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Man Shot Dead In Vieux Fort


A thirty-six-year-old man has become Saint Lucia’s latest victim of a fatal shooting.

The deceased has been identified as Rick Kisna of La Ressource, Vieux Fort.

Vieux Fort police responded to a shooting report at about 10:20 pm Tuesday at La Ressource and learned that the victim had been transported to St. Jude Hospital via private means.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Saint Lucia has recorded eleven homicides so far in 2024.

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  1. Soon our Cemetries will be packing with layers upon layers, our youth economy is failing already, and our future youths are losing hope. The sad part is that it reaches into our school classroom. Great work done by the Minister for Security. Resign, will you? From now on until next election the SLP will be subtracting min. 50-150 votes per homicide, once the Minister for Security sits in that position. I have the luxury of patience and I will speak further after the next general election.

  2. You all folks need to stop the shooting and killing each other. You have been brainwashed to think killing your brother man solves the problem. Government and police have little control over people making bad choices. A small number of people are just dragging down the reputation of St.Lucia.

  3. The new normal another one bites the dust. Was it a robbery ?? NO ! The victim had issues with other individuals ? Probably ! Who fault is for him having issues with the other individual J Pierre. Who did not see this coming ?? J Pierre. Who did not look in their crystal ball and knew they should place an officer right there ?! J Pierre. Where was Kenny he in it too . O Realllllly/ Anonymous Where hart thou you wretch ??? I took the liberty to ask some pointed questions for you.

  4. @Lucian Lowgrade, your masters PJP and KDA have been representatives since 1997, what is the result ?

  5. The evidence that there are possibly thousands of guns in the hands of feral evil young men is an appalling reality in today’s St. Lucia.
    The fact that the present Cabinet has in there someone convicted of a gun crime and linked to the underworld makes you realize that our corruption is from top to bottom.
    What is it about us that we simply accept that reality. Low intelligence? Lack of a moral code? Feeling of helplessness?
    The saddest part is that we still have thousands, in the face of a degenerate and inept leadership, that still defend the mismanagement of this country. To what end – love of Party, hatred of certain individuals? Hope of receiving a likkle kakadan at Christmas?
    When we consider where we were in 2021 after the horrible Covid experience compared to where we are now then we have actually gone crashing down in spite of improved world conditions.
    It is pathetic to see the price of gas, of a whole local chicken, of a can of tuna. You wonder how a mother of 2 or 3 children puts food on the table. Even if she has a job , can you imagine after a scorching hot day at work you have to ration your money in hope you can put enough protein on the table for dinner.
    And that life for the majority of our people is the reality! Maybe that is what keeps the SLP in power when you look at Marchand and Virus Fort.

  6. Dear 🇱🇨 St Lucienne :
    God’s word is not chained
    Do not be supprised by the times, for the times are bad 😈,and will not erase the promise of God in the great book of ⚖️ jugement…
    It is all about the Scroll :
    When the Roll will call up yonder and the (Save of the earth will gather over on the other side), therefore let each one examines oneself before the door of heaven close on you..
    It is impossible for God to lie :
    “Those who are not with me is against me”…

  7. @Lucian Lowgrade, stop asking stupid questions on here. The people of Saint Lucia do not expect the Prime Minister to personally stop individual crimes from taking place. We expect the seasoned politician and national security minister to implement tried and tested systems, and policies to increase the detection and conviction rates for criminal activities within the islands. We also expect policies to help local organizations and the schooling system reverse some of the ills in society.

    I will admit that before the last election, I was in favor of the current Prime Minister taking up the role as he was best positioned, today I am not so sure.

  8. @Low Grade your boss charging everyone 2.5% increase in every purchase or transaction they make…Millions a month….for ‘Health and Security” making life harder on the poor yet he cannot deliver ..and you out there with your loud speaker like an empty vessel….Instead of demanding better from the government who tax its people for security u can’t wait to bend over in defence mood . Every post that drop you on it like a fly,, spreading your maggots, The smell of your energy say alot.. sad. smh..

  9. Folks.Please Stop finding faults in the other person’s opinion, it’s theirs and others too… We need to understand what we are currently facing the cleansing of Evil by evil killing Evil.. Relax people, and stop the insult and hate attitudes, and allow nature to take it’s course… We need better wages and focus on wages and solve the problems. Desperate times and minds..

  10. The current administration is playing hardball with the enactment of a minimum wage. As working for 3 to 5 EC dollars is a crime against humanity , educated or not educated, skilled or low skill


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