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Suspect Fatally Shot By Police In Choiseul Identified


About 12:40 p.m. on Thursday, December 28, 2023, officers attached to the Choiseul Police Station were involved in an incident which resulted in the fatal shooting of a male.

Officers detained Sylvester Modeste alias Jumper of Cafeiere, Choiseul, after he brutally attacked his former domestic partner with a cutlass on Wednesday, December 27, 2023.

The injured female is currently admitted at the St. Jude Hospital, expected to undergo surgery in due course.

While in police custody, Modeste attempted to escape and assaulted two officers in the process.

The altercation resulted in Modeste being shot. Medical assistance was sought, and he was formally pronounced dead by a medical practitioner.

Investigations are ongoing in this matter.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. I find it utterly disgraceful by Saint Lucia Times to post pictures of the deceased body on line… even though his face is not shown. You must be aware that children might be viewing your website site and in a effort to protect their mental health, you, Saint Lucia Times have an obligation to ensure your editorials are safe for children to view. You should be blurring images that may cause distress. Too many times I see pictures of victims body laying on the street with no consideration or respect for the victim or the victims family who may also see their family member body in depressing images. Saint Lucia Times, I call on you to be more sensitive to the victim, the family, the general public and to children who might be accessing your website.

  2. @C-Wiz that’s the most dumbest excuse I ever hear. If you are a parent you are the one that’s responsible for what your child watchers. You being an irresponsible parent has nothing to do with the news

  3. @C-WIZ … You just can’t please anyone eh… You also have a problem with DBS, HTS, CNN, FOX, BBC, movies, cop shows, Facebook, YouTube … Too ?

    Gosh man some people just can’t help but complain about everything. Ease up and don’t be a Karen. Lol lol 😂😂

  4. @ Unknown & James Flamez

    You both miss the point. Firstly, are every parent actively watching what their kids access on social media? No. The issue here is that the decency of the victim must be maintained regardless of the circumstances under which he/ she met their demise. And by redacting/obscuring the victim in the picture, you spare society the gruesome sight of death and that includes a child who may inadvertently stumble across the images on the website……Secondly, the victim has a family, and they too must be spared the insult of seeing their family member exhibited on social media this way. So before the two of you start to uncritically voice your opinions, to which you both no doubt are entitled to, put yourself in the victim’s family’s shoes. It’s often the case that people open their pie holes before they think.

  5. @C-WIZ. stop being hypocrite .children are watching ? dont they watch movies at home ?what is the difference. its right inside your house but you want to condemn the news outlets for it.

  6. @C-WIZ is right. Others commenting don’t understand respect. How would you like to see your child, brother, father, or any relative shown in this way. Totally disgraceful. And children are already too exposed to violence – it has a desensitizing effect. There is already enough violence, does the media really have to show this? It’s just sensationalism disguised as reporting…

  7. Never one to rush to the defence of commentators however @C-WIZ has a very valid point.

    Journalistic responsibility and high professional standards, lacking.

    Yes we can’t always scrutinise what our children view on TV and or online but news outlets can help by a bit more responsible and seek less sensationalism.

    Was it really in the publics interest that the victims dead body be displayed or would an intelligent person be just as informed on the story if it didn’t have the picture?!

  8. @C-WIZ not sure you know but the kids don’t need any news outlet to have access to these images in this time that we are currently leaving in.

  9. Journalistic responsibility of News Outlet my eye. At a time such as this, who cares; everyone who’s able to have access to the News should be able to see what happens if you fail to obey the Law. Go to Church – stop being a wise-guy – family members, parents & friends should all be celebrating Christ; put the Guns & knives down. Do it again Cops.

  10. @C-WIZ What minors view is the responsibility of their parents. If you break the law especially in such a violent way in most countries you would end up in the news so its unfair to attack St. Lucia times. The responsibility for his family to not be subject to this was his and his alone.
    So from my perspective I salute St. Lucia Times for posting a more detailed article. I usually find their articles brief and lacking any pertinent info.
    And as for the police let’s give them some support for taking a violent offender off the streets.
    Enough of the constant negativity and criticism.
    People, remember you manifest your thoughts:
    Philippians 4:8
    Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things

  11. @ Yardy

    Your self righteous blatherings betrays your supposedly hypocritical religious fervour. You fail to acknowledge that the body of a man is exposed to the reading public, not giving any consideration to his family. Yet you as a so called Christian seem to regale in his demise and the blatant exposure of his corps on world wide web. My objections to Saint Lucia Times editorial is NOT in the reporting, NOR in the actions of the police but in the exposing of his corps. Indeed, the victim may well have deserved his comeuppance but that in no way justifies exposing his corps to the world. Where is the sensitivity to the family and persons who may be of a weaker constitution. Those who claim that children have access to all sort of things on line, that may be so but a newspaper has a moral and ethical duty to safeguard impressionable minds of the general public and that is regardless whether children can access objectionable material online or on television. So instead of quoting and regurgitation scripture in your self aggrandising holy more than though fervour, perhaps consider the role we all have to make society better by recognising that if you were related to the victim, you would probably feel agrieved to seeing his corps exposed on the world wide web…

  12. C-WIZ Funny how scripture angers the evil.
    Pathetic calling the aggressor the victim.
    You’re sick.

  13. C-WIZ You’re exactly what’s wrong with this country. No one is saying his body should be exposed etc.
    But our hearts should first go out to the victim of the crime first. You may not agree with what was said but the response was no way rude etc. But your response is terrible. So negative.

  14. @ anonymous

    Normally I would not respond to your so called lack of intuitive response but today I will make an exception. I will respond.
    Firstly, If your superstitious upbringing makes you gullible then perhaps it’s says more about your twisted mind than It does of mine. If you believe that some scripture written by some god inspired illiterates almost 2000 years ago, then carry on. If you believe that a man was swallowed by a huge fish and survived for 3 days and 3 nights in it’s stomach then it’s your prerogative…I don’t have to believe such nonsense and neither do I live in fear because of a book (bible ) that Is full of inconsistencies and made up conjectures. I live free of mind, free of thought and contrary to your assumptions or presumptions that it’s the evil in me that was angered by some scriptures, then that says more about you than It does about me…..I have debated many religious zealots who quiver at my interogation of their beliefs when I point out loads of inconsistencies in their so called holy book.

    Secondly, if you read my last post and understood what you read, you would have, by reading between the lines that I obviously recognise the true victim of the crime – the elder woman. Yet my issue was the EXPOSING of a corps on social media, and the lack of respect and sensitivity towards the man’s family..but your lack of depth and perception obviously can’t see that. Again you exhibit what is typical, a lot read but can’t deduce.

  15. @C-Wiz, I have to agree with your comments. I believe some people have lost their compassion for the lady who was at the receiving end of this brutal attack from her partner.
    Some of you…Please read carefully before you comment.
    How terrible and horrendous it must have been to see your partner coming to attack you with a cutlass. Can you imagine yourselves in her shoes? No one knows except the 2 people what happened to cause the attack. No one deserved to die, but… if you are posing a danger to yourself and people around you, then something has got to be done. I would have preferred no one was shot and killed. None of us know all the facts. So let us spare a thought, first for the lady receiving hospital treatment at this time. Spare a thought for her and how her life has been affected by this attack. Probably life changing for her.
    Now, pictures of killings and dead copse should NOT be posted. How is a picture of a dead person helping members of the public and the families involved in this sad situation. One family is coming to terms with lifelong changes from an attack, the other for the loss of a life. Exposing these gruesome pictures are not helpful at all. Why all you need to see the dead body on the streets of a guilty man who attempted to kill or cause bodily harm to his partner. That’s enough, you dont need to see the images. This is primitive and disgusting. If it was because of mental health issues, then that is exactly why we should not be exposed to these gruesome pictures. And, parents have no idea what their children are being exposed to 24 hours a day. Yes, parents have a responsibility to their children. However, when given a mobile phone at a young age or left with devices to go online, do you really know what your children are viewing at all times? How about when they are not with you or with friends? Can you say that you are absolutely certain that they are not viewing unsuitable content? Please spare me the answer. Remember, we are commenting on real life events not watching a movie. When you watch a movie or watch TV drama you have a choice to pick and choose what you want to watch.
    This lady on that day had no choice but to try to resist her attacker. Her situation is now lifelong changes. So please show respect and compassion for her. Maybe you all should petition for not showing pictures of dead bodies. Sadly, we are fast becoming desensitised by what we see. Spare a thought for those suffering mental illness, those suffering domestic abuse, often kept hidden from family and friends. None of us know the details.
    One last point, if you are truly a religious person you should pray for the victim the lady at the receiving end of this attack and for the tortured soul of this man’s family whose life is no longer here. Why would you want to see a picture of a dead person? Go examine your own mindset. Or it is so enjoyable for you that you need to see the image? That is Truly an uncomfortable, disturbing thought.
    Spare a thought for those suffering in abusive relations, suffering everyday as they go about their day. Spare a thought for those suffering from mental health problems with no help or support given, until the day comes when they… snap. And then what. You still want to see their lifeless body picture?
    Why would you want to see a picture of a dead person?
    Primitive, inconsiderate behaviour. Sometimes we need to say ….stop with this picture picture of dead bodies, our children deserve better and spare a thought for those suffering in silence in homes everywhere, in communities. Religious people, show compassion. Stop calling for more violence or an eye for an eye, how is that helping… its not helping anyone. It just breeds more violent thoughts and a warp sense of disturbing mindset of how our society should treat victims and vulnerable people in our communities. We don’t have to agree, but its important to debate with kindness and respect. You may learn something different about yourself and how we view each other. By sharing differences of opinion it’s the only way to progress and become better people. In order to grow you must embrace changes.
    Time to say no to seeing pictures of dead bodies. Just because it has always been shown does not mean its OK to carry on with that primitive practice. Ask yourself how is that image helping me? What purpose does it serve? Does it bring you comfort or are you so accustom seeing these images you don’t want change.
    Or difficult question Saint Lucians…are you simply addicted to seeing these images? You can’t wait, for all you to press view image. Some of you are getting on too dotish. Nothing better to do.
    C-Wiz, well done for bringing this up. Sometimes the truth is hard to accept.

  16. @C-Wiz
    I have a relationship with Christ because he is alive and real and has revealed himself to me. I don’t expect you to understand this.
    And I will prove it to you.
    I am only here to tell all of you that the lord has had enough of the violence and hatred on this island.
    Repent and turn to Jesus.
    Mark my words.
    All of this violence is spiritual.
    And I will bring you before the Lord and you will know he is God.
    I promise you.

  17. @C-WIZ@Shock horror@lowgrade@sameguy

    For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

  18. @ Yardy and anonymous

    I laugh at your gullibility…🤣🤣🤣…so Jesus has revealed himself to you? What does he look like? What did he tell you? And how are you certain it was jesus? Please enlighten us….all this violence is spiritual? Well since that is the case why don’t you pray harder for your god to turn the hearts of men to do good… perhaps you religious zealots are more responsible for this delusion because I am certain you are praying for a better Saint Lucia but apparently your prayers are not being answered….there seems to be a problem.. Isn’t there? Your prayers are useless…

    Yardy, the Muslims don’t believe jesus was crucified, so what makes you more right than them? I can point you blind sheep to your folly but you seem comfortable drinking the cool aid I will leave it there ..just last week I ask a staunch Christian to present to me the evidence for his beliefs…he could not produce one convincing evidence…all he said was well, I am alive today because of the love of Jesus, look at the world, Jesus is holding up the world…I told him look at the jungle in Africa lions are hunting deer, look at the earthquakes, innocent people are being crushed…where was your god when your ancestors were enslaved for 400 years? He was dumb….you lot are lost .. totally….jokers…

  19. The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God

  20. Do you think it’s a coincidence two Christians spoke to you this week about God and I’m thousands of miles away. If only you knew wh you were speaking with.
    Jesus loves you brother. And he wants to heal that hurt of yours.
    I started praying for you and on you today.
    You will soon see that not all Christians are Luke warm.

  21. @ Yardy

    Save your self righteous piffle…no need to pray on my behalf..I don’t need it……since you believe in prayer so much, pray instead that god make our society a better place by turning the hearts of men to do good. will know your prayer is answered once there is no social issues left in our society…I await to see the results…and how trivial it isof you to think that because you spoke to someone means the divine hand was at play …I speak to deluded lots like you everyday…and sadly, they are no better off than me despite all their knee bending and sending up supplications…

  22. @ Yardy

    And by the way, I will keep you updated on your prostrating supplication on my behalf sine you are praying for me and on me? Well if you believe it so much pray on and for Saint Lucia….here is your task and challenge and although I do wish you succeed for the good of society, I know you will fail miserably…cause if your sad belief in prayer was any good, you would have worked your superstitious magic by now and society would have been cured of it’s illnesses…Since you care so much….I await your failed attempt at changing my heart …such a sad and deluded mind….

  23. God will deal with this police man who killed this man ,thats the only way u all can restain someone? U all need to go to nurses school too learn how too restain someone.Rip sir u are free to go. I pray that God deal with them bitterly.


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