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Police Appeal For Help Locating Missing Babonneau Woman


Saint Lucia police have appealed for help locating missing Talvan, Babonneau resident Schneik S. Phillip.

A police release said the thirty-three-year-old was last seen at Gros Islet on November 20, 2023.

The release described Phillip as dark-skinned, slim, about five feet four inches, and sporting short black hair.

It urged anyone with information regarding her whereabouts to contact the Criminal Investigations Department in Castries at 4563770, the Babonneau station at 4564120, the Crime Hotline at 555, or the Crime Hotline App.


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  1. well if the person has a habit of going out for long period of time it’s not far Fitch to not notice she is missing


  3. pinks how u know that n u eh tell the police dat yet? she could have been ur sister ur best friend….stop judging every young girl at the same situation….we do not know of her outcome as yet until we get it…smh

  4. But seriously, why is Babonneau the Mecca of missing persons and suicidal rates? Wonder if there is a goverment agency working on answers.

  5. if yall have nothing good to say don’t say nothing at all, she’s missing and that’s not the time for yall salpalopta talk, she’s is my baby sister and despite of how she lived her life yall are not God, if you kno of her whereabout even if it’s at a man let us kno thanks

  6. Omg! Not another one! I pray that she is somewhere safe and sound. Young people must note that we are in troubling times. The chances that were taken before cannot be taken now. Those persons whom we meet and think are humans are not. Also, there is a thriving market trading humans, especially black young women for their blood, womb, liver, kidney and other key body organs. People wake up! One might think nothing of having a drink or worst with a stranger but be careful. Take no one for granted and always tell your relatives and friends with whom you are and where you are at. It’s not about persons wanting to know your business. It’s about being safe and taking care of yourself. It’s better they get angry with you for being at the wrong place or being with the wrong people or even participating in the wrong things than to have to be sorry and wailing in pain if they find you ever at all and to find you dismembered and killed. Young people wake up! We are in perilous times!

  7. im always appauled you people know so much when there is a worrying situation but tell the authorities nothing…a thriving market to me says alot….why not open up to the authorities about this “market”?? to prevent a mother a sister an aunt a neighbour from falling victim?? i always say when i wana know more of a story i will check the comments on slu times cuz its here that a lot of people know so much but do nothing bout it…. how and why??

  8. Give St. Lucian’s all the credits for bad talking you and judge you without evidence, worst off minding other people business rather theirs in most cases their situation is even worst. Now human and sex trafficking in St. Lucia is no news to the various authorities, those in authorities including the police force are aiding this situation to go on for ions now because certain big business owners are deeply involved and big ones are also collecting paychecks. Why do you think most police male officers particularly go after fellas girlfriend or wives if the male partner commit an offense? This shouldn’t be news also very recently a video circulated across different Social media about an apparent gang rape, I haven’t heard anything. Gros Islet is like Las Vegas if one is ashame to talk about it. That’s a hub you will find lucrative for drugs, prostituting amongst others double life style going on day and night. Gros Islet town lost it’s moral compass, integrity and discipline in many ways. I am not saying all but if you do an indept research and analyze the data you will understand what I am talking about. This young woman could have been a subject to drugs and taken elsewhere, or be somewhere. I also find that too many of our females especially young ones become alcohol hungry. Sit in a bar in Gros Islet and have a drink see who will ask you for a drink.. I do hope she make contact with someone and it all worked out for the best.


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