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UWP Group Accuses Jeremiah Norbert Of Authority Abuse


The United Workers Party Micoud North Constituency Branch is expressing its disgust at the recent display of abuse of authority by Hon. Jeremiah Norbert when provided with the opportunity to execute his role as Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

During the February 13th sitting of Parliament Hon. Jeremiah Norbert presided over the meeting of the House in the absence of Speaker Claudius Francis.

During the sitting of Parliament in question, Leader of the Opposition and Member for Micoud

South Hon. Allen Chastanet signaled his intention to make a contribution to the debate on the Government’s motion to secure a loan of EC $100 Million.

In the back and forth which ensued, Prime Minister Phillip J Pierre expressed his willingness to yield to the Leader of the Opposition.

Notwithstanding Speaker Jeremiah Norbert ruled to disallow the Leader of the Opposition to make his contribution his contribution.

We remind Hon. Jeremiah Norbert that the people of Micoud North invested in him as a young man at the July 2021 polls.

Micoud North constituents granted the Honorable member the opportunity and privilege to represent our interest.

We are therefore disappointed to note that having been provided with the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, Hon. Jeremiah Norbert seeks to pervert the privilege of presiding Speaker of Parliament by denying Leader of the Opposition and member for Micoud South the opportunity towards vital debate in the house.

The UWP Micoud North Constituency Branch is certainly appalled by the arrogance and disdain demonstrated by the first time Parliamentary Representative.

We advise the Honorable Micoud North representative that he should in the future seek to observe humility and professional integrity in the dispensation of his duties as Speaker of Parliament.

The constituents of Micoud North will continue to monitor and hold you accountable.

We remind the Micoud North MP that the trust and opportunity we invested in him was not a gift but a responsibility. Be advised that the privilege you now enjoy is granted by the people of Micoud North.

We look forward to greater respect and impartiality by Hon. Norbert in his future engagements as Speaker of Parliament when the opportunity presents.

SOURCE: United Workers Party Micoud North Constituency Branch

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  1. Jeremiah Norbert already drinks the cool aide from slp I don’t accept any better from him..I will tell him there is life after politics

  2. You mean after video evidence of what transpired be available via the government’s website there are still people out there supporting such buffoonery? How stupid can those UWP supporters be? Sometimes I wonder if Lucians in these parts missed the evolution train. Jeez!

  3. To those UWP hacks, Socrates once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Through this statement, Socrates means if we do not think, we are no more than animals, simply eating, working, sleeping, and procreating. To become fully human means to use our highly developed faculty of thought to raise our existence above that of mere beasts.

    Have you hacks ever questioned the obnoxious behavior of Allen Chastanet in the house? There are rules of engagement in most formal settings while participants are expected to follow protocol. Mr. Chastanet behaves as though rules are only for others and do not apply to him. This is true only in a monarchy and not in a parliamentary democracy. Based on the video, Mr. Norbert acted within the framework of his authority and was too lenient and accommodating to Chastanet. In addition, the speaker or deputy is independent of the PM’s office and shouldn’t acquiesce to his demands or pleas.

  4. The UWP are giving Jeremiah too much credit. He is not smart enough to know how to abuse authority. Amongst those SLP guys he is like a cockroach in a chicken coop. PJP bamboozled him more with the 2.5% health and security levy than he did the rest of the intellectually challenged party hacks.

  5. We ask for the old heads to give young blood opportunity to make better of themselves but they only display the constant obnoxious behavior when given the opportunity. When we have the old cows training the young calf the same thing how can we expect a change, the only change they are doing is their clothes.


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