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Pierre: Opportunity Narrowing To Secure A Livable Planet


On Saturday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told the World Climate Action Summit (COP28) that the opportunity to secure a livable planet was narrowing.

“The world is in an uncharted territory. There is but a narrowing window of opportunity to secure a livable planet for all,” Pierre told the Dubai, United Arab Emirates event.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister observed that climate crises were raging worldwide.

He noted that the crises affected Small Island Developing States, like Saint Lucia and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) members, and developed countries.

“We are here to join hands together, uniting as a collective, to take ambitious action, with a sense of urgency to course-correct,” Pierre declared.

“We are here to ensure that every party answers our call at this COP, to put us on a pathway that does not further compromise the futures of not only our particularly vulnerable nations but all of our nations,” he told the Dubai event.

“The impacts have been devastating to our region. Loss and damage have struck at the core of our economies and our societies,” Pierre observed.

He asserted that, at one extreme, lives and livelihoods have been lost.

The PM stated that our environment is under siege at the other extreme.

“We welcome the decision to at last make the loss and damage fund functional and look forward to the pledges to make it a reality. We thank the UAE and Germany for taking the first step and look forward to other states joining,” Pierre said.

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  1. What quackery is this. Dude the world has been much hotter before. All of this is just another scam to further tax people. A carbon tax coming soon.

  2. @Just saying, since you are so smart, the last time the planet was this hot 120,000 years ago, were there humans on the planet and how long do you think we would survive ? Earth goes through cycles yes, scientist agree with this but it does not mean we should be doing things to hasten these cycles to our demise. Then again maybe we should hasten climate change so we can get rid of some of the idiots we have today.

  3. So Pierre cannot fix anything at home so he is squandering our taxpayers money to go abroad to FIX a climate change issue – that does not exist.
    The climate change hoax is for scam artists to make billions of dollars to fix what is not a problem.
    We are now fully aware as the rulers of this western world create more pollution going to these conferences in their private jets than all of St Lucia in a year. Then they spew more hot air on this proven hoax.
    Pierre runs there just to get away from St Lucia and our problems just like his other Minister who just spent $100,000 on a trip with compliant civil servants.
    This country gets more surreal every day!

  4. OH Really, accurate temperature records go back to the 1880 or so. As in recorded with a thermometer. Thermometers did not exist before then to record temperature. Any temperature records prior to that are based on inference and computer models. Yes MODELS. Some person sits there and guess what it would’ve been back then. Same idiots that modeled 60 million people dying from covid. If you want to go into the granular details you can’t even make a comparison unless you use the exact same thermometer in 1880 and in 2023. And you have to ensure there is no variability in its functioning. How long have humans been on this planet? If you say 2000 years you need to go back under that rock.

    The climate has always change and will always change. To think humans can stop climate change is arrogant at best and idiotic at worst. Get out of the climate cult dude. Billionaire would not be buying up beachfront property if they expected sea levels to rise. Have you seen any rise along the Castries Waterfront for the decades you have lived? And speaking of idiots, hope you can read a scientific study:

    Next, we have updated the statistical time series analysis of Dagsvik et al. (2020) based on observed temperature series recorded during the last 200 years and further back in time. Despite long trends and cycles in these temperature series, we have found that the hypothesis of stationarity was not rejected, apart from a few cases. These results are therefore consistent with the results obtained by Dagsvik et al. (2020). In other words, the results imply that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be sufficiently strong to cause systematic changes in the pattern of the temperature fluctuations. In other words, our analysis indicates that with the current level of knowledge, it seems impossible to determine how much of the temperature increase is due to emissions of CO2

  5. Re Article, What A load of verbal excrement.
    The Fix becomes a game of foolery… They should focus on feeding the hungry and share the pie, to all the near do well’s of the world.. He and the others in Dubai are the Deceivers of our lives..
    Just are keeping most of us angry at each other, whiles they are basking in Glory..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations.

  6. Fix the damn potholes from choc to babonneau plz and beyond,cabish road is also making craters the same places that were just patched

  7. Shorter Pip:
    “The opportunity for small-island states to benefit from ‘carbon-credit’ payouts is diminishing fast; so that our government officials can live the lifestyles we imagined for ourselves. Pay me now!”

    Pip can never be in marketing! He needs to focus on direct benefits for his audience; the entire climate hoax was initiated by energy giants in the world to help them to retain their monopoly over energy distribution in the world. The minuscule carbon-credit benefits from small island states are of no interest to them at this time.

  8. I watched his presentation at COP28, this man has no commanding presence. He stumbled through the speech, head down, hardly any eye contact with his audience. I’m still lost to the point he was trying to convey.

    Message to his handlers: Please help him prepare better especially when representing St.lucia on the world stage. Mwen tay hont.

  9. @Follow the science, a big variable I do not see in many studies is the size of the global human population 1000s of years ago compared to now. 8 billion people today will have a much greater effect on the environment compared to 1 million people scattered around the globe 100 thousand years ago. Scientist are not saying there is a natural climate change, what they are saying is humans are speeding up the cycles to our demise.

  10. Shorter Pip:
    “The opportunity for small-island states to benefit from ‘carbon-credit’ payouts is diminishing fast; so that our government officials can live the lifestyles we imagined for ourselves. Pay me now!”

    Pip’s prepared speech was way off key; clearly he had no clue about public speaking, and how to read the room where he was making his presentation! He needed to focus on direct benefits for his audience. The entire climate hoax, initiated by the energy giants of the world to help them to retain their monopoly over energy distribution in the world, is wearing thin, now that the muscle (military threats from NATO – read that USA) behind their extortion racket has atrophied considerably in the face of the opposition from Russia, China & Iran. The minuscule carbon-credit benefits for small island states are of no interest to them at this time.

  11. St Lucia really has a lot of “Armchair Scientists” who seem to have barely passed their science exams at school – or maybe even took a science exam!! They’re just mouthing other naysayers who don’t seem to know anything about the planet they live on.

    As for the PM – i have no words!! He can’t speak, far less articulate what is written for him to say – the man has no class, and cannot pronounce half the words he is given to say: “free” instead of “three’; “froo” instead of “through”; “dat” instead of “that”; “fink” instead of “think” … no class!! He is in dire need of elocution lessons to make him, at least, sound intelligent.


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