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Pierre Commits To Using All Available Resources Against Gun Violence


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre committed his administration to using all available resources to combat gun violence in a New Year’s address to the nation.

He recalled that in 2023, Saint Lucia witnessed an alarming increase in gun-related homicides, particularly among some young males fueled by an imported gang culture.

Last year, the Island recorded 75 homicides, seventy of which the police classified as murders.

“We are committed to attacking that problem with all available resources and call on the support of the public and all social and Non-Government Organizations,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, declared.

“We will continue to empower the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force with the technical, physical, and human resources they need to detect and solve criminal activity,” Pierre said.

He also spoke of improving the timely dispensation of Justice with the commencement of the construction of the new Halls of Justice during this fiscal year.

Pierre said the facility would provide a suitable working environment for Judicial Officers.

However, he explained that society plays a role in the battle against crime.

“The society as a whole must encourage values that will steer our youth from the false hope and gains of a life of crime to productive pursuits that will redound to the benefit of everyone,” the Prime Minister observed.

He pledged the Government’s support and availability for constructive dialogue on improving citizen security.

Regarding the economy, Pierre asserted that the Government’s economic and social policies have positioned the economy on a solid path to sustained economic growth.

He said notwithstanding the impact and pressures of global inflation, 2023 had been a good year for Saint Lucia.

Pierre disclosed that the economy had stabilised post-pandemic and, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is projected to record economic growth in 2023.

“We are very optimistic about the continued growth prospects for 2024.
However, we must proceed with caution as there are some downside risks,” the PM noted.

In addition, Pierre called on his compatriots to muster the courage to put aside petty differences, recognise what binds them together, show consideration for each other, and compassion for the less fortunate.

“Let us resolve in 2024 to reach out to each other with a greater sense of charity, love, understanding, and friendship,” he advised.

“We must recognise that working together as one nation, one people, with a common purpose is the only viable pathway for our country to attain inclusive, meaningful, and sustainable development. We must resist the destructive forces of division and embrace the uplifting spirit of unity as we work together to build a more equitable and inclusive society,” the Prime Minister stated.

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  1. Pierre you have to learn to lead and not follow. When you tell me you allow RF to persuade you to give a couple hundred CDC tenants millions in free rent instead of using that money for something else (opportunity cost), then I’m done.

  2. Lucians you all crying you all have alot more crying to do. Boy Lucia have so much guns that’s your respect in the streets get that through your heads, the youth now don’t think twice to put anybody in the cemetery. Imagine in 2024 there are police unarmed in st lucia madness

  3. Most Honorable PJP please put more emphasis on The Northern criminal cesspool 95 percent of St Lucia’s criminal element and woes are develop planned and executed up there and filters down to the lower crime communities in the south.

  4. PJP still clueless which party he is leading much less which country. PJP why are you refusing to fund the forensic lab with the tools necessary to do ballistic test, create a registered of all fire arms in the force and illegal ones, amongst other very important tools to fight crime? Why are you turning a blind eye on that aspect. Why you are so neglectful of your country for which you should pride yourself off. Bro you too stupid!

  5. Wonder if ending gun violence extends to the unnecessary shootings of unarmed people with mental illness by the Police? Hmmm.

  6. Jah Know Star, you never comment when Chastanet was given foreigners all the land and money during his term, but now because it’s Lucians who got a reprieve you are so angry.
    Why all you hate Lucians so much? Is it because we are black?

  7. A building alone is not going to solve the crime scourge in SLU – one of the resources needed to see about is MENTAL HEALTH! Also the forensic lab needs to be up and WORKING.

    Stop the gaslighting and GET THE WORK DONE.


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