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‘Praise The Lord I’m Still Alive!’ – Choiseul Chopping Victim Speaks


The victim of a recent brutal cutlass attack in Choiseul that led to the fatal shooting of her partner by the police gave an exclusive interview on Wednesday to the HTS Evening News.

Shot dead following the attack was Sylvester Modeste, alias ‘Jumper’.

The victim, Agatha Frank, disclosed that she and Modeste had been together for thirty-eight years.

He was also her ‘child father’ and appeared troubled on the day of the attack.

Frank said that Modeste went to her home with a cutlass, declaring that he had the weapon to kill her.

“That cutlass is for me to kill you, and the knife is for me to kill myself,” she recalled him saying.

Frank said Modeste attacked, but her daughter eventually went to her rescue.

The victim had to undergo surgery after sustaining several chop wounds.

“Praise the Lord, I’m still alive,” Frank stated.

According to the police, officers from the Choiseul police station apprehended Modeste after last week’s cutlass attack on Frank.

However, the police said that while in custody, the suspect attacked two officers in an escape bid and was fatally shot.

“I didn’t tell them to do him that because that’s not the first time I’m in problem with him,” Frank told HTS News regarding the fatal shooting of her partner, who was the family’s main breadwinner.

“I always telling them if they arrest him, I go to the station I telling them: ‘Leave him alone,'” Frank said, acknowledging that she and the deceased had a rocky relationship.

Now, she wants answers from the police.

“I never ask nobody to kill him. So I want to know what going on,” she declared.

“Up to now, any police officer have not come and tell me anything. I don’t know what to do, but I’ll take my step,” Frank asserted.

She said she wants justice for Modeste.



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  1. I empathize with this lady however this lady is quite naive. This man would have killed you . . . . And I suspect this is not the first time he’s abused her. And she always took him back. Why? Because “he is the main bread winner”? Awa gason! Well, you are free now my lady. Free from the abusive devil.


  3. Our Caribbean women, some of them needs to wake up to yourself. You cannot love a man who didn’t love you back, and to this gruesome point of slashing you using a sharp object. Yes you didn’t tell the police to take his life away. The police has every right βœ…οΈ under our constitution to defend themselves. Providing that, they’ve felt that, their lives was in danger. When an officer should used or not used their weapons. We can’t justify what their actions should be. Do we have what you called the Corenor in the country? They can take this into a review process. Let’s not judge such an event. However, from my personal point of view having a man who’s your breadwinner shouldn’t at no time putting your entire life in great danger. These are serious domestic violence. These are on our law books πŸ“š and must not taken likely. There’s a world 🌎 proposal on domestic violence against women. We can’t tolerate that ! How many times she have had the man threatening to take her life away? This individual is out to do serious to the woman. On statistics these men their minds are fully made πŸ‘Œ to end your as a partner. They will continue through the ordeal until they’ve eventually take you to your grave. You lucky to have survived it. He would of done this to you over and over again. The statistics are there to see what other women went through until they were dead. Go and check the files. Woman that’s no love from a man who’s sleeping on the same bed with you. Just count your blessings πŸ™Œ πŸ™ ✨️ for still enjoying life. Don’t worry about him πŸ˜‰ he brought it on himself.

  4. This type of naivety is why when there are domestic disputes, the police don’t want to get involved.
    β€œI never ask nobody to kill him. So I want to know what going on,” she declared.β€œUp to now, any police officer have not come and tell me anything.”
    M’am, what do they have to tell you other than that they didn’t kill him for you if anything at all? He got killed because he tried to escape lawful custody (for YOUR attack) and in the process, attacked officers. Unlike you, they did not stand for nonsense and “leave him alone” just like you always went to tell them when y’all were in problems – β€œI always telling them if they arrest him, I go to the station I telling them: β€˜Leave him alone,’” Frank said.
    Lady, justice has been served.
    If he had lived and escaped, he would have made good on his promise and you would be dead. You would rather that?? Choops.

  5. You well by counting your blessings and hope that you never find yourself in a similar situation again. Who will you call to your rescue ?

  6. In your own words as per the article —– therefore I rest my case — my only suggestion with all due respect you need to get yourself some serious counseling for your own good sooner than later.

    The victim, Agatha Frank, disclosed that she and Modeste had been together for thirty-eight years.
    He was also her β€˜child father’ and appeared troubled on the day of the attack.
    – Frank said that Modeste went to her home with a cutlass, declaring that he had the weapon to kill her.
    β€œThat cutlass is for me to kill you, and the knife is for me to kill myself,” she recalled him saying.

  7. BTW – I am not certain if an eye examination was already done – it appears that her eyes need a thorough medical check-up both inside and out – in my opinion in the photo there appears to be discoloration as well as a large laceration on the side of the face near the eye.

  8. The congnitive dissonance that exist in Saint Lucian society is rife. How is it that your boyfriend in essence tried to take your life…this was not a case of just wanting to wound you…this was intent to murder you because had the machete ruptured a major blood vessel such as an artery, you would bleed out and died…yet Madame, your view is that your relationship with the deceased was rocky and tumultuous but you two stuck together….then again praising god that you are alive when in essence god perhaps should have stopped the assault in the first place rather than letting you suffer the consequences. This is the mentality that pervades out society. Irrationality even when your lover tried to kill you. I don’t think any sane person would criticise the police for their actions. The deceased got what he deserved. He was a violent individual, perhaps even mentally deranged but a dangerous person nonetheless…how is it our society produce such dysfunctional individuals , mostly men who contribute nothing meaningful to society… And the women are not that far behind mind you… couple that with the low standard of living, depressed wages, illiteracy, ignorance, superstition, you get a total picture of what you have in society. One where forward progress is slow yet the descent into anarchy is quick and not far behind….look at the picture of society and you will see clearly why it is the way it is ….

  9. This woman is the embodiment of the reason why men in the younger St. Lucian generation think it’s business as usual. In their minds they should be in a relationship where they contribute the minimum and they basically have a strangle hold on the women and the household in general. About two years ago I was on my way home with pizza and a woman in her fifties looked horrified and asked if this is what I was going to give my partner for dinner. I guess at her house that would spell trouble. Well I am a working single woman for most of the same reasons that we are here discussing this article. Most St. Lucian men are not worth the effort. Get close to them and what you will get is licks and disrespect.

  10. Thirty eight years together and he didn’t marry you…..
    Waste of Thirty eight years!!!!!!

  11. When the relationship is no longer working, men, please walk away peacefully. Don’t be concerned or consumed by what you may have invested in the relationship. When it is over, it is over. Lady I am glad that you are here, alive in 2024.

  12. These women are the reason some men believe all of us like men speaking to us rough. She like bad mun. You old but you still like bad mun, eventhough he wanted to kill you.

  13. Ladies take note. Get up and get an education or a set of skills, so you will not have to stay in a relationship getting chopped and beaten because the man is your bread winner.

  14. You dam right them police like to use force on people too much they need training, need too go to SALCC health science department to learn how deal with people. Before anything is people u all want to kill. Dont worry my girl God will deal with them bitterly

  15. St. Lucian women from her time and older usually tell younger women “ashay un homme pour aiderw’ look for a man to help you. That is their mindset, and when they feel they have found that man who brings home the bread, they will stay despite the beatings, chopping and even sometimes the incest which they are very well aware of.

  16. Lady, if you want to be celebratory about your ordeal, you might have well said Praise the the Lord, I was chopped, and I’ m still alive …. don’t just consider the I am still alive but…then again you could have praised the lord for being abused in the 38 years you were with the accused…..the cognitive dissonance is real….

  17. Woman u looking for a money go find work to do after u heal your bread winner is long gone

  18. @Calling All Ladies – you are correct and I agree with your post. I grew up in a family of strong women who endorsed the same. I am thankful and grateful for their teaching and I have instilled the same in my daughters. We need to understand that if you depend solely 100 percent on another individual in any relationship for your very existence you are already in trouble……..

  19. This poor woman was in such an abusive relationship that even as he attempted to brutally murder her in cold blood she still is on his side. Please get her the mental help and counseling she needs, so so sad


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