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Pierre Responds To Opposition Concerns Over Richard Frederick’s Behaviour


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, responding to the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) concerns regarding Castries Central MP Richard Frederick’s behavior, told reporters on Friday that the Housing Minister was not a new phenomenon.

Earlier this month, a UWP release condemned Frederick’s ‘troubling pattern’ of using his televised talk show to ‘publicly berate, belittle, bully and speak blatant untruths about female citizens, calling them out by name.’

However, Prime Minister Pierre called attention to the Castries Central MP’s history.

“The United Workers Party was in power for five years. Richard Frederick was on the radio every day or every night doing what he did best. The United Workers Party did nothing,” Pierre told reporters.

“He has been there for a while. He is not new. Allen Chastanet had five years to do what he had to do with Richard Frederick,” he declared.

“So why put the onus on me? He was there. Richard Frederick did not just appear and come down. He has been there for a long time. Richard Frederick can defend himself and I will allow him to defend himself,” Pierre stated.

Regarding the number of talk shows available, Pierre described himself as a child of democracy and freedom of speech.

He told reporters that he takes his blows willingly without anger, recriminations, or revenge.

Nevertheless, the Castries East MP asserted that he allowed the truth to free him.

“The truth has set me free,” he explained.

Pierre recalled that the people of Castries East had elected him six times, for which he thanked them.

He noted that they would not have elected him if they believed the lies and misinformation spread about him.

“I thank God, I thank my family, and I thank my constituency. I have absolutely no grudges, no revenge. My conscience is clean, and I will continue doing the work of the people,” the Prime Minister said.

” I know my job is temporary. When the people take the decision, I will accept it voluntarily,” Pierre declared.

He recalled accepting being in opposition and said now, in government, he is doing his best.

In addition, Pierre said the calumny and misinformation do not bother him.

“Once it is not true, I am okay,” he told reporters on the margins of a House of Assembly sitting.

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  1. Pierre, Kenny knew better so he distanced himself from Richard. Chastanet fired him upon arrival. He actually cost King an election. Your day is near – he will be the downfall of your government. He is not a popular guy in a good way. Those folks with integrity, intelligence can see right through him. Richard should not be a leader for many reasons

  2. One must have a belief from which strength can be withdrawn. One must be humble and grateful to continue to be blessed. Mud slinging won’t cut it in the long term. Once you are cut in constant devious behaviors, the good ones will start to withdraw themselves. “What you sow is what you reap”. “Do on to others as you would like done to you”. “Life is what you make it”. Don’t curse yourself. Good will prevail over evil. Humble yourselves and fear the Almighty.

  3. WOW Mr. Prime Minister you just confirmed how much of an idiot you are. Why is it that you never response intelligently whenever anyone makes a statement about your administration??? for some reason you always have stoop to someone’s level and you believe it’s the right thing to do, you are just unbelievable…

  4. To me the PM i saying that Richard behaviour is not good but since Chas did not do anything about it Y should UWP ask him to something about it. Interesting He wasn’t part of Chas parliament but he is part of yours, That’s the difference. Anyways

  5. “Richard is doing exactly what he was doing when we were in opposition so nothing has changed. He helped my party to win elections by being insulting and demeaning to anyone who dares to criticize the SLP or supports the UWP. I will not ask him to stop as his behaviour continues to benefit me and my party. He says things that I cannot say. He is the government attack dog.”

    There PJP I fixed that for you! You’re welcome, Sir!

  6. Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre will be one of the best leaders St. Lucia has ever seen. He is unassuming, straightforward, and humble. He may not have the oratory skills of George Odlum or Kenny Anthony but his willingness to implement political changes and make a difference is commendable. The country had reached a state of apocalyptic decadence under Allen Chastanet in terms of odious debt, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, disregard for the rule of law, and blatant lies. Thanks to the political acumen of PJP St. Lucia is about to regain its respect in the OECS.

    As for Richard Frederick, he is exercising his constitutional right to free speech. This is a fundamental human right and if anyone has a problem with this then a democracy isn’t a suitable system for that person. On the other hand, Chastanet and his ilks love the benefits of democracy when it suits their purposes but they have a disdain for the same system of government when their opponents are enjoying the privileges of a democracy. It has never worked this way under a democracy and it ought never to operate this way. Democracy and authoritarianism cannot coexist. So if you don’t like Richard Frederick’s political rhetoric sorry to say it is an integral part of free speech and you must allow him free reign in a democracy.

  7. @Ras Biko … there is “free speech” and there is FREE SPEECH!! To be used to enlighten, educate and ensure human life and skills – not to berate people, specially those who are being served. Uh-uh!! Get your aesthetics straight.

    Yes, RF had a talk show while in the UWP admin – but he used it wisely, as I was an avid listener, where I was enlightened by his messages of mentoring and wisdom. But now – talk about a 360 degree turn!! (Not even a 180 degree.). I am currently appalled at his bad behaviour of misinformation and just blatant idiot-ness! I am no longer a listener of his, as I consider myself up and above his crass and dayclassay attitude towards everybody. Only those who are like him will gravitate towards his kind of utterly bad conduct.

    Yes, he will be the downfall of the SLP if they do not rein him in, and put some duct tape on his nasty mouth. Talk about stooping low – very low!!

  8. @IS, your interpretation of free speech is absolutely erroneous and misleading. You cannot cherry-pick what you perceive to be free speech. While there are limits to free speech in most instances you cannot through your myopic or limited view of the world set your own parameters on free speech. Back before the Constitution enshrined the principle of free speech in the very First Amendment, the French writer, wit, and philosopher Voltaire said, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This is still appropriate today. I frequently disagree with the utterances of Mr. Allen Chastanet because I think he is a pathological liar. However, I will never take away his right to free speech.

    Similarly, Mr. Richard Frederick is entitled to the liberties of free speech whether you are in agreement with him or not. The individual’s right to free speech in a democracy is upheld as sacrosanct. Democracy encourages pluralism and pluralism is not the same as relativism. It is instead a commitment to form a society where individuals and groups who hold profoundly different and mutually opposed beliefs are welcome at the table of public life. It is rooted in love of neighbor and asks us to extend the same freedoms to others that we ourselves want to enjoy.

  9. DO SO DON’T LIKE SO -meaning what about the female that was all over social media mentioning the RF name saying I’m coming for you,, you’ll sosolaybay you’ll inconveniently forget well sorry if you’ll feel sad.


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