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‘We Are Friends Of Taiwan’ – UWP Chairman Responds To ‘Anti-Taiwan’ Claims


The Chairman of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Therold Prudent, has responded to what he said were claims by ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) operatives that the UWP and its leader, Allen Chastanet, were seeking to disrupt diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

He referred to a social media post this week that indicated the UWP was ‘anti-Taiwan’ and wanted ties with China.

Prudent addressed the issue on Tuesday during a live stream on his Facebook page.

“We are friends of Taiwan,” the UWP Chairman asserted.

In addition, Prudent recalled that the UWP administration under John Compton established diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 1984.

“Our great leader, Sir John Compton, brought in the Taiwanese,” he declared.

However, Prudent said in 1997, the Saint Lucia Labour Party ‘threw’ the Taiwanese out of Saint Lucia.

“They switched diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favour of China,” the UWP Chairman stated.

“The United Workers Party – always favouring the Taiwanese and the Saint Lucia Labour Party loving Communism,” Prudent declared.

He said the SLP did not care about China’s human rights record and the Chinese government jailing thousands of their citizens who fought for freedom every year.

Prudent observed that a lot of those citizens would go to prison, be killed, and their relatives would never see them again.

But he said the SLP wanted money and personal gifts from the Chinese.

Prudent said in 2007, after returning to office, the UWP administration reestablished diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

He explained that Taiwan has been a good friend to Saint Lucia.

The UWP Chairman said the SLP returned to office in 2011, wanting to return to China, but eventually decided to maintain the status quo.

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  1. Lol you politicians you people are equally damaging souls to this banana republic. talking about human rights. Look at you, yellow fighting red and red fighting yellow… do you know a Chinese have alot of freedom and equally their government don’t leave their country to go seek medical attention unlike the SLP and UWP fabrication. China has become the world’s largest money lenders collection some 1.3 trillion USD monthly. When can St. Lucia afford to donate to Haiti 1 container of green fig or dasheen? China don’t allow investor to come and rip off its human resource you all allowing that even permitting it and you talking about human right violation.. you people smoking you all brain out or what. I am not defending china but you have no place to yap your trash like this honestly.

  2. you see of course. from since 1984 and slp threw them out in 1997. And when you tell these hurry up just come slp hacks the history of bad things slp has done dating way way back they want to deny it go and ask yall grand parents they will tell yall. Suh Horte

  3. Im-prudent should be careful not to muddy the facts. You people continue to serve up a mixed salad of truths, lies and propaganda in order to waylay the unsophisticated public. Opposition and governing party; both mislead the public with generous lies and untruths. Stop the crap and bring on progressive ideas if your brains are up to it.

  4. The Chinese and Taiwanese ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS. They do not give us money as gifts and help us build roads and schools because they like us. These are loans that and if we do not repay we have to give large portions of our land and parts of our economy. They know our black leaders only care about their pockets and will sell their own people out for money. This has been happening since slavery. Ask yourself why do they keep giving us grants and scholarships when we are a small nation who really have nothing to give them in return. We have no huge military to help them in war no natural resources like oil. WHY do they keep helping us what do we give in return.

  5. @NO NAME…. EXACTLY END OF STORY….. And one day there are going to come knocking YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT and when they do I hope we will not be at a crossroads with those who feeds us. I complain about this beggy beggy nature by us many times some think it’s Red Rabble-rouseing. It’s like a sugar daddy and his jammet if I am giving you money everyday and one day I come and ask you to help me out because I am in a jam most likely you will be compelled to do so. Look at that airport God forbid USD$100 million we can never default on that.


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