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21-Year-Old Reported Missing


Police are seeking the public’s assistance in finding a 21-year-old woman last seen on December 3 on Marisule Beach.

The police have identified the woman as Vicky Aurelien.

She is dark-skinned, about five feet four inches, medium-built, and has short locks dyed in gold.

Aurelien was wearing knee-length black tights and a blue tee-shirt when last seen at about 11:30 pm on the Marisule Beach.

Her last addresses are Chase Gardens, Castries and Boguis, Babonneau.

The police have asked anyone with information regarding her whereabouts to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 456-3770, 456-3758 or the Crime Hotline at 555.

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  2. She was last seen at about 11:30 pm on the Marisule Beach!!! Hmmm? Why was she on the beach at that hour of the night? Who was the person who was present enough to see her on the beach at that hour? Just asking those questions on behalf of a friend.

  3. Let’s ask hard questions:are these girls fixing dates and meet ups with the wrong people? Ion marisule beach, how u disappear? More likely went somewhere with the wrong person.

  4. Aa that one sounds serious . 11:30 PM?? On a beach ? Father please send her home safely.

  5. I smell a dead rat in all of this. Last seen at 11:30 PM – who gave the police the time she was on the beach. Has the police brought the person in for questioning ? What is the strategy being used to find the young lady who was last seen at 11:30PM. I hope we not given the Elephant’s tail and pretend that we are given the entire elephant. What is the story behind the disappearance – we need to know. Someone has the story.

  6. @anonymous i totally agree…..the person who probably reported this must be brought in for questioning……at 11:30p.m. somebody must have seen something or known something……and the men and i should say women too cuz these days women more mafia than men, U ALL NEED TO STOP DAT!!!!! people’s lives are precious…..if u wanted something the girl say no or u all hated the girl for something, thats not the way!!!!!! i hope that she is found alive cuz this one would be really sad…..i wish this on no one………i hope this situation has a good outcome and that she is found alive….. this girl probably went with someone OR some people…..if not found, whoever it is i hope ur conscious beating u from now and u cant find a resting place….i pray she is found alive…Lord our St. Lucia slowly going to the lion’s den…

  7. I’m shocked by some of these comments, I agree 11:30pm is not the ideal time to be out on the beach especially if you are alone but in a free society people should be free to be out and about whatever time they see fit and not have to worry about their safety or be blamed for any harm that might come to them whilst exercising their democratic right. We need to stop victim-blaming and focus on the real issues facing our country.

  8. The story stings – I am calling for the arrest of the boyfriend. He has a story to tell.
    The girl went to steal sand at Marisule beach with the boyfriend around 11:30 PM. While the boyfriend was loading the vehicle the girl was video taping the activities. The girl all of a sudden disappeared but her phone got itself at her residence. One of her shoes made its way to the residence. Two police stations were within the vincinity to report the disappearance – Babonneau and Gros Islet Stations. The boyfriend spent over 24 hours before he mentioned the disappearance to anyone.
    At this point there are lots of questions and we need answers. Why hasn’t the boyfriend brought in for questioning. Something is not adding up. Police, please arrest the boyfriend and get the right story

  9. where is the man that brought her there when they went to collect sand by the beach and he left her there then went up babonneau and said when he came back he did not see her, it came from his mouth,, how cam you live a woman your girlfriend by a beach at 11;30 pm all alone to go an drop sand and back,, why you did not take her with you, this is unacceptable

  10. everything is toxic in lucia take what i tell you both boys and girls we have nasty ppl into our society and we are shame to call them out

  11. Wake up and smell the coffee, @concerned citizen! The comments of the readers are not about victim-blaming! Nor are the comments trying to trample on the democratic rights of citizens and residents! Commonsense should tell all of us that in our crime-infested society where evil hearts lurk around every corner, people must exercise wisdom and extra caution –day and nigjt! For crying out loud, don’t tempt fate! Don’t venture to beaches at nights under circumstances that can endanger your life! Exercising your freedom or democratic rights is one thing, but don’t foolishly put your life in danger in this crime-infested society!

  12. We all hear the police asking for information on the individual yet we have stupid comment stating that who ever gave the police the information of time last seen must be brought in for questioning. i will say this are we not making matters worst by making people not to give any form of information to help.

  13. well according to the boyfriend voice notes the two of them were by the beach stealing sand puting in a pickup, he also did a video with her shoveling the sand in the pickup. wwhat happened after that remains a mystery. I saw the video he did of her the exact clothes description last seen

  14. While i agree with concerned citizen to some extent about our freedom to be out anytime we want, but we need to practice wisdom. This world is NOT a safe place as it use to. Therefore being on the beach at that time puts you at risk for robbery and other crimes. I do hope she is safe and alive.. Too much unnecessary murders

  15. First if all the person who gave the police the information was the so- called boyfriend that went with her on the beach. He is the one posting video about them on the beach taking sand. Now my questions are: isn’t sand mining a crime? Why would you leave your girlfriend on marisule beach at 11:30 in the night in the first place.? And why have the police not arrested him for sand mining and for questioning in her disappearance. When he’s going around giving his side of the story.. referring to her as ‘she was a nice girl’…must we do the police work for them….smh. and before I am judged by people..she family.

  16. “Truth Be Told” I’m not naïve to the dangers of our society and I’m not asking anyone else to be, my point is if we allow criminals to strip us of our freedoms and accept it as the norm very soon we all will be prisoners of our fear and be in self-impose house arrest. We should be able to enjoy our lives freely without having to worry about lazy prick looking for an easy dollar.

  17. @Truth be told you are on point and your statement makes sense – yes we all have rights – correct – however, with the current state of affairs on the island,, it is wise to exercise caution at all cost. How could anyone not worry about their safety in a crime ridden society??????????

  18. Well well I am hearing that a guy from the babonneau area had this girl at his house and was beating up her now this guy use to be my little friend growing up he was a quiet nice kid but now I heard this good kid growing up now gone bad and very very bad I also heard the missing ladys purse and cellphone was found in the guys van we all know the young people now male or female cannot live with their phone so its very obvious this young lady didn’t leave her phone and gone missing so since the police already got that info they should be able to put 1+1

  19. from marisule beach to a guy house in babonneau?? masiay these men eh…father help us…certainly u didnt make men in ur image and likeness to be like this…..good kid gone bad??? a female eh know how to squeeze deh balls yet until all the dirty juice come out….it could be anybody’s child……….women be careful who u associate with…..give people info about ur whereabouts and make people ur family anybody know in front of them men a clue something anything..u may not want them to know who u going with but give a clue so the mal bouwoos would think twice to try a thing….stop giving in at any little chance to these walking zombies

  20. these mal bouwoo men need to stop that…from marisule beach to babonneau??? this is crazy….ladies protect urself at all cost..tell someone of ur whereabouts and make sure the men know so they wud think twice to try something ……these walking zombies need to stop that…..ladies do better by you….only u can do better for u…u are somebody mother sister friend aunt and the list goes on…

  21. i pray she is found alive….we need to purge this place of these mad men…


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