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Probe Into Senior BCF Officer’s Missing Gun Ends


A probe into a missing gun belonging to a senior Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) Officer has ended, and the Public Service Commission (PSC) has received a report.

The missing firearm prompted fears that the weapon could have been in the hands of a BCF inmate.

As a result, the prison conducted ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ earlier this month.

Involving Correctional Officers, the police, and members of the Saint Lucia Fire Service, the operation saw the seizure of over 1,500 contraband items from prisoners.

After ‘Clean Sweep’ ended, BCF officials expressed confidence that inmates did not possess the missing Glock pistol.

However, the senior officer who could not account for the missing weapon was still on the job.

With the report from the investigation now with the PSC, Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte told reporters the body would take the ‘appropriate action’ regarding the individual involved.

The Minister explained that no one has the authority to do anything until the PSC has acted.

She observed that the matter was outside the purview of the Minister, the Permanent Secretary, and the Director of Corrections.

Albert-Poyotte expected the PSC to do its own investigation, interview the senior officer whose weapon went missing, and decide the outcome.

“I am extremely concerned about that matter,” the Babonneau MP said regarding the missing pistol.

Nevertheless, she recalled that Operation Clean Sweep occurred to protect the BCF.

“The report revealed that there was no sight of this gun on the compound, so that is a little bit of comfort for us,” Albert-Poyotte said on the margins of a Cabinet meeting on Monday.

She revealed that the BCF conducts searches at least once annually.

But the Minister said because of the missing gun, the institution went into action immediately to implement the two-day Clean Sweep.

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  1. Hold on … hold on … hold on! The “missing Glock” is not only a problem if it ended up in the hand of a BCF inmate! It is a serious problem in the hand of any Lucian –including another BCF officer, or even a police officer or Government official! The report seems to be telling us that we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief because the missing gun was not found with any inmate! In my opinion we have more to worry about because we now know that the missing gun is in the possession of a “good” criminal!

  2. People sometimes it’s way much better to keep our mouths shut how the hell you know for sure that the weapon is still not on the compound???

  3. One thing I know any government official or security personal that cannot be responsible with a firearm should only be allowed a piece of 2×4 nothing more


  5. Sometimes I am embarrassed for St. Lucia and it’s reporting method “Probe Into Senior BCF Officer’s Missing Gun Ends” – how could you honestly state that the probe has ending when based on your own article the missing gun has not been located….make that make sense.

  6. Amen Anonymous.

    The Minister didn’t just say that the probe has ended, she chose to stay far away from the issue by stating that the matter is outside the purview of the MINISTER, the Permanent Secretary and the DIRECTOR of Bordelais. Talk about passing the buck.

    On top of that, you are comfortable in knowing that the gun is not at Bordelais. Maybe its in a shack in Bruceville – Good news. Give me a break public officials. Honestly, St Lucians tired put their confidence in people based on their qualifications and not their track record or performance. I can’t beleive a PhD (Doctor Poyotte) can be so lame in her reasoning. Awah wee.

    Then you hearing bayteez from the Prime Minister complementing the Police for a 25 day lull in homicides. BOOM, Friday afternoon we get another murder, big daytime. So we going to blame the Police now? Can Police stop killings? Can they be everywhere, all the time? Crime fighting is a holistic and comprehensive effort. While the Police can apprehend the perpetrators, it is the entire judicial system that can bring culprits to justice, apply the full extent of the law, which may be a deterrent to crime. Like Minister Poyotte, P.M. please think before you speak.

    Obviously the P.M. and Doctor Poyotte have no answers to the situation. Why don’t you all put suitable persons in these Ministerial positions, at a time when Crime is at its highest? Now I aint playing party politics, but I am a law abiding, tax-paying Lucian with the best interest of my country at heart. I think independently and am not beholden to any party, because I have gained nothing from any one of them. So let the party Hacks take me on, and continue to sing for their supper – I not on DAT!

    So, on top of allll you all incompetence in fighting crime, you going to impose an additional tax levy for crime fighting. TO do what? TO buy more CARS for the police force. Them cars are just a “white wash”. Get real and get to the root of the problem sou-play (please)

    And to all the pundits who criticize contributors for saying that this island needs Jesus, I have news for you – THIS ISLAND NEEDS JESUS and the Holy Spirit too, if we are to get out of this rut.

    Blessed Love Lucians


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