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Frederick Lauds ‘Phenomenal’ Work Of City Police


Minister for Local Government and Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries Central, Richard Fredrick has praised the ‘phenomenal’ performance of the City police while indicating that a greater presence of its officers would help in the fight against crime within the capital.

He admitted that while the resources for the city cops are stretched, the officers can undertake more than the current tasks they perform.

Frederick spoke amid a surge in violent crime in Saint Lucia.

The country has so far recorded thirteen homicides in 2024.

“The city police …have been doing a phenomenal job, and where there is a void in terms of law enforcement presence, the City police would step in,” Richard Frederick told reporters at a recent media brief.

“If they can complement or if they can work together, or if they can form part of the police force, I have absolutely no qualms with that,” Frederick declared.

The Castries Central MP recalled that only recently, the City police apprehended a suspect with an instrument supposedly to carry out a break-in or other criminal activity within the city centre.

He noted that during peak periods with an influx of visitors in the capital, the City police are quite visible within Castries.

The Castries Central MP noted that any development intended to ‘beef up’ the functions of the city police would be welcome.

“This government is working towards one objective…creating a safer space for Saint Lucian citizens,” he added.

“Invariably, we aim for excellence in all departments of government or otherwise,” noted Frederick.

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  1. What BS is this? Every week we hear of fights in town and no City Police in sight. And which department is aiming for excellence. Most departments close early for one problem or the other. Try going to the planning and survey department. Try getting the Labour Department or better yet try getting the Non functional Labour Tribunal to function. The immigration passport office is another.
    Just BS for the Sheep.

  2. A revamped organization that Peterson breathed life into. Apparently, a detractor has jumped on the train. Bring back Peterson already with Chairman and all.

  3. The definition of stupid – “knowing the truth; seeing the truth; yet, believing the lies.” The locals from SLU know the hard reality which exists in Castries. Richard Frederick gives a very different account or paint a different image. If you choose to believe Richard then you are just Stupid.

  4. Awa padna. As a city resident I can tell you for sure they were better under the previous Mayor. They are hardly visible and don’t respond when called upon.

  5. That gentleman has physically changed from a man to a beast right in front our eyes. Don’t believe me? Just look at his face now compared to say 5 years ago. Wow!!!

  6. Something you were so critical of, you even said they were illegal and needed to be dismantled. Today you have high praise for them, when they are performing at their worse since their establishment. I was convinced that he had already dismantled the city police because their presence is no longer there as was in the past so what is he praising. I guess this is just the moron that we are dealing with.

  7. The only people benefitting from Labour’s reign in power are 1) the main figure pictured above 2) Fr…’s lumber in VF 2) D..x nor..lle. But rewind four years ago and see how much complain that same Frederick used to complain contracts for friends and families. Ain’t that just the height of HYPOCRISY???

  8. Mr. Frederick since you are saying such nice things about us, why don’t you tell the mayor to treat us better. We are being treated like nothing.

  9. The government is playing games with the enactment of a minimum wage. They only represent the interest of the oppressors and keep the people poor , working for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour. They prime minister said that on the anniversary of independence he will but that is just talk never me again to vote for politicians or draw any support for any political party …

  10. Delusional- Knowing the facts, seeing the facts but saying otherwise. Thought was only on Can I help Me this man pushed his delusions. I see they have made their way to real life.

  11. Always think positive, this is how God work,if God has deliver us from the desert,he is capable of doing much more,
    GOD :
    Stand Still !
    And know that I am your God !
    Prayer request has reach before his Holy trône
    May request be favorable and accorded for a minum wage of ten dollars an hour before the ⚖️ jugement stand and not three cents an hour..

  12. Can we now admin that Peterson did a phenomenal job with the city and city police. Still don’t agree with the decision you o give them same uniforms as the RSLPF but guess who see demonized the extension of their powers— His brother and RF— Now look at that– Talking about further extending the powers of the City Police.. The Hypocrisy of these politicians who stand on political expediency rather than values and morals.


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