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Police Seek Public Assistance In Marchand Homicide Probe


On Thursday, January 18, 2024, about 10:40 p.m., the Marchand Police Station in Castries received a report of a shooting at the intersection of Marchand and Chaussee Roads, Castries.

The Police Officers responded to the report and commenced investigations. Jakim Duncan, a twenty-one (21)-year-old resident of Bagatelle, Castries, was conveyed to the Owen King European Union (OKEU) Hospital by Emergency Medical Technicians from the Saint Lucia Fire Service for medical attention.

He sustained multiple injuries and later passed away. A medical practitioner at the OKEU, confirmed his death.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force urges anyone with relevant information for this investigation to reach out to the Marchand Police Station at 4563885 or any police station in close proximity.

You can report anonymously either by using the Crime Hotline at 555 or by downloading the RSLPF Crime Hotline Application from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. Please please please people do yourself, your family and your country some good ….share what you know anonymously….because most of you know the folk who did this. You do not have to say your name change your voice if you have too ..please give the police the information anonymously. The life you save may be your own or of your loved ones. Remember bullets don’t have eyes and there is something called cross fire 🔥 Amen 🙏🏾

  2. Get some chaining fence at Caribbean Metals and build a cage ..a huge one about the size of a tennis court. Then, drive Marchand every night and even during the day and collect one or two. Strip them down to their underwear and lock them up in that cage while feeding them pumpkin soup all day everyday! That my friend is how to save their lives!

  3. We need to call on the Minister for Security to Resign from the post immediately. He is unfit for the job. Please people I encourage you to join in this call, it is vital for our country don’t let it slide our beautiful island will have blood run in all drains if we let him continue to occupy that position.

  4. Condolences to the families involved..
    Most of these young people do have a criminal record for using weed and that’s one of our problems in St Lucia.. Those people can’t travel to escape the hardships that they are currently in.. Jails are the worst to any person, we have taken their pride away from then, what do we expect to gain but lawlessness?
    Their mothers and fathers are too busy working for slave wages and have no quality time to spend with their Families, and what do we expect to gain but lawlessness… The wages must be increased to $10+ per hour to combat Crimes…
    Let’s find a solution to this slave wages system..

  5. You reap what you sow. Well I can guarantee you he had a criminal record. They doing things to people and expect to live life freely.
    What about the lady car they had scrap in Monchy where he used to live with his sister.

  6. @allison, the PM for this country mention he will be proposing a better min. wage for all. Months gone nothing yet, but I don’t expect better from empty barrels. Next thing is that most places do pay more than $10. per hour except business places that are known and well in bed with politicians on both side of the isles, my blog might not be related to the article, but I must mention, cannot wait for such similar article to be published. I have brought it up to the Ministry of Foreign affairs and labor that they are two businesses here well established that are committing gross human rights violation to their workers and their very own citizens which apparently, they trusted to work in various section of their establishment.
    Here are the two situation I mentioned.
    1. A certain business place with chain outlets having its citizen to come and work here but sleep and dwell in a warehouse and not permissible to associate with locals or to support others as in buying things from local stores whatsoever. These individuals passport are being kept in the hands of the business owners, who endure mental and physiological trauma due to the involvement with their employer. This situation is well known to many unlike myself, Mary Francis the human right lawyer is also a patron at the very business outlet but if she doesn’t know someone should, who read this enlighten her. What these workers are going through you can see it on their physical appearance, posture and when you do try to engaged them in stores like asking a few questions you get very or little answers fearing if security cameras do pickup lengthy conversations they are being move and not put into position of such. I personally have had discussions with them and what they are going through is practically illegal and abuse.
    2. Another business place have cult like link back to their government via the embassy here. Now very recently European Border Control found out from years of intense investigation that the embassy operates like a full fledge institution. In summary this is what they have uncovered, the citizens of that country that operates stores and restaurants into the host country. Those business establishment are mandated to pay a percentage back to the main country via the embassy, thereby, carrying out massive tax evasion, and also institute penalty to those in delinquent by operating a prison like system within the embassy. Right now, there is a massive international diplomatic conflict taking place with the parent country and the European union. It will probably come to the point where those citizens will be fine or served jail time because as we speak they are bar from leaving those countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands Finland, Austria. This is happening globally and it now triggers an investigation in Australia, which the authorities believe it is evident there as well. I brought this to the attention to the now deputy PM and RF. We have no report of such, until we have a lodge report then we can act. You believe these people have the intellectual capacity to execute this? I doubt this.

    So yeah Allison since politics, the party in power rules what goes on with the min. wage aspect and to have officers police establishments and also citizens adhere to salary declaration we can only voice our vocals as if you are shouting at the Wales. Because if the government should mandate that all gainfully employed persons or probably all citizens who are eligible to work from whatever age, they get registered, declared their income regardless how small it is, we CANNOT do anything to save and guarantee that min. wage because we will never know. That way Government have so many resourceful data to capture from that, such as taxes, how many are long-term, short-term employment. We cannot use assumption/estimate because realistically this is what is happening. So if the GDP increases like the PM said why inflation is sky rocketing?

  7. Well I’m not rejoicing his death but you reap what you sow. These thugs doing things to people and expect to live life freely. I know for a fact he was involved in the scrapping of the lady car in Monchy where he once lived with his sister. Karma must come for that sister too.


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