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Police Week Launched With The Aim Of Building Partnerships With The Community


The Royal St. Lucia Police Force is happy to present Police Week 2023, under the theme, “Strengthening the partnership between the police and the community, for a better future.”

Our focus daily is to provide a professional policing service in partnership with all communities, geared at establishing a safer environment for all people.

For this reason, we are deliberate in ensuring that all possible avenues are created for interaction and working together with all our customers, especially you, our external customers.

This year’s activities commenced with:

  1. A church service in the community of Dennery, on Sunday the 26th of November 2023, at the St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, at 10:30 am., immediately after the Commissioner’s parade. Following the church service, we proceeded to the Dennery Playing Field, where officers participated in a friendly football match, against a team from the community. Police emerged the victor with the final score being 3 – 2.
  2. On Monday, 27th November 2023, officers spent the day preparing for two major events, both geared at providing information to the public, in making their contribution to fighting crime and receiving support, easier.
  3. On Tuesday the 28th of November, at 10:00 am, a Press Launch will be convened at the Conference Room at Chesterfield, where an app to facilitate the reporting of crime and providing information to the police, will be done.
  4. On Wednesday 29th November 2023, members of the public will be treated to an Open Day at all Police Stations in the country, between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm. In attendance at the Gros Islet and Vieux Fort Police Stations, will be officials from the Ministry of Health, who will provide information on selected topics towards healthy living, and they will also provide the police officers blood sugar and blood pressure tests. We would like to encourage the schools within the policing districts to take advantage of the open day.
  5. On Thursday 30th November 2023, the action moves to the Waterfront, near Government buildings, where a grand spectacle will be observed. At this location, at 10am, officers attached to the Marine Unit, will display their skills by hosting a flotilla.
  6. On Friday 1st December 2023, an in-house March and Shoot competition, will take place, involving representatives of all departments of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force.
  7. The culminating event (The Police Train) is slated for Saturday, 2nd December 2023. The police train will be making its way through the various communities in St. Lucia, commencing at 7 am, in the district of Gros Islet. At every station visited, the Commissioner of Police will present a plaque with a word engraved thereon, to the commander of the said station. It is anticipated that the word will be used by the staff, to foster positive change in both internal and external customers throughout the year. The train will depart 15 minutes later, having made the presentation, and will proceed to Babonneau, followed by Central Police Station. On leaving the city, the train will proceed west to Marigot Bay. The activity comes to an end at the Richfond Police Station, after all communities have been visited and issued with their magical word.

The Commissioner of Police and the Executive of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force would like to encourage all members of the community, to participate in the many activities advertised as we work towards developing stronger community bonds.

We would also like to thank all hard-working members of the organization for their continued efforts at keeping our communities safe. And to you, the members of the public, we say, we truly value your continued support.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. No matter what is done to help the relationship between the common man and law enforcers, it’ll be futile. A large percentage of police officers are in the pockets of criminals and we are aware of that so much so that we avoid ever even breathing too hard by them when a crime is committed. They are too easily bought here and everyone knows everyone, it’ll be tough to progress positively.

  2. It is clear that the Police mean Business this time around. The schedule of activities designed and organized to publicize the new and improved Police Approach, is a clear indication that the police mean business, this time around. However, to renew and resurrect the confidence of the public in their trust for the police, the Intelligence Unit within the force needs to improve on it’s security within its camp. As much as possible, Police participating in raids, should never know the destination of these raids. Only the Officer-in-charge of the mission must be aware of the destination in advance. That way, we will always be able to realize that the officer – in- charge is the culprit in leaking information. As long as police continue to leak information of reports made to them, then the public will never feel comfortable in providing useful evidence to the police. I only hope that every new step initiated by the police is a sign of good things to come.

  3. Any successful relationship must be commutative. It cannot be a oneway street. And communication and collaboration are the two main ingredients for community elevation.


  5. People will respect the police if they are professional and above board in performance of their duties. The vast majority of what we call police here don’t deserve to be in law enforcement. If your job is to hold people to account you really should have no reason for your integrity to be questioned. Raise salaries for police. Attract a more discipline class of employees.

  6. And what? Get soosaired to RF or the highest bidder. People are afraid of indiscreet leaks and don’t want to end up like Baje, Gobat and Mikey. There is major mistrust and nobody wants their name mentioned on a perverse Thursday TV brainwashing session.


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