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George V Park Homicide – Police Appeal For Information


On Saturday, February 17, 2024 about 7:45pm, Police Officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Castries responded to a shooting at George the V Park, Darling Road, Castries.

One male victim who suffered an injury due to a shooting was conveyed to the Owen King European Union Hospital (OKEUH) for medical care.

He was later pronounced dead by a medical practitioner. The deceased has been identified as twenty-one (21) year old Darnel Alphonse of George Ville, Castries.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 456-3770 or 456-3817.

Alternatively, anonymous tips can be provided by dialing 555 (the Crime Hotline) or by utilizing the RSLPF Crime Hotline Application, which is available in Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force



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  1. I am going to say it here …. enough is not being able done by the Pierre administration about the level of gun violence and crime In Saint Lucia. The Prime Minister and his administration has lost all credibility, has lost the narrative, don’t seem to understand the nature of what is happening, not do they see the significance and escalation of the violence that has affected our society. Someone has to be responsible….this can not go on as if there init an issue…and since there is an elevation in the crime scourge, we need to see an equal elevation of the government’s response to these incidents…..THE GOVERNMENT IS SLEEP WALKING INTO A CATASTROPHE THAT IS DESTROYING OUR NATION AND THEY DON’T HAVE A CLUE…. Utterly disgraceful and irresponsible by the government…while we can’t blame the government for the violence, they have to be held responsible for not matching their response to the level of violence….wake the froggy jacks up for goodness sake or you will be living in a zombie state run by criminals and by the looks of it….this is already in progress…. Pierre wake up from your day dream of winning a landslide election and lead….grow some dangling stuff…

  2. My perception of Pierre has changed. The man is feeble. Weak to a point of revulsion. His pathetic response to serious crime is only part of his makeup. Example he has a 15-2 lead in parliament, yet he is constantly looking over his shoulder. He spends inordinate time worrying about Chas’ antics and complaining about old things. A good leader takes the helm and doesn’t constantly look in the rear view mirror. The word that I am trying to get is scared. Could be timid.
    As a minister responsible for security, all I am hearing from him is that he is giving the police vehicles, equipment and buildings. He has yet to explain his STRATEGY for defeating crime. Is it attrition, decapitation, annihilation etc. and how he intends achieve the objective. I am not sure why he latched on to that ministry. The responsibility for security is not for someone with a weak stomach or weak knees. It involves very hard decisions which Pierre is clearly not suited. He definitely needs to get a professional to do the job instead of throwing good money away. Poor St Lucia.

  3. why is it that the pics of the victims are so readily shared online but not the pics of the charged/ convicted or suspects on trial?

  4. What about High Tec cameras all over St.Lùçia.Crime have Escalated for the Past years and to make Matters Worst No arrest this is very Bad For Stucia

  5. What about High Tec cameras all over St.Lùçia.Crime have Escalated for the Past years and to make Matters Worst No arrest this is very Bad For St.Lucia

  6. Canada has issued a travel advisor for it’s citizens travelling to Saint Lucia due to the rise in crime…To think that a nation that depends on the tourism dollar for it’s foreign currency exchange, Debt servicing and funding of domestic infrastructure, would take Draconian measures to halt the scourge of crime on the island so that it protects it’s economic stability, BUT NO.!!!!. Not in Pierre’s Saint Lucia…the island can go to the dogs and he won’t careless. Pierre must take the reins and lead. He must immediately initiate a plan to rid Saint Lucia of criminal elements as it has been noted that we are for some time intertwined with criminal elements from South America. Pierre must give the police force much needed technology to maintain an entire year of sustained counter criminal activities…give those good for nothings neither rest nor sleep till they either renounce their lives of crime and be decent citizens or they are penalised for their misdemeanors…we need a complete year of sustained police offensive on these idiots. Pierre’s actions does not match the heightened threat that the nation faces…and if this continues, it would be way to late to pull the nation back from the brink. I don’t think the Prime Minister sees, knows or understands the significance of what is going on. You cannot take the security of law abiding citizens for granted. You cannot take the sovereignty of Saint Lucia for granted …as it stands no one should threaten the security of the nation and it’s citizens…..I urge Pierre, as Prime Minister to put the nations security first and take decisive action against the scourge of crime. This current situation should be labelled a significant threat to national security and every asset the government has at its disposal should be initiated in destroying that threat… including using conventional and unconventional means to destroy that threat…this year is going to be one of the nations worst crime statistics and as it stands Pierre is going to be responsible for that legacy….Man grow a pair of that dangling stuff and lead…your Citizens are under threat, your tourism sector is under threat, the sovereignty of Saint Lucia is under threat, the global reputation of Saint Lucia is under threat, the entire fabric of Saint Lucia is under threat, Pierre, your reputation is under threat….it’s time you wake up from your sweet dream victor of 15-2 cause it’s now a nightmare unfolding in society and lead from the front. Your 15-2 will be a pyhrric victory and will go down in the annals of Saint Lucian history as the man who had a vast majority yet was weak in his implementation of strategy to defend Saint Lucia’s sovereignty.

  7. These bail conditions are nonsense
    Gun and ammunition should be no bail period
    These bull sh.. bail amounts are ridiculous.
    I guess the government does not want to make an example of criminals.
    Law abiding citizens are not safe.
    NO BAIL.

  8. Stop blaming Pierre and blame ourselves these young men don’t want to work all they want is quick money and they will do any thing no matter who is in power blame the society

  9. Its about time or overdue for those in authority to start to implement an emergency alert system for mobile phone user on the island so when something happens that information is sent out immediately to peoples cellphone so they can be on the lookout and pass the info back to the police via some crime watch chat line
    and by now as we speak every junction on the the island of st lucia should have a wireless camera in working condition even where there is no electricity the cameras should be installed there because they are battery power and recharge by solar panels I personally don’t think the government will say they cannot cannot afford the cost since there is so much money being wasted in other area’s
    and one more thing if the government wants help in achieving this goal I think st lucian can pitch in and send down some solar power wireless cameras down to help with combatting crime situation in st lucia instead of sending firearms and amunations in hidden in food barrels that is making the situation only worst I for one is willing and more than willing to pitch in and supply them with half of the cameras needed for my district which is the babonneau district and absorb the cost hope others that wants to see a peaceful st lucia will also jump in too I know that’s not too much to ask for if we really want people to live in peace


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