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Police Probe Suspected Drowning In Castries


Saint Lucia police are investigating a suspected drowning that occurred at Malabar Beach, Castries, on Sunday.

According to reports, the incident occurred at about 1:45 pm.

The Marine Police recovered the body of a male who appeared to be in his twenties from the water and a medical doctor later pronounced him dead.

There are no other details at present.

Shortly after that incident, the Marine Police responded to a distress call about a vessel that ran aground in waters off La Toc, Castries.

A Marine Police vessel transported some of the occupants to shore while others swam their way there.

Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. My dear St Lucians, is it a coincidence that when there isn’t much shooting, it is either road accidents or drowning? Just an observation. Are we cursed?

  2. Heartfelt, condolences to the family, however, to often we dwell on the negatives rather than the positives. In most instances when drowning occures it’s more an act of negligence or sickness .I say negligence because if I know I can’t swin why should I venture far into the waters. Mechanical failures occures at anytime, let’s be positive thinkers.

  3. @ coincident …huh …Sone Lucians eat, live and breathe obeah, voodoo ..young and old alike 🙏🏾
    keep playing with the 👿 Devil

  4. At the risk of sounding unlearned and superstitious, there are deals made for wealth, power and fame that requires the loss of souls. Pray for our nation, pray for the return of Godly leaders, pray for the protection of ourselves and our families against the spirit of darkness that has been unleashed on St.lucia.

  5. @Coincident not today god turn his back on this Island. You think its easy to beat common sense into Lucians… papee show they deh pun! and it will never end trust me it will only get worst. I moving my kids off this banana republic.. imagine even green fig gone up!

  6. All these tragedies ought to serve as a wake up call for all of us to repent of our sins against God, and turn wholeheartedly to live uprightly individually and collectively! Scoff at thos if you so choose, but according to Jesus Christ, the lesson we need to take from seeing our fellow Lucians perish day after day is to realize that they are npt worse sinners than the rest of us who are still alive, but rather we should know that “Unless [we] repent, [we] shall all likewise perish!” Take it, or leave it!

  7. Somehow we hell bent on wasting time and resources teaching kids French and Spanish in school while they don’t learn essential life skills and drown.

  8. I am encouraged by some of the comments that
    ( 1 ) there is an Almighty GOD in Heaven above.
    ( 2 ) at a time such as these, it’s important to Repent for Salvation.
    ( 3 ) the waters are unsafe, the Roads are unsafe, your homes also.
    The World is slowly marching toward WW3 and when it starts, nowhere on this Planet is safe. A so called very educated lady ( in the human realm) came to St. Lucia from Trinidad to conduct a Witches conference in St. Lucia; since then SLP won Bigtime, but the forces of darkness requires payment, mainly the souls of humans, take your pick; go drive like crazy, mess with or accompany the wrong gang without ‘Praying to your Heavenly Father THROUGH JESUS on a daily basis – then it could be too late.’
    Dying without repenting to receive Salvation Jesus may say I DON’T KNOW YOU.

  9. The Fox
    Why do you write such bunk and bullsheet? How can a witch or witches conference help a political party win an election? People like you like to spread such vile propaganda it beggars belief. Elections are won by people voting and the more votes a party gets the more likely they are to win. The people of St Lucia voted overwhelmingly for the party in power simply because they wanted a change. This has nothing to do with witches or witchcraft. Everyone is entitled to hold conferences anywhere they wish to do so provided they respect the laws of the land.

    I fail to see how a witches conference can get a party elected to power. I have voted in previous elections and I can assure you that no amount of witchcraft was able to convince me and my family to vote. We voted because it was our constitutional right to do so. We expressed our franchises to vote. The same things were said about the late Sir John that he dabbled in witchcraft to win elections. I find this utterly revolting and appalling. Tell me how can witches influence others to vote for a particular party? No amount of witchcraft can influence a shift to either right or left. People power is what counts in an election.

    People are motivated to vote by events and things happening in the country. Things like the economy, unemployment, crime, healthcare etc. If these things are in a mess and not put right then there is every chance that the party in power will be defeated at the polls. If the people feel that the government is not heading in the right direction then they may decide to send a clear message by voting them out for a change. This has absolutely nothing to do with witchcraft or witches conference. You are being delusional and neurotic in thinking so. What kind of a mindset do you possess? Please tell me. People like you never cease to amaze me with your ridiculous and foolish talk. It is preposterous and imprudent to convey such rationale.
    Who is this Trinidadian woman that you are alluding to and where was this conference held in St Lucia? Do you have any proof that such a conference was held in the island? Before you open your frivolous gob perhaps you should state the facts. No one reported about this conference. St Lucia is a small country and there is nowhere such a conference would be held with the local media not getting wind of it to report about it. You are being temerarious vindictive and reckless to say the least. The idea that a witches conference was able to get a party elected to power is at best laughable mirthful and deeply amusing. You need your head and monset examined ole chap.


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