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UWP Hails Guy Joseph’s CCJ Victory, Calls Out ‘Politically Motivated’ Media Members


On Friday, 08 December 2023 Mr. Guy Joseph won another victory in the Law Courts when the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) dismissed the appeal brought by MBC in respect of a defamation suit filed by Mr. Joseph against MBC.

Mr. Joseph had filed the suit for damages for alleged defamatory statements made about him during a news broadcast by Miguel Fevrier prior to the last general elections.

However, MBC tried to use a technicality to have the matter thrown out contending that service of Mr. Joseph’s claim form and supporting documents was improper and therefore never effected and that the court should hold that the claim had been prescribed.

The High Court found that the claim form documents had indeed not been properly served and that this impropriety could not be remedied by an order that procedural matters be put right.

Mr. Joseph appealed the decision of the High Court at the Court of Appeal and won the appeal.

The Court of Appeal held that the improper service could be treated as an irregularity capable of being corrected under the Civil Procedure Rules and the decision of the High Court was reversed.

MBC subsequently applied to the CCJ for special leave to appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal. Again, Mr. Joseph was triumphant.

Legal costs were awarded to Mr. Joseph and the case was remitted to the trial court for further hearing.

The United Workers Party congratulates Mr. Joseph on his victory and will continue to advocate for free and unbiased political reporting by members of the media.

It is very clear that too many members of the media were politically motivated in their reporting in an effort to seek political favour.

We await the outcome of this and many other matters pending.

SOURCE: United Workers Party. Headline photo: Guy Joseph (Credit: THE STAR – St Lucia)

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  1. As far as I understand what I read, and a Law Lord can correct me if I’m wrong. I’ll not call this a victory,the CCJ,gave a ruling to have the matter tried in the lower Court, rather than dismissing it outright.
    There’s a case to be heard,the matter wasn’t filed properly,now they can do so.
    These are the same people who were anti,CCJ,but today they’re the first to celebrate it; how hypocritical some people can be.

  2. You all are going nowhere fast – all you want to do is impress folk with you egos and believe that you have power – I am not impressed with neither one of you politicians – you are all looking for power by any means necessary. Power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely – that Joseph dude is a joke and I don’t even reside in St. Lucia. You all want folk to glorify you and that is nothing short of crazy – as far as I am concerned I am not impressed.

  3. At least one thing here he has a lovely smile; have you seen the face of his political opponent? no wonder he ran like hell from that Church-of-Worship when he saw his opponent came in to settle some business. The sight of that Dude with me in a dark Alley would beat any WWE Championship; he wouldn’t need a mask, he was born with one.

  4. These is the same anti CCJ that UWP said St Lucia should demonstrate against. Today they are touting a “victory”.

  5. I equate Guy to the most dangerous player on the team. U know if u playing a game u sometimes target the most dangerous player or the best player. That’s what dem red guys trying with GUy. He keeps winning them. But this MBC and the type of reporting that went on in the media in those 5 yrs was nothing short of RIDICULOUSNESS, MBC and Miguel should be ashame of their actions last time around.

  6. MBC aren’t you tired of using that BS excuse to avoid lawsuits. Y’all studios is on Barnard hill yet you have a business address on John Compton Highway that is not even a building! Every time you get sued you declare improper service.

    Perhaps, y’all should just not have your news reporters and talk show hosts make defamatory remarks about people on their shows. But we understand now what was happening the last few years because nearly all your former reporters now hold positions within the current administration!

  7. I am yet to believe anything penned by this present UWP, telling lies from them is too numerous to mention. If you want to confirm what I said is to go to Facebook and read lies.some of them are even afraid of writing their names, eg Anonymous.

  8. I thought the CCJ was not good and we should of stayed with the Privl COuncil? I guess the CCJ is good now right?


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