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Man Shot Dead – Saint Lucia Records 7th Homicide For 2024


Saint Lucia police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man believed to be in his twenties.

According to reports, the man sustained gunshot injuries at Balata, Castries on Sunday evening.

He was conveyed to the OKEU Hospital, where he later died.

There are no further details at present.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded seven homicides for the year.

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  1. Seven is the magic number today. This magic number will continue to change until the police finds a way to get the public to trust them. We all know the trust between the public and the police does not exist. This is absolutely no fault of the public. Whatever happened was done by the police and nothing has been done to restore the trust. This cannot be done over night but if you are to win the gun war against the criminals, the work to restore trust must start now. The police needs the public to combat crimes. A plea or a request to call the nearest police station will not work. Advertising “anonymous” callers will not work and the recent APP developed will not add value either. More is required to restore the trust.
    A subset of the police force must be created. This group will operate differently from the police. The group will have the cream of the crop and the government must establish the group. They must be called by a different name. Their sole responsibility will be crimes and they report directly to the Minister of Security. They will be highly monitored and ensure they remain a trust worthy group. There will protocols, standard and processes to follow and reported. They will highly be trained.
    With this approach, I believe the public will have some trust and will join in the fight against crime.
    Until then, I think Criminals will have their free pass to kill whenever they want – St.Lucia is not a safe Country anymore

  2. The criminals no longer fear the consequences, there is no justice for the families of the victims. The leaders of this country have failed to guide us down a better path.

  3. But PJP busy talking about tax amnesty and how he has made his friends and business men who hv not pd taxes go without hvn to do so. Whiles me the lil malaway had all m y taxes taken away even before i see my salary. The only ppl benefitting are the business owners who are required to pay the VAT as it is not automatically taken from them. Let me check 7 x 12 =84 so the projection now is for 84 murders in 2024.

  4. Bring back two k dogs 🐕 pjp you taking so much money for Jazz..and you not protecting the citizens of ST Lucia god dealing with slp administration you all divide our country sad st Lucia is bleeding failing pm

  5. By this time, Vieux Fort would have been declared an Escalated Crime Zone. Is it that the northern part of St Lucia is too important for it to have such a designation.

  6. Oh my, the cocaine and Marijuana are having our young men to end up their lives too early. We need harsher penalties. Some of these cases are prolonged for too long. Too many adjournments. These cases should go to trial within 20 days. Common.

  7. @smh the tax amnesty is not so you don’t pay the tax you owe, it removes the Interest and Penalties for not paying when it was due. So it is wrong to say that the business owners don’t have to pay, but tax was removed before you got your salary. They still have to pay the tax they owe. The same way if when u filed your tax returns for lets say 2018, you ended up owing the government but you have not paid, the amnesty removes the interest and penalties which would have accumulated since then, but you would still have to pay the tax that you owed.

    On another note, if January hasn’t even ended yet and we’re already at 7 homicides, I don’t want to imagine what the rest of the year will be like. The Government and the Police really don’t care, truthfully…The few good-hearted people who actually want to see the change are outnumbered by the ones who benefit from the crimes directly.

  8. The Minister for security needs to resign. Unfit for that position! awaiting some sheep brain blogger to come defend that person portfolio. Tax amnesty won’t curb crime, if you continue to collect tax payer money for the post you will make us all suffer because the end result reflects on the entire country. Since you are unfit to hold that position, and still there you should take full blame because for your incompetence that going to make the entire nation bare the blunt of it.

  9. @lucian low pathetic grade. Why do you come on here talking your nonsense, we all know you are a puppet. Stop making yourself look like a idiot. How much they paying you to peg on this site? So you sleep? Pathetic.

  10. Sit and blame the Government and Police for young people killing each other. Speak about no trust between the Police and Public. Keep quiet, say nothing and let crime happen. Expect everyone execpt you to help stop crime in Saint Lucia. See where you and your family will end up. Every effort made to try something new to help step on it, insult it, be negative and expect positove results. Our society has become so negative except for partying and drinking rum. Value yourselves and each other. Start there. Teach children to be respectful and to work towards a positive future. Some of you cannot discipline your children. Some of you encourage your children to do what is wrong. Some of you have no time for your family. Yet you wonder what is happening in the country. SMH do better as a community. What happened to it takes a community to raise a child? What happened to do no harm? What happened to being each others keeper? What happened to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? I say stop raping, killing, stealing, scamming, threatening and robbing. Instead of getting a job build a business, it doesnt have to be big. Be happy with what you have and stop looking at the possessions of others. Ot worked in the olden days for a reason.

  11. Only we the people can reduce crime significantly. We must first stop committing the crimes or being a party to them. For the latter to change, attitudes must change. We hear too often one threatening to physically harm another and claiming with eagerness to spend a few days in jail as punishment. This singled out attitude comes about because of leniency in our weak judiciary. This now is where the government comes in. The latter applies to past, present and future administrations. They must enforce, amend or change our laws to instill a change of attitude by the populace. For example, no one would be eager to threaten anyone if the punishment was the death penalty or even life imprisonment. There must be deterrents and without that in place, no security minister, police force or administration yellow or red will change a thing.

  12. @Freeze your post is on target – you hit the nail on the head. I am not sure why the powers that be can’t see that this is what needs to happen. This really does not look good for St. Lucia — and in this age of social media – nothing can be hidden – everything becomes not public – but in actuality World Wide knowledge.

  13. I understand that crime is a social issue but there will always be bad elements in society and it will grow if law enforcement and punishment is lacking. Criminals look for places where it is EASY to do crime, thieves look for EASY targets. The regular person is not going to provide information if they feel unprotected, especially with hitmen running around freely. This starts at the top and when the people notice a change then you will see a change, people will be more forthcoming with information. Making structural changes to broken systems will take time and I am patient person but how much time is enough to see a noticeable change?

  14. @Freeze, they are many factor a country can used to curb the crime situation. Below I vent a percentage of my opinion…
    In order to understand the reasons for various crime you have to understand fully the root cause of it and work the formula from there. Crime originate from many source, quick rich scheme, depravity, poverty, political oppressions, prejudice etc. Everything have to be looked at on a case by case basis and in small St. Lucia we have an idea of what are practically the cause of these crimes. That being said the entire country is lacking the resources needed financially. On the flip side of it we do not have a good Samaritan culturally, financial and religiously. the reason I used the word ~Samaritan~ is because we don’t know how to give back without looking out for something in return. We are now in an age of Politically Divide, Financially Opressed, Religiously depressed and most importantly we have lost our moral compass.
    For Instance, I was present at a Secondary School Meeting where the principle keep invoking the narrative that everyone is part of the school, what the principle is saying from parents, to teach to students. Point taken but at the same time the principle needs to understand that when a student leave home, that student is not longer under the direct eyes and control by the parent, and that student spends 80% of his/her daily life in the parameter of school. Now one will imagine the school will have rules and policies to govern the institution which ultimately the student must follow. Having spend 80% of time within that environment, obviously you don’t expect parents to be in school along side their kid. Now if a child broke the school rule you will expect him/her to be punished, now here is where the double sword system comes into play, the child may or may not be punished but the parents becomes clueless as to what transpired. You will never expect the defaulter to come home and explain what transpired at school, now after several series of breaking the school rule the parents then summon to the school and have to listen to the series of broken rules committed before. What reaction one will expect from the parents? Isn’t common practice the parents will put up a defense? Because if my child is leaving home no complaints return home no correspondence at what point you should now believe that all ten commandments (rules) was broken and zero reports to parents. How parents become part of the school in such case because of the series of lapses by the school?

    Another point is that when a political party was dumped and another party take power what that tells you, simple! That the citizens have no fate, hope or trust in the party the collectively voted out. Now that the new government came to power and the very same situation continues who is to blame? Remember you can assume one will fool you, but it is quite different when you are being fooled.

  15. The mothers of them boys are responsible for the life of crime of the young men do some of them women does send them and steal .

  16. @ The One Crap…. If you notice I don’t wasting time blogging a whole essay and talking crap like you fools do. There is NO PM red or yellow who want to see high crime under your their watch……but the manner of which you Clowns politicize it is ridiculous and redundant as if the PM goes around putting firearms in people’s hand to commit crime. As I have stated where is the same outrage for the criminals who are selling guns in their shops ? Where are the guns coming from we don’t have a gun factory here ? Go ahead and blame fishermen and not those in their posh BMWS because crime alone is a ghetto thing. I will gladly gladly gladly defend this PM and his efforts of trying to fight crime when his predecessor did not even call it out until 3 months after leaving office FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER FIVE YEARS. Nobody hardly picks up a cutlass anymore these days as soon as you get in an argument is gun they gone for…..most times it’s not even robbery it’s just the number one manner of which St Lucian’s settle things these day

  17. Just checking is it approximately 6.5 hours a day at school. In addition, parents know their children well – some parents may want to be in denial, but the reality is you know your child or children well – including their behaviors and or potential behavior.

    It begins with parents at home or the care giver – unethical and vagabond behavior does not happen over night. The warning signs or the writing on the wall is usually right in front of our faces – but sometime we chose to let them go unchecked until it’s too late. Don’t blame the government for your good for nothing kids. Choices have consequences and when you play with fire you will get burn.

    Also, some folk want to live the high and mighty life by doing anything to fit in. Rome was not built in a day and if you decide to engage in illegal activity – there are severe consequences. You see the sad reality is there are also innocent bystanders and cross fire – I need not say anymore —

  18. The Government to be blame because in the prime minister government he got all ministries to see over the public …..From National security to human resources and names it….so something is wrong somewhere ….all these people tons$$….stop blaming and asking the public to more…what about these ministries in government asign and get paid big bucks to carry out their responsibilities…just sit in the air condition getting paid….then u got minister for national security saying he can’t stop crime because he is not a police his father was…smh…..What about implementing strategies or you the national security minister do some community ground work…to find solutions….no only when elections you guys know all holes to enterand reach out to poor people

  19. Why are they here so many gun crimes on this island. ?? Where are the guns coming from, we don’t have a gun factory here ? Did you know there are guns for hire in St Lucia nobody is talking about that, yes you can rent a gun in St Lucia……if there is a body on it you pay less, without a body you will pay a lot more some people don’t know what the hell is happening but as soon as you hear bam bam bam it’s the PM to blame. This is the trend of how people settle their scores these days

  20. The killings on this Rock has caused so much verbiage, but I’ll only quote two:
    @ The Dishonorable one- – – – its just the number one manner of which St. Lucians settle things these days.
    @ Mischief (last paragraph) – – – – St. Lucia is not a safe Country anymore.

    Shouldn’t that ‘dishonorable lowgrade’ Jackass be charged for inciting violence?

  21. This Lucian high-grade person knows to many things I think it’s high time the police pay him a visit, but then again,I rest my case?


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