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Two Males Shot In Vieux Fort


A teenager was among two males who sustained gunshot injuries at the Pierrot junction, Vieux Fort, on Thursday, reports say.

The reports indicate that the other victim appeared to be in his fifties.

One of the victims was shot in the arm, while the other sustained an abdominal injury.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting were not immediately apparent.

Two ambulances responded after the emergency personnel of Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) received a distress call at about 7:28 pm.

The responders transported both victims to the hospital in stable condition.

The latest shooting adds to a sharp spike in gun violence since the year began.

So far, for 2024, Saint Lucia has recorded seven homicides.

Last year, there were seventy-five homicides, seventy of which the police classified as murders.

The 2023 homicide count matched the record 75 that occurred in 2021.

Police data revealed that most of the murders last year were the direct result of gang violence and gang rivalry.



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  1. All they do is steal is steal young plantain and marcarbo from hard working farmers and sell it for women who sell stolen food by the road side just to smoke cocaine and marijuana and drink rum …

  2. There is a sense of randomness to this incident. I suspect there is some idiot going about harming people who are just simply going about their business. In that case there is a criminal on the loose creating havoc in our society and he/ she must be caught… Ballistic forensics should play a part in finding the projectile and connecting it to the fire arm in the event some infantile pillock is caught with a gun in a random search by the police…

  3. Why don’t the minister of defence just hire international people from overseas to join the police force for a month or year to have nationwide clean up.

  4. I agree with “Unknown”. Bring in outside police from England or the U.S. Our police need to learn how to fight crime!!! Among other things.

  5. I guess Pip needs to have another record breaking year before he realizes that as the minister of National Security he is the biggest threat to our National Security. We need a National Security Minister ASAP. Leave the job to the experts! Dammit. Government can never stop anyone bent on crime but at least it can step in to put measures in place that serves as a deterrent… proper customs enforcement to prevent illegal firearms entry, punitive measures, flood the streets with police doing stop searches instead of having them congregate on street corners handing out traffic tickets….putting us first means keeping us safe.

  6. This my people is the result of every person who buys stolen goods from thieves. Every citizen who runs a red light. Every friend who helps another friend skirt the rules. Every politician encouraging their constituents to ignore the laws for votes. Every police officer turning a blind eye to “minor” infractions. Every lawyer representing rotten citizens. Every judge or magistrate going soft on crime. And every politician being crooked.

    Actions have consequences. Inaction have consequences too. Chickens coming home to roost

  7. Unless the people repent and turn to live righteously in the sight of God, further tribulation and doom awaits this nation!

  8. Bam bam bam bam yeah baby we got guns ! Nobody don’t run for cutlass anymore that’s old time ting. St Lucian’s in Florida (Dade County) we how easy it is how much you all sent down ? Lucian’s in Texas the ground zero for guns in America you have gun shops on every corner like bars how many yull sent down for Christmas during he concession? Lucian’s in New York yull make that I-95 run for your Boyzs back home, how much yull send down ? North Carolina South Carolina we know how it go already how much yull send down? We know how the Syrians do their thing already they have their connections they always want us to be the consumers we can always go in the shop. The poor PM more guns coming in than police can take off the streets, that one have gun, this one have gun, everybody have gun, it feel like when cell phones came out in the 90’s everybody wanted one.

  9. All those who are talking crap here, do y’all remember the statement “if Kenny can’t keep you safe, I will”. Well, the monkey who said it eh no better. Y’all remember?

  10. “Why don’t the minister of defence just hire international people from overseas to join the police force for a month or year to have nationwide clean up.”

    I recall there being British police officers being hired. One was the COP if I remember correctly. Obviously the crooked cops were afraid and got rid of him.

  11. Put pride and ego aside and realize that the current situation in St. Lucia is seriously out of control. There are still a few more days left in January 2024 and there have already been multiple shootings. You Lucians have too much pride, which will ultimately result in you all downfall – get help from outside of St. Lucia. I am not certain if you people really understand “cross fire” – bullets do not have eyes and these good for nothings in St. Lucia are running amok.

    The life you save may be your own or that of your own family – you all are at risk whether you believe or not. Many innocent bystanders have been killed. If I remember correctly – a young kid was MURDERED some time ago in his own home. What did this innocent kid do to deserve this horrific death?? – all of you LUCIAN citizens need to come together in this fight sooner than later…don’t sleep on this GUN-DEMIC.. Please put politics aside – the whole world is watching for real.

    I have said this before, you all are very familiar with each other and some of your own family members are also the criminals. Familiarity breeds contempt and Lucians working with Lucians in fighting crime is an exercise in futility.

  12. To all those who are aiding abetting/assisting/encouraging/helping/making it possible for guns to make their way to St. Lucia, rest assured that you are ALREADY DOOMED. Whether you are working from abroad and or in St. Lucia you are still DOOMED. Why – because anyone involved in this deadly trade which results in horrific tragedy CERTAINLY has BLOOD on their hands whether they are involved directly or indirectly you are still part of the problem. For the sutweeez – you too are also DOOMED with the BLOOD money on your hands.

    You will leave on the money behind because your own destruction as a participant is imminent. Ask El Chapo as he sits in physical isolation confined to his cells for 22 to 24 hours a day – his demise is sure and all the money is worth nothing because he CAN NOT take it with him to the grave.

  13. When the strategy is wrong, the outcome will always be dismal. While Pierre is busy masquerading as a general, the security of the place is sinking fast. At this point, he shouldn’t have any excuses for his failure.

    The awful truth about Pierre is that he is afraid, squeamish and timid. Not qualities generally found in seasoned security professionals. It is evident to anyone with a working brain, the current situation cannot lead to victory. Yes, the police are making discoveries more than ever. On the other hand, in the same breath, he is releasing those same people who were caught with firearms. As usual they rearm and return to create instability. Those master criminals are mentors and leaders in this environment. They are pollutants.

    Any seasoned security professional would not allow the present situation to fester. The probability is those gun criminals would be housed in a reinforced warehouse that is temporarily leased by the government. Needless to say bail would not be an offering to them. Pierre doesn’t have the stomach to break the link in the chain of serious crime. He is clueless about the value of deterrence. He doesn’t even inspire the jaded population.

    Pierre’s focus is on Chas. An unhealthy fixation that thwarts him from self-evaluating. He must know that he is failing at the job. How can he not know?

  14. Whats the update on the brand new scanner equipment at customs? It was sabotaged most likely by the people allowing the weapons through? There was once this story circulating hope its working and this is not the case.

  15. Well I read today where Mexico has filed suit against US Gun Manufacturers alleging that their negligent business practices facilitate the trafficking of their products into Mexico. Last year it was stated Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, The Bahamas, Jamaica, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago also joined suit….. well I wish them much luck in their endeavors…..people don’t understand the magnitude of the situation and rather choose to blame politics on everything…..the police and PMs of these respective countries are just as overwhelmed as our PM here in controlling gun violence and the influx of guns in their countries. I hope they well not hit a brick wall because we all know how powerful the national rifle association is in the US, it’s difficult for the average American to go up against them far less and their pockets are billions deep. Remember the US does not care how many small arms leaves it shores for the Caribbean, just as long as it not going to so called terrorist groups that will pose a treat to Israel or the US national security, they don’t care about us. As long as you don’t have a criminal record and you have proper ID in the US you can buy fire arms…..this is why we have so much gun violence, “perceived” innocent St Lucian’s are buying guns and shipping them here for sale to gangs and whosoever can’t go there to do the shopping themselves.

  16. Bring Garry here from Trinidad… he is available. Be warned though, he was even going after crooked cops and politicians. No stone unturned!


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