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‘Parliament Is Not A Church’ – Pierre Responds To Disquiet Over MPs’ Conduct


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has responded to concerns that MPs’ behaviour in the House of Assembly sets a bad example for others, asserting that parliament is not a church.

“I believe sometimes parliamentarians get a little agitated. I agree. But that is what the parliament is for,” the Castries East MP asserted.

“Have you seen the British House of Commons?” Pierre asked while asserting that he follows the rules of the House and the Speaker.

Nevertheless, he said he disagreed that parliament should be like a church.

“There are some purists who pretend that the parliament ought to be a church. The parliament is not a church. You know where I stand on that,” Pierre told reporters.

He believed parliamentarians have a right to speak and engage in cross-talk.

“That is my position because I can defend myself. There is nothing the opposition can throw at me and I can’t defend myself,” Pierre declared.

At the same time, he expressed confidence that he could throw things at the opposition that they could not defend.

“I think we have a good parliament where guys behave very well, but as I said, I always defer to the rules of the Speaker,” Pierre said.

He spoke on the margins of a sitting of parliament on Friday, days after Speaker Claudius Francis announced to the House that he was considering discontinuing live broadcasts.

The announcement by Francis came after a fiery session in the Chamber, including an exchange with opposition leader Allen Chastanet.

When the House reconvened on Friday, the Speaker told MPs matters would proceed with the clear understanding that he would not tolerate the disrespect he has allowed.

Pierre said he defers to the Speaker, but would not be happy if the Speaker stops live broadcasts of parliamentary proceedings.

“I think that live broadcasts of the House are necessary. I think it shows the people exactly who they pay, how they behave. I think all the mistruths that are being said on the radio, on the television, we can see it live,” the PM told reporters.

Headline photo: Philip J. Pierre stock image. (Story updated to include additional quotes from the Prime Minister)

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  1. I am grossly ashamed of my country. And you wonder why the youngsters behaving in that manner. Smh

  2. Pips choice of words is always so horrendous!!! Doesn’t he have a speech therapist or someone who can send him back to English and literature class?

  3. Leave the dirty politics out of the honorable house. Shame on you pip and anybody who share that point of view. Take the garbage to Bulverde and the market step. While you all think the people will support your nonsense, the the people of st Lucia is being ridiculed. No wonder our iq is so low.

  4. The Speaker of the House has the responsibility to keep the house in order. It has been disorderly for a while now, and he most do what is necessary within the law to put our House back in order. Some have no respect in our house and we must therefore support the Speaker in his efforts to clean the house .

  5. Probably the worst politician in the history of the Caribbean.
    He has no ability to make speeches.
    Everything is scripted for him. Doesn’t even look up when he’s speaking.
    God help SL.

  6. And then we wonder about our crime rate when our leader is pleased with what passes for debate in the “honourable” house!

    His major concern is that he can respond to what the opposition says while they are unable to respond to his maypwis.

  7. The PM acts like he’s still in opposition. Man rule the damn Country and stop answering ever barking dog, you not taking us anywhere. And UWP not any different, they just keep us divided and spread hate and contention for the youth to follow. These are not leaders, they are followers of a world order that is here already. These politrixters will facilitate the changes that will be taking place. They are not our saviors, but our distracters, entertainers, selling illusions and delusions, deceiving while being deceived, blind guides. Shameful what we accept as governance, the people need to take the power back from them and demand change that benefits all, not a 1%.

  8. Have any of you watched or listened to a debate in the house of parliament in South Africa or the House of Commons like the prime minister said??? .
    Take a look, listen …. St Lucia house of parliament debate sessions are angelic

  9. Our Parliament under the stewardship of Mr Speaker Francis is worse than Central Market in the 1980s, where everyone was shouting to you at once to patronize them. No Parliament in this world is free from picong and back and forth. However ours is just chaotic throughout. The Speaker only calls for order when Chastenet stands on a point of order. While government ministers are on the floor there is so much useless talking especially from Richard. I have seen when the cameras allow persons like Alva watching Richard with disgust. It becomes worse when Chastenet is making his contribution. Even with a live recording you could barely follow his contribution due to the noise coming from the others especially Richard, Helaire and Musa. The speaker never calls for order like every other speaker in the past. Mr Pierre please stop being a nitwit.

  10. Good PM call it like it is and how you see it.. You don’t have to be political estude and correct for some you understand the mission and objectives………the same fools that are complaining about your interpretations, pronunciations, communication, and punctuality, you have to stoop to speak their language at “their level” and that offends them that even at “their level you are more punctual.

  11. That guy is so annoying he’s standing on everyone last never including the puppets that put him where he is shameless


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