly become a political football field with an elected Rep kicking around a group of manipulative sheep, calling for a March/demonstration to sooth his nervousness; and now like a little Lap Puppy, PjP the P.M. says ‘yes Sir’ and folks wonder, who really is in charge here? but seriously who really is in charge?

  20. In the entire article not one name or member of the cttee was quoted in any of the statements. I wonder why


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