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Prime Minister Pierre Addresses Crime Concerns


Prime Minister and Minister for National Security, Hon. Philip J. Pierre, remains committed to maintaining law and order in Saint Lucia.

The Prime Minister has made it clear that the government he leads will never compromise with the perpetrators of criminal activity, including those who threaten the safety and security of the peace-loving citizens of our island.

The Prime Minister vehemently condemns the spate of callous shootings that have resulted in loss of life and injury.

Ensuring the safety of our citizens, inhabitants and visitors to our island is a non-negotiable priority.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has the full support of the Prime Minister to, within the confines of the law, execute the necessary tactical operations and effect the appropriate anti-crime strategies that will effectively restrict gang-related criminal activity.

As Minister for National Security, the Prime Minister continues to facilitate the allocation of crime-fighting resources and tools to the RSLPF at every possible opportunity.

The High Command of the RSLPF has assured the Prime Minister that known gang members, those who enable them, and the nefarious people leading them will be adamantly pursued until they are caught and expelled from our communities.

The Prime Minister continues to call on the police to continue working to disrupt and destroy every facet of their illegal operations.

Simultaneously, the government continues to implement targeted social intervention programmes that will divert and protect vulnerable populations from the lure of criminal gangs.

The Prime Minister continues to meet weekly with the High Command of the RSLPF to keep abreast of ongoing police operations and initiatives designed to rid our streets and communities of ill-natured individuals and ensure law and order prevail.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister


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  1. Mr PM, pleased listen and listen well. Things will never change if you don’t apply drastic action. All these gun cases should have been tried within 20 days of arrest. The St. Lucian magistrates are reluctant to do it because they have a cousin or nephew involved. Can you get a foreign person to handle this please.
    Their should be no option, it has to be carte blanche , $60 000 or 15 years in jail. Pay $20 000 and the balance to be paid within 3 months.
    If this

  2. Philip Pierre here are some recommendations to implement to help your poor, uninspired, lackadaisical approach to the scourge of crime…take notes.

    1) Quickly implement legislation to make gangs illegal in Saint Lucia. Any one who is guilty of being a gang member, who has committed acts related to gang membership should face the full force of the law. 10yrs In prison for acts of gang violence the resulted in grevious bodily harm….life for 1st degree murder etc etc.

    2) initiative a new secretive task force who is under the command of the Prime Ministers office, National Security minister and a Commissioner. That force should be separate from the RSLPF but working collaborating with the RSLPF….the new secretive task force should not be uniformed to prevent them from being identified by the public…in essence they should look like civilians, should be well trained in tactical assault, surveillance, counter terrorism, field intelligence etc etc ..

    3) Your call in line for the public to report crime and criminals should be able to mask the voice of the speaker so that when he/ she speaks, their voice cannot be recognised…this will give the caller some confidence in their voice not being recognised….the phone numbers should be ex-directory when they call in to give information…

    4) Science. employ the use of scientific methods in crime fighting…improve the forensic lab’s ability to do a vast range of scientific experiments…there are so much Dr. and PhDs on the island..this means that we Saint Lucians can do this for ourselves…you need to be 5 steps ahead of thee criminals…. bring in science…a tool that is a major weapon against crime.

    5) Have a programme that can detect those children from primary school level who may pose a problem to society when they get older… usually you can tell those who will be a nuisance to society by the time they hit primary school…these students should then be referred to a specialist team that will work with them to help them with issues that may be causing them to be a nuisance…so that agency will seek to improve there self esteem, find ways to help them do better at school, find their strengths and use that to improve the students weaknesses, find out what is happening at home, get the parents involved, social development programs etc etc.

    6) Teach civics in all schools appropriate to the level of the student…so primary school students should learn civics and citizenship lessons and things appropriate to their level while those at Sir Arthur are learning civics that seek to empower them to do their best for society…like how does their studies benefit society. eg…how does earning a PhD in physics benefit Saint Lucia.etc etc..or how does a literature degree benefit society…etc etc…

    Prime Minister. You may not be able to stop crime on the spin of a 10 cent coin,but you can implement policies that can shape society for the near and distant future… sitting in your prime ministerial palace doing nothing is not an option…just given the police more vehicles will not cut it must tackle this situation from a social, educational, physical, emotional and economical perspective…I can right you a tome on all this I just shared here…I can show you how these can be implemented and how they will improve Saint Lucia’s literacy rate, GDP, society, etc etc…but doing little or doing nothing is not an option…it’s the 21st century and we need 21st century solutions….stop this small island mentality thinking…we have two Nobel Laureates for froggy Jack’s sake….think like them

  3. “remains committed to maintaining law and order in Saint Lucia.”

    To maintain law and order you need to do so at every level. Vendors, traffic, building codes. The moment one person sees another get away with breaking the rules without consequence the others are sure to follow.

  4. @CWiZ – I have echoed your point #2 several times in my previous postings. I believe this approach would be so effective. The criminal elements will not know the police so there will be no evasion. The hardest war to win is when you do not know the enemy. In that case the criminals will not know the police and that would be a step ahead of them.
    I would also use the current communication infrastructure to monitor and play the middle man in everybody who have been identified to be a criminal. All conversations will be monitored. When a criminal is on bail, the movements become limited as part of the bail condition. All travel documents will be confiscated. A curfew will be in place and will be monitored.
    Like you said “ doing nothing” is not an option and Pierre needs to get actively involved. Implement the two strike rule. Your second time with gun is a guaranteed 10 year term in jail. There should be process monitoring, accountability and results. Daily meetings with his advisors and police in chief. Do not expect Pierre to stop crime but he can put processes in place to mitigate it.

  5. Gassa, you eh have no deterrence.
    Gassa, you letting dem muhn out on bail to repeat their gun play.
    Gassa, you eh have no direction.
    Gassa, you weak…feb.

  6. Pierre you think god playing karma even during the pandemic you and your colleagues was disgusting and disrespectful and disobedient the wrath of god poor jab the malayway

  7. How hard is it to put squad cars on our major highways 24/7? We are only 238 Sq miles for God sake.
    Put mobile watch towers with armed policemen, surveillance cameras and communications devices in hot zones to co-ordinate with a command center.
    Work with telecommunications providers to send out the likes of Amber Alerts to close in on getaway vehicles.
    Buy back programs to get some of the guns off the streets.
    Attractive monetary incentives for informers ( To be recovered via penalties)
    State owned K9 Unit.
    Drones to assist at the borders
    More detailed examinations by Customs with the right tools of course.
    Enhanced forensics.
    Night Courts to clear backlog.

    Foreign Team with proven record to head RSLPF to reduce corruption as they implement practical measures.

    Those are just some short termed measures to consider.

  8. Most Honorable continue to stair the ship I know and many others around you knows of the uphill task you face everyday. We know you do you security briefings everyday and you meet with the brass but what some of these fools don’t understand is that premeditate murders are hard to stop you can’t be at every corner you can’t be in everyone’s house. We know as we speak fellows planning something. I won’t tell you what to do your hands are full and are more compounded by St Lucian’s who hinders the efforts of law enforcement by not coming forward with certain information. Try your best well thinking St Lucian’s Pare behind you

    St. Lucia is condemned to go through this because you have mocked the ‘Heavenly Father’ by allowing that person to conduct an international witches conference on your soil. You better be careful; you can easily equate Haiti in violence, and so lose all international bookings and major layoffs at all Hotels. The curse is the curse, unless every Christian Church begin to get down on their knees daily, call upon the name of the Lord in repentance, praying for each other in love and forgiveness.

  10. It is rather upsetting, heartbreaking, disappointing, disgusting to hear Pierre talks about crime in a country where was voted to lead. Pierre has no idea on how to manage the situation. In an effort to point fingers he upsets many people. Please Pierre get your self a spokesperson because after your remarks it feels like another homicide

  11. ALL of the above comments are commendable!! I cannot comprehend how the Big Brass (Govrnment Ministers do NOT display these intelligent traits. Even THLH (with his bad spelling and grammar) makes sense.

    What was not mentioned – ANYWHERE – is how our judicial system is lacking in every way and fashion! The lawmakers, lawyers, police, politicians (? do they exist?) HAVE TO work with the judicial system, which is also lacking in a lot in expediting sentences (for jail!). A solution is also need for them to USE THE LAWS!! When will the “politricksters” wake up and smell what’s cooking!! Oh, I forgot, their voters are out on vacation.

    SLU needs a new head with a new body. Seriously!!

  12. @God = lawfulness.

    Yes. Priest = peados.

    Peados = illness

    Illness = healthcare

    Healthcare = education

    Education = getting off your arse, working hard and giving your wife enough money for the children you pop out!!


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