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Taiwan Funds Saint Lucia Independence Celebrations


Saint Lucia’s 45th Anniversary of Independence celebrations have received financial support from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

This year’s Independence celebrations will run from Sunday, January 28 to Sunday, March 17 under the theme, “Douvan Ansanm: Building a Nation Through Unity, Resilience and Creativity”. Saint Lucia became independent from Britain on February 22, 1979.

On Monday, January 22, 2024, H.E. Peter Chia-Yen Chen, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, officially handed over the check to the Government of Saint Lucia towards fireworks display and flags during events marking Saint Lucia’s 45th Independence anniversary.

“As Saint Lucia is about to celebrate its 45th anniversary of independence in strengthening the nation’s unity and identity, Taiwan is more than happy to support the firework display on the evening of 21st February, 2024, and to sponsor 250 hand-waving flags and 80 large flags produced in Taiwan and will be soon shipped to Saint Lucia to be part of the celebrations,” Ambassador Chen said.

Ambassador Chen added that: “Taiwan will continue to collaborate with Hon. Prime Minister Pierre and the Government of Saint Lucia, steering our nations towards a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.”

Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Development and the Youth Economy & Minister for Justice and National Security, thanked the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for their continued support.

SOURCE: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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  1. What is irony? Another country sponsoring your “independence” celebrations! I am not saying we should say no but awah eee!

  2. It’s both ironic and funny that another country is funding our independence celebrations. The joke is on us as a people. How does that make us independent? Did we have to publicize this in the way that we did? We seriously lack any consciousness or mindfulness. Not a very bright people!

  3. I don’t know how other citizens of this country are looking at this, but I am acutely offended by this headline.

  4. Helen, the once proud woman sought after by kings, is now a common prostitute. Pierre and his Government has no shame, and no pride. It is one thing to go begging alms, yes getting grants and aid from donor countries for poor countries like ours, is alright, but where do we draw the line when it comes to our national pride. An independent nation asserting its independence through the celebration of that very independence depends on another country to fund its celebration. Hoe ironic, should we even then boast or celebrate independence? Our shameless politicians have prostituted our nation’s pride for so long that few St. Lucian’s can see the irony or disgrace with such a comical disaster. Will Tiwan ever accept such a gift? No that would be an insult to her people, and their psychic would immediately repel such a gesture. But the prostitute can’t contain herself, the allure of the forbidden is too sweet and our bankrupt politicians across the board dance to the tune of the piper with the most money to give. The UWP Camp would have done the same thing. But they are not in power, the labor party is and so it is them we must hold accountable for stripping us of our dignity. Barbados would never allow such indignities, and I do not see Ralph of St. Vincent doing that either. Where is our national pride Phillip J Pierre? Where is your personal pride in an independent St. Lucia? Sold I suppose so the little black boy from Marchand can have his political cake and eat it. Sold on the auction block, Shame shame shame

  5. Something is not reading right here–I feel enslaved like my ancestors many many years ago. I guess my understanding of independence is totally different from PJP. Unless the news Saint Lucia Times is just sensationalizing this thing.

  6. Ummm….

    Taiwan is a great friend to St Lucia and we have much to be grateful for in our mutual friendship.

    But what is the government thinking in having another nation sponsor our Independence Day observances?

    PJP is not ready for prime time and his government of lackeys and shills are not fit for purpose.

  7. Why do the citizens of Taiwan continue to fund one thing after another in st. Lucia? They should be spending their money on defense. China is coming after them. Taiwan has a new head of state and that will likely lead to a new ambassador to st. Lucia.

  8. It’s a big shame on St. Lucia 45th Independence Anniversary that Taiwan is funding our celebrations. That government have no respect for our people , all they care for is money for their personal gain. Half of that money will not be spent on this celebrations. In a matter of facts they never like the Taiwanese, but collecting money all the time . Dey Ban Sahort

  9. Can I please ask how much is the funding and what the funding will be used for. Is it free money?, tax payers have to repay the debt? I love monopoly. St Lucians should start asking for cash in hand and boycott paying taxes unless the government can give explanation of how much funding is received and what the funding was used for. 2024 time for corruption to stop and taking advantage of the hard working class.

  10. Truth be told awwwa garçon not pointing fingers but allowing personal emotions to rise and be sensed. I feel like every other person who replied to this message. Slavery, betrayal, selling out, prostitution are but only a few words as to my feelings on our 45 anniversary sponsored by Taiwan. I am happy with the collaboration yes but they even donating flags too. Have we sunk that low re having no respect for ourselves . There is a time when we must check ourselves as our current trajectory we WILL WRECK ourselves in this robbery of life by this present government who looks after themselves and not our country. One love peeps

  11. Re Article I don’t think that pm can refuse such a handout that is providing a few flags and what else..
    We are a country of beggers starting from the top down, what a shame on the leader, he can’t paddle his own canoe.. The slave mentally and pay systems are our own demised. Folks we must abolish the slave mentally and wages to stop us from begging..
    We are broke, The pay scale must be addressed ASAP to make us proud as we should.
    We don’t need handouts, we need a better paycheck.
    I endorse my thoughts and observations

  12. PJP/ Richard Frederick ( Local Government Minister)- if you are reading this, you can tell that all of us commenting on here are on the SAME page regardless of our party preferences!!!!!! You all have bended over really low on this issue here. “When its wrong, say its wrong”

  13. This is not the 1st time it has happened. But if my memory served right, it is the 1st time it’s been made public. Look out they will talk about pride and dignity come on that day but they sell out or take bribe for UN support in return as things headed up on south China sea. When you have someone paying for your birthday look out what that person will be asking for in return.

  14. Taiwan should be writing a checque for education, infrastructure, hospitals/medicare, etc and not for fireworks to celebrate independence.



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