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Violent Crime, Road Accidents Putting Pressure On Hospitals


Hospitals and emergency rooms are under pressure as Saint Lucia experiences a spike in violent crime and road accidents.

“Crime, violence, and increased road accidents put pressure on our hospitals and our emergency rooms as well, so we are really hoping that these can be reduced,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George told reporters.

She explained that Saint Lucia was also experiencing a high prevalence of chronic diseases, impacting hospital bed capacity.

The CMO said the Ministry of Health was working with various agencies to address the problem, especially regarding bed management and blood bank reserves.

So far, for 2024, Saint Lucia has recorded eight homicides and three road fatalities.

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  1. Aa Belmar. To me it’s about 3 years now I recognised that eee. Can u place tell the PM and the MInistry of Transport and the Traffic Police that. PJP refuse to get speed guns and breatherlisers. King only interested in putting asphalt on roads in his neck of the woods and pleasing the bus drivers to secure their votes. Ohh btw check on “The comprehensive Road Safety Pragram” Miguel and King been talking about from last year. LOLLLLL. Bunch of Jokers with no Intelligence.

  2. Not a surprise at all. We like to claim we have 2 Nobel Laureates. The highest number of Laureates per capita in the world but but we also have the highest number of diabetes and hypertensive cases in the Caribbean, the highest number of chronic alcoholism in the Caribbean. Perhaps that’s the reason there is so much violent crime and domestic abuse in Saint Lucia, . . It seems we like to be the country of firsts in the Caribbean…..these statistics really doesn’t equate to the fact we have two Nobel Laureates… having two Nobel Laureates would suggest we are smart but the other frightening stats shows we are as dumb as dumb can be cause we ain’t learning…nor do we make wise decisions….and I notice that in our small island there are many doctors and PhDs in various fields of expertise… very impressive indeed but that ain’t reflecting on the sagacity of our nation….. Saint Lucia has so much potential and can punch way above her weight if those visionless politicians get out of the way…I noticed Pierre was not at this year’s and last year’s Nobel Laureate lecture at Sir Arthur Lewis community college caused he would have gotten a mouthful from the guest lecturers….he unwisely stayed away…

  3. The Politricktians Casting remarks to one at the House of Assembly and not Fixing the Health SHITSTEM In St.Lucia .

  4. C-WIZ, The doctors and those with PHDs are :
    1. Not the ones we have making decisions for us. We hv laws that empower “Ministers” (most hv no degrees or intelligence) to make decisions for us and they only make political decisions that will lead to votes
    2. The persons with degrees hv taken political sides to avoid being victimized. so they keep quiet.
    3. Those with the PHDs and expertise are not gvn the top positions to make decisions. They all go to political friends.

    If you think it’s not so try to see who is the Head of our Transport Department, then check out the Transport Board. If there is 1 person there with any professional degree in Transport or any certificate in Road Safety then I rest my case. Am pretty sure there are NONE, ZERO. Cause what I see being done at the Diving School level is nothing short of RIDICAULOUS. More accidents are on their way.

  5. C-Wiz you forgot to mention St. Lucia among the places with the highest number of murders in the Caribbean and the world for a small island with a small population

  6. @ SMBH & Real Ting

    You both raised some important perspectives there. Goes to show the rot in our society is multi-faceted and a symptom of the chronic ill management of the people’s affairs. We hope for better days for all…

  7. The reality is that many of these comments are so important but yet again most of us knows it. We are being fooled in so many ways, I am saying we need to get petition sign not to victimized anyone but to hold them accountable. Because you also needs to understand the responsibilities are in every portfolio, many as you know are just in black and white but someone else is the actor. So when you squeeze one its either he bawl out or he lock his ass and fart true his mouth.

  8. The previous and present govt administrations installed Mrs Belmar-George to the post of CMO, and as far as I am concerned, she is doing her best under the circumstances.

    She has EVERY RIGHT to light a BIG FIRE under the backsides of those in charge of National Security and Transportation. i sincerely hope they are embarrassed, as this is a HUGE EMBARRASSMENT. And they should be! Where is the Min for Health in all this?

    St Lucia is in dire s**t right now.

    I sincerely hope she is not afraid of them to make them understand they should pull up their britches and do their jobs!

    i support ALL the above comments regarding this news release.

  9. Dear Concern
    To stop crime or violence,does not depend on man !!
    Those who dwell on the word of God,knows the times are bad,cirmcumstances and the things that are about to be taken place,which has not yet taken place…

  10. When you have ministers just ah backs and relax waiting on their longsome salaries what else do you expect?…if you plant corn you cyah reap red beans!….somany violent crimes and accidents yet just a bunch of clowns blabbering and not trying to nip the cause at it bud……the shytestem is so happy and please when they catch criminals with guns only to set them free on bail as if the bail money brings much satisfaction for them,still not implementing strategies to mitigate road accidents…why aren’t their police traffick operations on that Bexon road atleast from 6am-6pm because over the years no other community has experienced somany accidents and traffick deaths,atleast start somewhere already….Mr.RF as a head MOB can get through gang leaders and help curb the violence,but no he’s stays in the back and not a word,seriously why when those things happen im not seeing especially RF coming and plead to the nation and especially his environs about it…..the real problem is those same ppl are the real problem just staying there backs,relax and longsome just putting band aid on severe wounds.


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