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During Protest March, Hermangild Francis Says UWP Will Win Next Elections


Former National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has expressed conviction that the United Workers Party (UWP), voted out of office in the July 26, 2021 elections, will return to power at the next polls.

The UWP lost nine of the eleven seats it formerly had in the seventeen-seat House of Assembly.

“We know we are going to win the next elections,” Francis told DBS Television on Thursday.

The former Minister, who unsuccessfully challenged the incumbent Dr. Kenny Anthony in Vieux Fort South, spoke on the margins of a UWP-organised anti-government march in Castries.

The UWP invited Saint Lucians to demonstrate their concern over the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government’s policies, high prices, the crime situation, and other issues.

While expressing confidence in a UWP win at the next elections, Francis noted that the party would face an overwhelming task in helping Saint Lucia recover from the ‘disaster’ the SLP government had created.

UWP leader Allen Chastanet, for his part, told reporters that the SLP has realized that they are dealing with a different opposing party.

“We as a party have had to change,” the former Prime Minister stated.

Chastanet explained that because of the fast deteriorating situation in the country, the strategy of waiting for the five-year cycle of elections would not work against the SLP administration.

UWP Chairman Therold Prudent said the party was satisfied with Thursday’s turnout.

The protest march culminated with a public meeting on William Peter Boulevard in Castries.

“We had a lot of people. The Boulevard was packed to capacity,” Prudent stated.

He said the UWP brought out a large contingent of Saint Lucians from all over the country.


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  1. Are you all living in,Dream land ?What pack to capacity?
    Only time will tell, you all can’t wait to lose the last two seats, enjoy them whilst it last.

  2. In your mouth….where is the next match and for what. Theme please…
    Bring Back Coruption.

  3. It’s disgusting how politicians (not just UWP) prey on the ignorance of people (by the way Lucians ignorance is not a bad word, we are all guilty of it), high prices – it’s called inflation and the entire world is suffering from super-inflation just read the news. Crime rates follow a trend, when inflation goes up, so does crime for obvious reasons. You have people out in the streets who have no idea of the true meeting of protest and what it’s intended to accomplish. Protest are not intended to be political and it’s not lead my politicians, it’s lead by the people demanding real and long lasting change. Thanks to UWP we Lucians all look like idiots on the international stage. Well Done!

  4. Hermangild it’s so sad to see a man of your integrity has joined these professional Liars. I lost all my confidence in you. On what basis will uwp win the next election? What are the policies will they introduce? Will they stop giving the teachers the yearly token for school materials? How will they help pensioners? Will Chas tell us the amount of passports sold during his term in office? Will they continue with the youth economy? Common Hermangild tell us the policies and I will support. Please don’t tell us lies. We know the Motto of UWP is Lies and Corruption.

  5. I don’t know whether to laugh or smh cause this is the first country with my knowledge where a political party keep organizing a march.

  6. It’s easier to see a blue donkey than to ever think that the UWP will ever win an election under Chastanet. I have said and will continue to say, UWP will never ever win an election under chastanet again. Francis how can u still say that when chastanet doesn’t want u to go up for anse la raye/ canaries. You forgot u said u would have won Kenny and create history. So keep on saying things.

  7. You LABOR HACKS are so darn ignorant it’s no joke. It’s easy for a uwp supporter to say that a labor minister etc has done a good job here or there. It’s gonna be a COLD DAY IN HELL and i will never hear that from one who supports the slp. CONCERNED CITIZEN you talk about St.lucians looking like idiots internationally because of this March, then I guess the last March which your PM followed through like a monkey because RF initiated it did not make St.licians look like idiots also. They are the ruling party yet its Protest after protest. How much more absurbed could this be. Inflation affects many countries but prices can still be controlled in a country. By law no government is supposed to make more than 4ec profit here in slu. How much profit does the slp make based on their adjusted price of gas here in slu. I take it you don’t know. Do your research. Whe=e is the controlled price to prevent MASSY STORES from killing us with their ridiculous prices. They blame it even more on the added 2.5 VAT. you slp people seem to think is the answer. Harder days are coming. You mark my words. In you SLP HACKS eyes, every thing SLP does under the sun is gold. SMFH. what a shame

  8. Thank god I’m not affiliated myself with any political party awa awa what is going on in St Lucia that is not good governance..Lydia Estaphane I don’t think you are living in St Lucia right now..if you do you are a political hack that is getting paid to do a dirty job god don’t like a hypocrite..Lord no medicine in the south all what pjp administration is doing focus on Chas and the entire country is suffering

  9. This man is talking nonsense on what grounds will they win the elections stop taking the people of st lucia for a pappyshow So it is only in politics that you all can make money man go and open a security company to create employment for the people and pay them 12 dollars an hour…

  10. So Onlooker Gasa where was the call for price controlling when your God and King was making his riches off the backs of the working poor ?? At that time he had the monopoly and was allowed to maintain said monopoly for at least 2 decades there were no “uproar” in retrospect to this calamity.

  11. Concerned Citizen hit the nail directly on it’s head. Prices are high in St . Lucia, but so it is everywhere else. Consumers everywhere are struggling to keep up with high prices. Retailers are taking advantage because they can simply blame it on inflation. Shortages mostly due to the Covid epidemic and ongoing wars and instability around the world are causing high demand for commodities . As long as demand remains high, so will be prices. The sad thing is, in democratic countries, people tend to accept that as the reality. Here we use it to pursue an agenda that serves the best interest of only a few. Hardly a demonstration anywhere else but here. We are the laughing stalk of the universe. The timing of this demonstration based on prices and even crime for that matter was ill advised .

  12. See how much more that you have to pay the shipping agencies when you collect your documents for your barrels because of that 2.5%. Some it was from
    $85 – $150
    $75 – $135
    Who to blame? Surely not the agencies.

  13. Eyes & Mind…….do you how much it cost for a barrel these days in the states, just the empty barrel alone by itself anywhere between $60 to $70. The blue one you see about the place is $80 . Don’t even talk about groceries which might run you another $300 to $400. Oh Lord don’t talk about the shipping back in my days it was $60 bucks these days it’s $130 to $150 even more depending from where shipping from, not to mention when it gets here, customs will find something to charge you . I don’t think this year will be a banner year things are just expensive all over some people just don’t understand that

  14. Normally I don’t respond to comments left on my post but in this case I made an exception because “The onlooker” response to my comments highlights so much of what’s wrong with our Lucian people. The onlooker asked that I research, advice much appreciate but I would also advise The Onlooker to just read. It my opening statement I said my comments were not just limited to UWP but all politicians (I’m not big fans of SLP either), the only reason UWP came into focus is because the article is about UWP March, which brings up my primary point, an “Anti-government March” lead by the opposing “government” ? Secondly the government is not a business, it doesn’t make profit $4 or otherwise, any money the government collects belongs to the people and it’s to advance the country on behalf of the people or at least that’s how it should work (corruption aside), the money doesn’t follow the government out the door when they leave office. Further there’s no law limiting how much the government to raise taxes, the government (once approved by parliament) has the freedom to raise taxes on any service or goods to combat inflation and to address the needs of the people and the country as a whole. I can go on and on but I think I’ve made my point.

  15. Another Point I would like to make which highlights the disrespect politicians have for their own people is any politician who takes world issues like the current super-inflation affecting the entire globe and attempt to make it seem like it’s an issue isolated to St.Lucia is banking on the ignorance of its people when it comes to regional and world affairs which is disrespectful to say the least, I wish our St.Lucia people could see that.


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