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Pierre Says No Homicide In Twenty-Five Days, Congratulates The Police


On Monday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre congratulated the police, observing that there had not been a homicide in twenty-five days.

“Let me tell you, it’s twenty-five days now. There has not been any homicide in the country. The last homicide was twenty-five days ago. It’s not a good record, but I want to congratulate the police,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, stated.

“But these things do not make the news,” he told reporters on the margins of a Cabinet meeting.

“We must congratulate the police. We must encourage them in what they’re doing,” the Prime Minister stated.

Pierre said he would be happy if there were no homicides for the entire year.

He also disclosed that the police received two new vehicles this week.

Pierre noted that the police are getting resources.

According to the police, Saint Lucia has so far recorded seventy-one homicides for 2023.

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  1. Whoopee! No murders in a lifetime of 25 days. Good grief, how did we manage it! We have to tell the world about our earth shattering record.
    How this place has fallen. Sigh!

  2. Just like Chas used to do….advertise to the murderers, rapists and other criminals!!! I swear politicians got to be at the bottom of the idiocracy chain!!!

  3. boss man please keep your trumpet in you back pocket still and dont make a fool of yourself. or if you want to give chass and company something to talk about then I can understand

  4. LOL – What a JOKER. Pierre is a clown to make such a statement. This is how the guy measures himself. I cannot believe the clown would say something like that. What have you done to stop the crimes –

  5. OMG!what a dumb statement for a leader to make…sometimes is best you say nothing than making a mockery of oneself…there actually nothing to praise there,it’s almost like he’s provoking the demand….shitttt always happen around this time of year so ppl keep your guards up and keep praying,no politician can’t save u in this armageddon.

  6. What a silly Statement from our PM

    November 8th – Two Men Rushed To Hospital After Stabbing Incident In Castries
    Editorial Staff – November 8, 2023

    Victim Stable After Vieux Fort Stabbing
    Editorial Staff – November 17, 2023

    Thank God they were not fatal.

  7. If the police have to be praised for there being no murders in 25 days, then the police should be blamed for all the murders that this country has had. It is either they are doing something that they were not doing or have stopped something that they were doing. Which is it?

  8. This man has got to be DE dumbest PM ever. Such an assinine statement by Phillip Biden!

    At least though, we know you are aware that under your watch, we have recorded the highest homicides ever! That being said, not once has our National Security miniater made any public statement about the escalating violence and murders in the country but today you will come out and say 25 days with no murders. Shameless man!

    Saint Lucia, we are being trolled cause this cannot be real!

  9. Give thanks to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and all those who continue to pray for our new government without ceasing. Crime is the result of child neglect.

  10. Pee on Em PM …😂😂….Pee Em(PM), Pee on Em again…you do leave up to your expectations as the PM indeed…..pure Tragi-comedy coming from Saint Lucian politics… Shakespeare would be very proud and Sir Walcott would be un-impressed..

  11. Re Article… Good job Author.. It’s a very good start, some of comments are silly thinkers.
    I endorse the publisher, keep on doing a job..

  12. So Pierre wants praise for the police and himself because the murderers decided to take a lull. So why when they are on a rampage he is so angry when asked questions about the murder rate or the police. Such a razor blade attitude.
    This man really doesn’t think. As a leader with such a happening in your country, you say nothing. This pronouncement may just trigger the criminal elements out there to go on a rampage again. I suspect Richard asked this nitwit to make this statement and he just gobbled it down hook, line and sinker.

  13. When you go to Soudi Arabia hat in hand, they look at you strange; his advisors must have told him, the Prince, that this is the P.M. of a dot in the Ocean where they kill one another based on hatred, drug trafficking, robbery etc, etc, and now a race war is about to erupt. My advice to PjP you have one running things right there in your office who will be the one to bring down your government, you have been told. The Lord above is watching.


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