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Chastanet Urges Saint Lucians To Unite Against Crime, Violence


In a New Year’s address, Opposition leader Allen Chastanet on Sunday night urged Saint Lucians to unite against crime and violence amid a sharp spike in homicides.

Hours before the United Workers Party (UWP) leader’s address aired, police announced a probe into the Island’s two most recent fatal shootings.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded ten homicides in 2024.

Last year, there were 75.

Chastanet said last year’s crime spike was unprecedented, causing widespread fear and panic.

He asserted that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre ‘pathetically’ sought to ‘justify a second year of seventy-five murders’ by claiming the rate declined in the second half of the year.

“We can all see the fallacy of this argument,” Chastanet declared.

Regarding the homicides this year, the former Prime Minister said one could only imagine what the death toll of young men would be by year-end.

He lamented that instead of implementing hard-hitting measures, Prime Minister Pierre continues to make ‘silly excuses’, including that he is not a police officer.

Chastanet also said Pierre has failed to understand the importance of his Cabinet being free of corruption or criminal activities.

“This trend is also apparent in many appointments of persons within the echelons of government who already have shady pasts and in some cases, have criminal convictions,” the Micoud South MP observed.

In addition, Chastanet accused Pierre of cowering in silence while a junior minister bullied anyone who chose to speak out against that minister’s unethical acts.

He said Pierre’s failure to set an example has weakened his government’s moral authority on crime.

Nevertheless, Chastanet emphasized the UWP’s unwavering commitment to working with the government to combat crime, understanding its devastating impact on people, communities, and the economy.

“Therefore, we urge all Saint Lucians to unite and stand together as one people in the fight against crime and violence in our country,” the opposition leader said.

He revealed that it was difficult to witness the destruction of the gains his former administration had made in laying a solid foundation to rebuild Saint Lucia.


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  1. Regardless of what you said, I follow both divided parties. I am currently doing investing journalism. My findings will involve some lengthy articles along with evidence. The younger generation currently are a prime example of you all leadership. Unilaterally the citizens of this island have to political choices, followed by victimization by the winner at the polls. This recurring phenomenon has somehow being nurishing itself holistically and silently. Where you would expect the past would have played a vital role as an experience for betterment. Somehow not on leader nor any member of Parliament can stood up and draw a line. By evidently and witness, living under governance by both major political parties. Realistically the future for this island dooms. A country population which have been stagnant for almost 3 decades is a prime example of what’s happening to this island. The island economic resources are only diverting to one sector as if that’s the only means of survival. Where are our visionary leaders? Where are our pilot programs to develop a formula so quantum damages do not become a parasite to our daily livelihood. Corruption become a way of life, the only thing seems to be changing is political parties with kindergarten thinking and ghetto practice. The end result is failure. One is now forced to be circumspect, optimistic, but equally you can become mentally drain, or mentally derailed. Does anyone knows of this island deficit? I wonder if the current finance minister know or the former one.

  2. How about having the police do their jobs! Hire men and women who are not afraid of the young thugs. Get outside police to come in and train them.

  3. Chas, all the monies you borrowed how much did you put into fighting crimes in St Lucia?
    How many passports did you sell?
    Have you pay back the 7 million dollars you gave for vaccine?
    Chas you are the cause of all the crimes in St Lucia.

  4. St Lucia 🇱🇨:
    O LORD,my comfort in my suffering is this :
    Your promise preserve my life, every morning you will put to silence,all the wicked in the land…
    I remember your (ancient laws),
    O God,and I find comfort in them…
    I rejoiced with those who said to me,
    “Let us go to the house of the LORD”.
    Our feet are standing in your gates,O Jérusalem.
    Jérusalem is built like a city that is closely compacted together.
    That is where the tribes go up, the tribes of the Lord,to praise the name of the Lord,according to the statute given to Israël.
    There the trones for ⚖️ jugement stand, the trones of the house of David.

    Pray for the peace of 🇱🇨 St Lucia
    “May those who ❤️ love you be secure
    May there be peace within your walls,and security within your gates…
    For the the sake of God’s people,
    I will say, “Peace within you”
    For the sake of the house of the LORD our God,
    We will seek your prosperity…


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