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Prospere Condemns Reported Incidents Of ‘Spiking’ Crops


While decrying the problematic issue of praedial larceny, Agriculture Minister Alfred Prospere has spoken out against the reported illegal measures some farmers are taking to deter thieves.

Lately, reports and videos have been circulating on social media of spikes or pins imbedded in plantains and green bananas.

At a media briefing Monday, Prospere stated that his ministry does not support such practices.

He, therefore, urged farmers to desist from such actions, which could harm consumers.

He said although the ministry had not substantiated the alleged occurrences, the issue warrants a thorough investigation.

“I have heard of it, but I have not seen it anywhere. And if it is something that’s happening, it is very unfortunate for us,” Prospere told reporters.

“But, sometimes we don’t understand the pressures that our farmers go through when they invest their time and money into production …and when they are ready to harvest somebody else would have collected it,” he said.

“And that is why praedial larceny is a major (negating) factor in the agricultural sector that we need to address,” the minister stated.

Prospere explained that about 20 people are attached to the Praedial Larceny Unit within the Ministry of Agriculture and must monitor thousands of acres of food crops.

He proposed that aside from the Praedial Larceny Unit team members, the authorities need to establish “community farming groups” to assist.

“The praedial larceny small team is just not sufficient to be able to address the issues of praedial larceny,” noted Prospere.

Nevertheless, he felt it was unfortunate that customers would visit the market to purchase provisions only to discover that the bananas or plantains contained needles and pins.

Noting that the ministry strongly condemns this practice, he said: “This is something that should never happen…and this is something that we will never encourage as a ministry.”

Photo: Screen grab from social media video




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  1. If the authorities do not enforce the law of the land people will take it into their own hands. Stop begging people, enforce the law.

  2. Ours is a nation of spiritually sick people –thieves, murderers, adulterers, liars, coveteous souls –and many who have failed to honour God! Is it any wonder that we are in the state we are in right now? UNLESS WE REPENT, WE WILL PERISH! And don’t give me attitude for proclaiming this truth! I’m only the messenger telling you what Jesus Christ has said to all of us!

  3. This decision to spike the crops has to be the dumbest idea for the 2024. So you are going “punish” theives/ deter theft by endangering the lives of hungry people!!!!! This is stupid on a whole different level – no wonder farmers are often times tagged as the most UNeducated among the working classes. btw–I am a registered farmer!

  4. Great idea farmers, now if the minister have some officers, you needed to publish a hotline number, Not one that will ring for years and no one will answer or one that will say sorry you have no credit left.
    Coming to your point, farmer are not daily, monthly or fortnightly workers, they are seasonal income earners, don’t bring that crap about crop rotation because it equally required more intense time, effort and resources such as money, gas, labor, manure etc. What needs to happen is that when a spike or needle found in the fruit, call the hotline number and report it, officers should not take months to visit but respond almost instantly and pin point who you bough it from, then the seller will have to tell you who they bought it from and hence you will be able to reverse and catch the thief. If it turns out to be a farmer fine his backside 10 times the cost. Leave no avenue for mistakes. Come on Minister that’s not rocket science! While we know you won’t support it but who feels it knows it.

  5. Good job they stoled a sack of dasheen from my garden. It’s good to have them to remain there with the sack on they head.

  6. So what the hell the hard working farmers have to do to protect his crop . There are women who sell young plantain by the road side all they do is send them young boys and crack cocaine smokers to steal from the farmers and come and sell it by the road

  7. Even if you put needles in the plantain and macabo. They so desperate that they still taking the chance to steal it

  8. When you get needles in the plantain just call the police to investigate so the person who sold you the plantain and macabo will be arrested…

  9. It is all who share and accept ‘unjust gains’ are thieves and will be caught in God’s net !!
    May God protect the innocents from harm and danger,and break the hands of those who are stealing the farmers corps…


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