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Police Probe Two Fatal Shootings


Saint Lucia police are investigating two homicides after discovering bodies in Castries with gunshot wounds.

One of the deceased was identified as Ryan Henry.

He is reported to have been shot at about 9:00 pm on Saturday.

The police were summoned to Maynard Hill where they found him lifeless and with multiple gunshot wounds.

The second fatal shooting victim has been identified as Barry Augustin of La Toc.

Initial reports indicate that his body was discovered in the La Toc area on Sunday morning.

There are no further details at present.

Since the start of the new year Saint Lucia has recorded ten homicides.

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  1. The criminals have been better at what they do than the authorities . Their job is to cause harm, pain, distress, discomfort and ultimately kill their enemies and in some cases innocent civilians. In the month of January they were successful on eight different occasions. In the month of February, they seem to be meeting their objectives. So far they have reported two homicides. A total of ten so far this year. I can only hope this is not a trend this year.
    The approach by the authorities have not been the same. Instead they have failed the people of SLU. Every time the criminals seem to win. I have heard much talks about the scanner and the dogs. This is to address one aspect of the war. The importation of fire arms into the country. The question remains, how about those criminals who already have their tools in the country. By the looks of it they seem to be at liberty to use their arms. They kill whenever they want.
    I do not expect anyone to stop crimes. However, do we have any plan to help mitigate crimes in this country. Is there a plan in place to approach those elements proactively. The authorities always seem to react and ask for the help of the public. There is the lost trust relationship between the public and the authorities. Is there a plan in place te re-establish the trust ? Is there a plan in place to fight the criminal elements? Can we change our approach on the war against crime ? Something needs to be done and should be done like yesterday

  2. This is Really out of Hand in St.Lucia .Both political parties .The Judiciary System and the police have to be Blamed for this Lawlessness in St.Lucia .Politricktians only Throw Remarks to each other in the House of Assembly and the Country in Distress

  3. While crime is every where and happen at random time. I still calling on the unfit individuals to resign from the ministry of security even the consultants even the PS. Move from there. Completely unfit…

  4. OH boy. At the current rate we are likely to finish the year with over 100 of these. So much anger, disorder and lawlessness in this place. Fallout from officers being afraid to do their jobs due to sanctions? Corruption?

  5. If these senseless and tragic deaths can’t speak to our hearts that each of us must look at our lives and make sure we are right with God –I really don’t know what we are waiting for! Time is running out for each and every one of us –young or old! Get right with God! There is no gaurantee that any one of us will be here tomorrow! Get right with God now!

  6. Pierre’s strategy is bad. Worse yet, he is terminally weak. To watch him fight crime, is as painful as having two root canal surgeries done at the same time. His pretension at being a tough security guy is on full display. He needs to drop the security portfolio like a hot potato while he is behind.

    His big mistake among many, is providing bail to criminals found with illegal weapons. They create instability in society. They generally rearm and continue plying their trade. They are both mentors and leaders. They create a climate of fear and intimidation in their immediate neighborhoods thus dissuading police cooperation.

    I have heard Pierre laments that there’s no room in the prison. Man, you are faced with a crisis…you must be willing to go the extra mile. For goodness sake, lease a warehouse, reinforce it with rebar and add guards. House the the illegal gun criminals in it. Make it a temporary detention center. The occupants get their meals, a place to sleep, personal hygiene and sheltered from the elements.

    What planet is Pierre living on to think that you can continuously release toxic elements in the environment and expect a clean environment? This is Grade 2 level of thought. I am very disappointed in this man. He is making the same mistakes that many governments in the Caribbean were making. Sticking a flunky in the security position…just to give a ministry to someone. This attitude partially brought us to this point of insecurity in the Caribbean. He has a 15-2 lead in parliament so it shouldn’t be a problem to stop bail for illegal gun carriers.

    I don’t think Pierre understands that he has no deterrence in place. He is whistling in the dark. He needs to stick to counting money and leave the security field for people who are trained in it. This minister of insecurity needs to exit fast. The sooner, the better. It’s no time to be tinkering or experimenting because being placed on a travel advisory is a nightmare that can come true. Do the country a favor Pierre, put the job in the hands of someone who is capable. The country will thank you for it.

  7. I guess Pip needs to have another record breaking. year before he realizes that as the minister of National Security he is the biggest threat to our National Security. We need a National Security Minister ASAP. Dammit. Whilst crime should not be politicized, we need to realise that there are some actions that can be taken to address contributors such as illegal firearm entry, corrupt police and customs officers. We need more stops and searched instead of all police congregating on a corner near la place carenage waiting to pounce on someone to hand them a parking ticket. Two visitors got knocked down whilst jaywalking in Rodney Bay. Next day the whole police department were patrollinf the Rodney Bay strip yet criminals run amok doing as they please. All these actions need someone whose sole focus is on National Security Initiatives….that is not a job for a busy Prime Minister. Fix this

  8. There is something about weekends and crime. It must be a mixture of socializing and consuming. I am sure you know consuming what.

  9. We complained about crime and unavailability of access to quality health care. In response we got a health and security tax added on. How’s that helping?
    10 million plus dollars collected so far, so where is the value for the money taken out from our pockets?
    I am neither healthy nor secure.
    Cannot leave this place for long enough since paying more money for a 4.5 year passport (cannot use it for the last 6 months of ‘validity’).
    If I complain about the noise and filth will an environmental levy be added?

  10. Oh yes, I make plans in my house to commit crime. And yes, PIP connects in the astral plain and somehow finds out and now he is able to stop me from my criminal acts. Yes, this how stupid some of you are for blaming “the Goovernan” for crime or for not stopping crime.

  11. Another homicide not robbery which means it’s personal. If people were resorting to the use of cutlass (not that I am advocating this barbarism) would the outrage and bellows be directed to the minister of national security just the same ? Everyone is more concerned about what is not been done to stem “ gun violence “ but are not focused on the availability of guns in the country. The dexterity of my perceived narratives are how did St Lucia get to this point where did the use of firearms became so prevalent in our society ? Everybody has one; no one uses the cutlass anymore they just go and get their gun to solve their disputes. The gun has become the weapon of choice for St Lucian’s how did we get here and why is there seem to be a steady flow of guns . I don’t believe at this juncture which party or minister of national security foreign on native will be able to stem gun violence, because the belief and wickedness has become so ingrained in society that shooting someone is the only recourse to settling disputes for many; it’s sad to say this is the new norm for us. St Lucian’s abroad won’t stop sending down guns as long as St Lucian’s here are demanding it.

  12. Those criminals will never leave their homes and go to work for 5 EC dollars an hour as a security guard in st lucia working 12 to 18 hour shifts or at Massy for 450 a fortnight or at a gas station for 3 dollars an hour or a hotel

  13. Crow its not that I don’t understand the frustration of those who read about or hear of the increased gun violence in St Lucia and I have stated no PM wants this on our heir watch but we have to be realistic in our thinking. As you as stated if a man is in his house and he planning to go deal with that man down the road he has been having an issue with there is nothing the Government or PM can do….. as I have stated 95 percent of these shootings does not involve robbing the victims is just shoot and run so these shootings are personal vendettas taking place and just shooting and greeting rid of your adversary is quick and easy some people can’t see themselves chopping someone but yes they would rather pull the trigger. St Lucia is not alone nearly all the islands have seeing this up tick in gun violence some more than other. America may imposed their travel restrictions for their citizens when in reality it’s their cancer that’s killing us. There are-more guns in the US than citizens because when Barack Obama assumed office there was this rush (google it) to buy guns because Americans believed he was going to impose tuff gun sanctions suppliers were running out and Donald Trump presidency just add to it and the overflow end up in the islands.

  14. That ‘ DISHONOURABLE HIGHGRADE DUDE ‘ or person to be exact, what a shame…smh. I hope everyone can see why this problems keep occurring. You not a police your father was….so if you feel u don’t qualify petition the job to whom have the best requirements…. That’s sad why hold a job and you not fit in implementing or creating avenue to really see a cap on crime…..smh

  15. They say if you love your friends or family u would admit to them when they wrong…. Why not come clean and say he need to give up his post as national security minister…..that’s what a true friend or supporter would do…..Make him look within himself to see ,what he is doing or saying that is no working….but no….looks like there is some direct or indirect gains…. That’s the real problem, so when u see certain comments know things will never get better…AS we all can see the disease like “Dishonorable high grade” is present and spreading with their remarks and support the derailment of minister not capable of doing the job getting paid for….

  16. Here is an IQ test for people who don’t think Pierre is responsible.

    1. A small plane cargo loader placed too much baggage in the hold. The plane crashed upon takeoff. Who is responsible?
    (s) The cargo loader.
    (b) The pilot.
    (c)) The Air traffic controller.

    2. A homeowner had several visitors trip and fall on a metal pole jutting out of the ground on his property. One of the visitors is suing after injury. Who is responsible?
    (a)) The visitor.
    (b) Person the owner bought the land from?
    (c) Owner.

    3. A manager is responsible for security of a building. There are several break-ins. Who is responsible in the eyes of the company?
    (a) The thief.
    (b) The manager.
    (c) The employees

    4. A politician is employed and picks security. There are numerous murders and general mayhem since his employment. Who should be held accountable by the public?
    (a) The criminals
    (b) The public
    (c) Illuminati
    (d) The minister

    5. A builder is given a wide variety of tools & ample time and resources to build a house on time. He is ignorant of some things in his collection and doesn’t use them fully. The house is not built on time. Who is responsible?
    (a) The employees
    (b) A bolom
    (c) The builder
    (d) The person who employed the builder.

  17. Don’t blame PJP for criminals ignorant and wicked behavior. They just need to be caught and put away from society.

  18. but yet still lucians still vote for these people who dont give a toots fess about them….sick leaders sick people

  19. smh. Ppl say don’t blame PJP for crime wel am not. I am just stating the facts:
    1. PJP is the minister of NS and has gone to the house to pass laws to deter or reduce gun violence and obviously his tactics are not working
    2. PJP placed a Security tax on me. Why is not to improve on my or our security? Isn’t the evidence of 10 murders for 2024 evidence enough that the tax is not working. I am not more secure than I was 6 months ago. In fact am less secure.
    3. Would PJP not be boasting if murders had dropped and be holding press conferences??
    4. Govt main priority is to ensure it’s citizens are safe. Right now the average man frightened to go out and chill and don’t feel safe.
    I can go on. But If PJP didn’t feel that crime was his responsibility to reduce by whatever means he would hv never gone to the house to amend laws and make statements that these amendments were necessary to help deter perpetrators of gun violence.

  20. Mister Minister For Security can you make Feb this month here… Check seen.. yeh collect your last paycheck… Ah send in your letter that you cyant Tek it nuh more. Check vibes.. do us da fever nuh mun.. just do it I self fedup… I can’t takey yutes out to play and to see my country… I don’t want them to see so many dead people by the road side. Bless up.. RESIGN!

  21. @Rex the clown have you read the portfolio of the Minister of National Security?? It clearly states what the job of ministers of national security entails and that is to fund the police to their best of their abilities to carry out the rule of law and order, it does not states you are to provide crime prevention strategies and enforcements, this squarely in the lap of the police commissioner. So you are correct he is not a police and you not need to be in law enforcement to hold this post having or coming from a law enforcement background is a plust not a must so go read or ask someone.

  22. Mr.PM the people of St. Lucia deserve a better security plan, the one currently in place is not working. May i suggest that you and your government implement tougher penalties for holding criminals accountable, for the offence of assault with a deadly weapon bail should be set at one million dollars and up.

    The catch and release of offenders need to stop, please focus on getting a proper holding facility to detain offenders.

  23. It’s very sad to know that there are soo many killings and no one is caught or charges yet, fortunately for the law enforcement the killers are killing each other..
    Most of the comments are pointing at the PM regarding the criminal activities in St Lucia and he is not to be blamed for the behaviors of mental illnesses of the young men, but he can help by adding a decent minimum wage system.. The young people must be paid a decent living wage not less than $10+ per hour based on hours worked to avoid more mayhem in St Lucia.. let’s stop the blame game and move forward.

  24. Parents, caregivers or, as the case may be, legal guardians, have the primary responsibility for the upbringing and development of a child. When the care givers fail miserably in their own ability to provide the proper upbringing/rearing/development/nurturing – who is responsible for the outcome of the wayward behavior of their own children??
    –The Government
    –The Neighbors
    –The Prime Minister
    –The Pastor
    By the way – I am neither SLP nor UWP

  25. @”Dishonorable Lowgrade” The biggest clown is the man you trying to defend, Am Commander in Chief or Captain of the Ship. Am not the one crying not me my father that was the police…. Three word ”Put that in you pipe”.


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