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US$100 Million CARICOM Resilience Fund Launched


The CARICOM Development Fund (CDF), in partnership with the United States officially launched the CARICOM Resilience Fund in Barbados.

The new US$100 million fund, with technical assistance provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development/Eastern and Southern Caribbean, is dedicated to supporting initiatives that will enhance growth and resilience across the region in the face of climate change.

It also aims to reduce a financing gap by expanding investment on adaptation and climate change in the eastern and southern Caribbean.

The Fund will make investments in resilience-focused small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and critical infrastructure projects through flexible debt and equity investments targeting six key sectors: renewable energy, clean transport, blue economy, sustainable agriculture, information and communication technology, and financial services.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the launch event at the Hilton in Barbados, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley commended the CDF for taking this bold step to launch the new resilience fund and looked forward to the support of the region and interested parties to invest in the fund.

In his remarks, U.S. Ambassador Roger Nyhus said: “The Resilience Fund symbolizes not just an allocation of resources, but a promise—a promise to invest in innovative solutions, technologies, and strategies that will fortify our societies against the changing climate patterns. It will contribute to preparing Caribbean countries to mitigate and adapt to adverse economic shocks, in particular those related to climate.”

Rodinald Soomer, Chief Executive Officer of the CDF, highlighted that “the CARICOM Resilience Fund is an integrated and transformative vehicle that will offer investors attractive social and economic returns on investments geared toward building economic and climate resilience in the Caribbean.”

At the event, CDF announced Sygnus Capital, a leading Caribbean investment firm, as the fund manager for the Resilience Fund.

The CARICOM Resilience Fund has been under design and development since January 2023, with support from United States Agency for International Development/Eastern and Southern Caribbean.

This partnership underscores the commitment of both the CDF and the United States in creating a more prosperous, resilient, and sustainable future for the Eastern and Southern Caribbean.

By leveraging resources, expertise, and collaborative efforts, the fund aims to make a lasting impact on the region’s development landscape.

SOURCE: U.S. Embassy, Bridgetown. Photo: Prime Minister the Hon. Mia Amor Mottley greets U.S. Ambassador Roger Nyhus at Friday’s launch.


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  1. All dat monee and no strategies or make mention on making efforts to prevent all those guns and ammunition that leaving the U.S borders to our Caribbean borders….do you think they really care?….BTW all dat money is from all the cocaine they’ve seized for their own intetest in our waters.

  2. More hush money to keep house negroes of CARICOM silent, while Israel (Occupied Palestine) continues its genocide against Palestinians, with full economic & military support of the US & its poodles of the 5-eyes group (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & New Zealand).

    South Africa, whose indigenous people had to suffer for a long time under an apartheid regime, modeled from the post-slavery Jim Crow apartheid regime in the US, recently applied to the International Court of Justice for provisional measures against Israel for its genocidal activities. This past Friday, the court ruled in their favor.

    However, this did not stop the Zionists, who killed 200 Palestinian civilians on the very day the ruling came down! In a pre-planned response, the US & its 5-eyes poodles publicly joined in the campaign of genocide, by removing funding from UNWRA, the UN organization charged with providing aid to the Palestinians, who have been imprisoned in the open-air concentration camp called Gaza, for the last 15 years. Their only crime? They were born in a country that was coveted by the Zionists!

    Right now, 2.2 million Palestinians face extermination from starvation and pestilence, after 65% of buildings were flattened by the Zionists with 2,000-pound bombs, supplied by the US, who have been ferrying them, daily, from a UK base in Cyprus to Israel, using military transport planes. Nothing was spared! Hospitals, universities, mosques, churches, antiquities, water & sewerage, everything!

    So far, 30,000+ civilians have been killed (in 3 months), 48% of them children, and 27% of them women. Israeli snipers’ preferred targets are visibly pregnant women – it’s a badge of honor for them – they openly boast: “One shot, two kills”!

    Have you been informed of what I have described, above? Of course, not! But you are being informed that USAID is giving a piddling US$100 million to piss down the throats of CARICOM leaders, and keep them silent; while they withhold funding (billions of US dollars) from UN programs that should have provided food & medicine to 2.2 million innocent Palestinian civilians, who are suffering under a genocidal campaign that is sponsored by the US.

    The hypocrisy & inhumanity of the US & CARICOM is unbearable!


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