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Joseph Says Roads Needing Major Rehabilitation Getting Patchwork


Saint Lucia’s Infrastructure Ministry has been criticised by former Communications, Works, Transport, and Public Utilities Minister, Guy Joseph, over aspects of its road rehabilitation programme.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King have declared 2024 the year for infrastructure.

Nevertheless, Joseph told an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) roundtable discussion Thursday night that patchwork was the option for roads requiring major rehabilitation.

“Roads that need major rehabilitation they are patching, and you patch this area there, and the other area is bad,” the former Minister observed.

In this regard, Joseph called out the Minister of Infrastructure.

He declared it was evident that Stephenson King did not have a plan.

According to Joseph, Saint Lucia has a clueless government and Infrastructure Minister in terms of work and project implementation.

Guy Joseph also told the UWP roundtable discussion that the Infrastructure Ministry was doing potholing.

However, he asserted that motorists are supposed to see and not feel a road patch.

“Anytime you put a patch on a road, it is to be seen not to be felt. Why do you see it? Because the colour of the material because it is fresher. The asphalt is black so you would see the difference. But when you drive on it you are not supposed to feel,” the former Minister said.

“The patches they are putting on the roads are like speed bumps,” the former Castries South East MP said.

In this regard, he indicated that motorists must slow down when approaching the road patchwork.


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  1. Guy you’re for attention,stay where you are,guess you’re upset,you can’t give your friends, family contracts

  2. Good day to all except the politicianeers mentioned in this post! Guy has a point in that quality is poor in alot of those 2024 road improvement works, Chaussee for example- now under Guy as Minister of Works, the same speed bump style was being done all over the place! ASSHTO/ ASTM standards permits no more than 1/4 inch deviation of repaired asphalt to existing road surface- not sure where the road repair supervisors got their education but there is a deep problem within that Ministry when it comes to execution of works. So this is a case of teef eh like to see teef with long bag! All of you are the same– worthless, incompetent, visionless, sly and taking us fi fool!

  3. I just arrived home after being driven on the Soufriere road (Castries to Soufriere and back). I am physically and mentally exhausted. The road has incompetent King’s fingerprints all over it. They are now filling the potholes near Canaries. I noticed that the repairers are using new “technology.” The potholes are being dug up way ahead of where the work is actually done. A result is that ome will endure the most jarring ride before you come across the repairers. I don’t know if someone believes that an elf or a fairy will fill those freaking holes if left unattended. Could be someone misunderstood what auto fill really means. How can visitors be subjected to this atrocity? Has anyone read the visitors reviews about the roads? Has anyone dared to look at YouTube about the roads in St. Lucia?

  4. The roads in St. Lucia have been in disrepair since Adam was a boy – now “the pot calling the kettle black” – mwee meem. By the way, I am neither SLP nor UWP – just stating the facts – I left St. Lucia when I was a teenager and the roads were bad then and they are now.

  5. Bad roads = more wear/tear and damaged parts on vehicles + higher fuel consumption (start-stop city style driving). More wear/tear and damaged parts = more parts need to be purchased. More parts to purchase = more imports. More imports = more duties and taxes for government. Higher fuel consumption = more fuel imported. More fuel imported = more import duties and taxes. It enriches the government when roads are in a state of disrepair.

  6. The 25 million write off to Butch Stewart of Sandals , could have fix all the roads and the 7 million for vaccines that we never received so all the money that the chastanets and the Du Boulay family has can fix all the roads and build bridges ..

  7. This is the same Guy who painted the John Compton Highway black and white as if is a race track! BTW…I agree with Guy…them patches too ruff.


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