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UWP Criticises PM Over ‘Exorbitant’ Gas Prices


The United Workers Party (UWP) expresses its deep concern and strong objection to the first policy decision by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre for 2024, which disappointingly involves maintaining gas prices in Saint Lucia at among the highest levels within the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Other Caribbean islands with much smaller economies and the shared challenges of the rising cost of living and economic uncertainty are taking proactive steps to lower fuel prices, making the decision to maintain exorbitant prices even more unjustifiable and detrimental to the people of Saint Lucia.

Comparatively, in Dominica, a gallon of gas costs EC $13.91 and in Saint Kitts & Nevis it is priced at EC $13.33.

However, the citizens of Saint Lucia are burdened with the staggering cost of EC $16.50 per gallon, creating an unacceptable disparity that the UWP believes needs immediate attention.

It is the responsibility of the government to prioritize the welfare and economic welfare and economic well-being of its citizens.

This decision on gas prices lacks compassion and fails to address the urgent need from the financial strain.

The United Workers Party calls upon the government to reconsider its stance on gas prices and prioritize the interests of the people of Saint Lucia.

We urge Prime Minister Pierre to engage in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders, including the private sector, to collaboratively develop a more equitable and sustainable solution for our country.

We firmly believe that together, with compassionate and responsible governance we can create a brighter future for Saint Lucia, where our citizens do not have to bear the unnecessary burden of high gas prices.

The UWP remains committed to advocating for policies that promote economic growth, prosperity, and the well-being of all Saint Lucians.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Pjp right st Lucian’s love misery slp tax party bunch of lazy people their supporters are gullible I don’t feel sorry for st Lucian’s

  2. But all jokes a side. Fuel to damn expensive weee. I opted against driving my kids to go Square. Is like $100 fuel barely lasts 2 days going from G. Islet to Castries and back once a day. So i save fuel to make sure i can go work for the week. Whhaaaahhhhh, And ppl busy keeping quiet because of party. Meanwhiles ALL dem ministers, using state vehicles, state fuel to go any and everywhere. Even though the law prescribes govt vehicles MUST hv SLG plates. They’ve made sure they change them to private plates. SMBH. NVR VOTING AGAIN IN AHH ME LIFE

  3. @SMLH

    “City driving” is harder on your engine resulting in worse fuel economy. Your engine has to work harder to stop and start changing speeds more frequently when you’re on city streets. City driving is a type of driving (start, stop, long idling) where traffic is crawling similarly to what happens on your route every day. Therefore, this will require more gas and burn oil faster, resulting in a reduction in gas mileage.

    Highway driving is more of maintaining a consistent speed. So, as long as you’re driving at a speed that your car is designed to handle, this is easier on your engine than city driving since your engine has to do less work to maintain the speed set while you’re driving on the highway.

    Y’all engage in city driving on the highway to Gros Islet. Constantly stopping to let vehicles yield onto the highway. That is why your fuel consumption is so high. Not to mention a lot more time spent in traffic because of the backups caused by y’all driving the way y’all do. Adhere to right of way and proper highway driving practices and you will see your fuel mileage improve. Obviously not just you but the people who have no idea how to drive on a highway. The driving style of people using that route exacerbated by poor road planning is costing you people at least 25% more in fuel consumption. That’s an extra $50.00 a month you don’t have to spend if your fuel bill is $200 a month.

  4. Back on this again. I do agree but if there is a comparable analysis to be done lets we all the islands. And their current gas prices. Why 2 islands????

    This same administration when in office never fullfill their promise on gas prices. The forgot the match on the issue…..uh? SMH

  5. UWP, can all you hand over the key to the lockbox which had all the gas money during your reign.
    I have said it before and I will say it again. UWP has no right to say anything in this country. They have refused to tell us
    1. The number of passports they sold during their reign.
    2. What they did with the 863 million dollars borrowed.
    3. The pajoah letter.
    4. The amount of money given to CHTTI.
    Talk about these things then after this , we will support labour.
    Now Mr Pierre we want to know the amount of passports you have sold for the 2 1/2 years in office.

  6. Some of you Lucians complain, complain, complain about everything. Here is the reality – everything has gone up in price all over the world. On a personal note – i used to pay $1.99US for food napkins about 2 years ago – for the same size and quantity I paid $6.98 last week. You guys complaining about canned tuna fish – where is the world is tuna fish cheap?????? – no where.

    In the meantime, some of you are first in line to buy your expensive carnival costume, several outfits for jazz, shows etc. etc. etc. — stop complaining it’s too much already and saying the usual “THINGS HARD IN ST. LUCIA” — when you find the place where everything is EASY – let me know.

  7. @Anonymous…. i pay 1.34 for gas in Canada ..And on that same Canadian shelves multiple places i can definitely tell you ask anyone that leave there you can get large cans of tuna fish for $1. on sale regular price can vary from $1.10 to $1.45 or less

  8. Tony Francis uwps are st Lucian’s maybe you are not following the politics in st Lucia..from 2 years check st Lucia economy..the gas cip passport stop being political blind


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