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29-Year-Old Man Shot In Vieux Fort


On Sunday, February 4, 2024, about 9:10 p.m., the Vieux-Fort Police Station responded to a shooting, which occurred near the junction of Clarke Street and Martin Luther King Street.

At the scene, investigators encountered a male who had suffered several injuries due to a shooting.

The victim, identified as a twenty-nine-year-old resident of Vieux-Fort, was taken away from the location, while investigations continued.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Vieux-Fort Police Station at 285-7258 or the Criminal Investigations Department at 456-3770.

Alternatively, anonymous tips can be provided by dialing 555 (the Crime Hotline) or by utilizing the RSLPF Crime Hotline Application, which is available in Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. Philip J. Pierre, please set up the command centre now before things get worst. This will be the only group the public will trust to give information. Set up the centre with top and trusted individuals. Until then the public will not trust the police to give info.

    We cannot expect the public to give info to the police. The trust relationship is broken and nothing has been done to repair it. Making the request every time there is a homicide will not change the perception of the police. Please show the public that you are serious a bout crime. We need a command centre take charge and act swiftly with info from the police. Stop playing cheap politics which are costing lives

  2. Command Centre is no solution. Folks in the community need to anonymously give information to the police. Protect self and community. PJP is not responsible for the senseless gun violence. We need to stop killing each other.

  3. Saint Lucia has been weighed in the balancing scales –and founð wanting! Meanwhile, the pleas for repentance have mostly gone unheeded. Therefore, prepare to meet thy God.

  4. – Quick response teams near hotspot (these spots are known to everyone).
    – Realtime communication with teams and HQ.
    – Security cameras, criminals will avoid committing crimes in areas with cameras, use them to force criminals to areas you can respond to quickly. Most districts only have a few exit roads due to being in valleys, start there.

    The police force is too slow to respond. Get it done, this is not difficult.

  5. @Jame Banks, the buck stops with Pierre. He is the commander in chief. When things go right he gets the compliments. When things go wrong he should be blamed. He is the decision maker who can change things around and make things happen. Let us not kid ourselves and play cheap politics. You can hire and fire the same person – it is called business and not politics. Too many times we see things just red and yellow. At this point, this is pure nonesense. A command centre will be able to take the calls from the public and ensure the tips from the public are taken seriously. This might be temporary until a more permanent solution is put in place. At this point we need somethings to work urgently. We cannot wait until another Person is dead.

  6. This country is mad don’t give information to the cops because they tell the killers who I are and every information they got on you they don’t help you get out the country these ppl don’t protect you believe me been there it’s not worth losing all I have don’t give them shit don’t talk and stay alive

  7. Bam bam bam yeah the pm saw this coming too….at that hour of evening that corner was dead and the sound of gunfire pierce the still quiet of the night everybody looked out A NOBODY SAW ANYTHING it was not a robbery which equals to personal vendetta. This is the “new normal “ for St Lucian’s to settle differences THE GUN it’s only Monday get use to it. I have

  8. Oh please Pure Lucian, give the leader a break, we all know he is not mentally set nor is he competent enough to carry out his duties. We know he is in all photo shoots and doesn’t care one fork what happen to people daily survival. He’s probably not well mentally or not mentally focus, you can see his posture all over the place and so shall it be, because he is putting St. Lucians first he is doing the right thing, and we are enjoying the results. Bravo PM I applaud your effort and dedication. Only in Lucia you find ghetto leaders.

  9. @James Banks you are correct – did the police not institute a hot line for anonymous tips????? If you know something for CERTAIN – keep quiet, if you are afraid to call…don’t tell anyone…..send letters with the information to the various needs media outlets.
    Do this only if you are absolutely certain –

  10. Let us choose what is right,and see between us what is good..
    No Certes,Dieu (God is not responsable for wrong doings or crime, because his eyes are too pure to look at iniquites or see evil 😈

  11. Politicians are snakes, the entire law enforcement from police right up to magistrate are cockroaches. What’s the fix? You all afraid to called them out? Collect your last paycheck and move out of there. You know your self already. Info reaches you.

  12. Aa the Minister said any information given to the police he has it. That was said on his program, so you expect me to say something for the man to know and tell the boys to kill me, no papa. De prime minister just their, the man just like the position not the job. Some of them ministers lost their voices. Kenny boy as you said there will be not peace in Vieuxfort, remember what you wish for. Mr. Alva all is well in the republic of Laboriel, becare who you bring to speak in Laboriel, the villagers are complaining they don’t want Mr. frequenting their before gun war start. Aa lady Brian Bernard from Soufriere, Sam and the rest making sure you loose the next election, the foundation fell, lol. Canaries were de rep. That a vote and run, you gave the man the means to was the money clean. Mr. Fitness boy Go ze la voting you out, nothing running, weed not even selling.

  13. When I lived in St Lucia people jeer me and would say Jamaica too violent ….3-4 shootings a day in Jamaica a country of 3 million …in St Lucia 2- 4 shooting a day ,a country of 180 000…
    A Question to all Which country is more violent ?


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