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Hilaire Denies Canada Travel Advisory Against Saint Lucia


Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has denied reports of a Canada travel advisory against Saint Lucia due to the Island’s crime.

“Let me be very clear on this one and I want you to actually do the research. There has been no travel advisory,” Hilaire told reporters on the margins of Tuesday’s House of Assembly meeting.

The Tourism Minister asserted that the opposition was circulating the travel advisory information.

He declared that the United States, the United Kingdom, and all the major countries provide travel advisories for other states worldwide.

“They tell their citizens what to expect when they go to a certain country and they give them advice,” Hilaire observed.

He declared that the information on the Canadian government website regarding Saint Lucia was no different from before.

The Tourism Minister stated that Canada has four risk levels for travelers.

“Saint Lucia, like most Caribbean countries, are at the lowest risk,” the Castries South MP noted.

In this regard, he told reporters that the Canadian government travel advice for Saint Lucia is  for visitors to observe normal safety precautions.

“I think there are only two or three Caribbean countries that have the second level – the Bahamas, Guyana and I think Jamaica,” Hilaire observed.

“The Caribbean as a whole is a safe area as recognised by the Canadian government,” the Minister stated.

In addition, he said Saint Lucia was in the lowest risk category.

“There has never been a travel advisory against Saint Lucia. Somebody took what is the rating and decided, you know, to circulate and say that Canada has issued a travel advisory against Saint Lucia,” the Tourism Minister observed.

He indicated that the fake news was malicious, destructive, and deliberate.


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  1. Hilaire, you can fool some people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. I know you can lie but this one I have fact checked you.
    I checked the advisory page and it was edited on January 29th. This means something got updated – the situation did not get better in SLU. Please tell us what was updated.
    Instead of pointing fingers please use this opportunity to encourage the people to coporate with the police to avoid list of lives – please do something which is truthful

  2. It is true that the US State Department has not yet posted information about the St. Lucia crime wave on its Barbados Embassy website. That may be due to the new Ambassador’s recent arrival at his post. But check out the warning about crime posted on the US Bahamas Embassy site. The first thing it says is that the Bahamas have already had 18 murders in 2024, and it goes on to cite the increased activity of gangs in that country. I believe St. Lucia has already had 14 murders in 2024 so don’t be surprised if the travel warning changes soon. Only someone who is kidding himself believes that a level one travel advisory is an honest assessment of the current state of safety in St. Lucia.

  3. Before fools blogs crap simply log on to the Canadian State Department Website and look up warnings against St Lucia and see for yourselves that way you will completely understand that the Yellow Devils are desperate, alive and well. They will water weeds and call it a garden

  4. Crime and excess taxation can be solved by growing marijuana . Advisory should have been in place along time ago for not having a hospital to deal with 200 severely injured passengers from a plane crash. Together we can do better

  5. It must be in the pipeline to happen so he trying to same such early should someone become the whistle blower. Never trust nothing that comes from his mouth.

  6. I am just at awww that these people are just SALIVATING at the notion of a travel advisory against St Lucia is just sickening……I call these people REAL ENEMIES OF THE STATE for actually wanting to see the country you beating your chest about daily fall. WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS ???

  7. St>Lucia is lucky it hasn’t received a travel advisory from the Americans given the killing spree on the island for at least 3 years in a row. When the Americans issue an advisory the Brits and Canadians immediately do the same. Them three are in lockstep. They have brought much pain to poor nations around the world. Jamaica has a permanent advisory from the Yankees . The Bahamas has one. If Trinidad hasn’t received an advisory given their murder rate it is just as lucky as St. Lucia.

  8. Again the pettiness is so ridiculous. Minister of Tourism is that the only time you come on to say the UWP are spreading false information. You should be more concerned about the levels of criminal activities in your country than a petty spat of words.
    Most of these Countries UK, Canada, USA are monitoring the crime situation in St Lucia. Make no mistake about that. Why? Because of the recent high levels of homicides taking place from January to present date. We have not even got to the end of February and you have recorded 14 murders. So of course they will continue to monitor the situation to keep their citizens safe when travelling to St Lucia. It’s as simple as that and makes prefect sense because no one wants to holiday in a hell hole where crime is high.
    St Lucia is not on the at risk level… not yet. But, make no mistake, the advisory measures given are not to good in other service areas on the Island. Canada’s travel advisory states,
    Risk level is ‘take normal security precautions’, yes that is correct Hilaire.
    However, they warn of violent crimes, including gun violence which has increased over the past year particularly in Vieux Fort. Incidents of murders, sexual assaults, robberies and gang-related violence have occurred. They go on to give safety measures for their citizens to adhere to in order to keep themselves safe. Nothing wrong with that.
    Driving habits and public transport for example, your minibuses don’t fair well at all.
    They advise, drivers don’t always respect traffic laws. They can be reckless.
    Minibus services are unreliable, can be unsafe due to driving speeds.
    Every country has troubles so don’t pretend that all is nice and rosey in St Lucia.
    For a small Island, lets be honest, these worrying criminal activities are increasing. Guns are getting onto your shores. How? It is either corruption, or criminals have found weaknesses or flaws to peddle they violent culture and activities.
    St Lucia must not take its eyes off the ball. I heard the PM saying he has no resources. Well, best find resources or get some police officers trained to handle the heat when it gets to the next levels. Without specialist police training on gang violence they won’t have a clue how to handle the issues.
    Keep thinking there is no monitoring going on. They not interested in your petty spats between politicians, the rorow, calling people dog names, barking, honestly you call that a dangerous statement?
    Let me tell you what is dangerous not getting or not having resources in place to help curb violent crime culture.
    Stop being in denial. Updates on travel are what you should be more concerned with not petty spats. Leave that for school gate. Oh, I forgot children are using dangerous weapons against each other, over what now? Trivial, petty quarrels, disputes, fights and disagreements. Sort it out. Where are the grown ups. Worry about, how are we going to sort out the situation. Don’t you have work to do? Serious work. Didn’t one of your ministers go to a church to have it out with someone? Didn’t another go to a radio station with a recording hoping a radio presenter would play it live on air? Didn’t you call out Guy as being a thief and insult his Indian heritage? Didn’t you insult mixed heritage people calling them names? I don’t see any inclusion of mixed heritage people in your house? Where was the apology or statement from SLP saying they will not tolerate such insults and behaviours. Have you forgotten or you choose to be selective.
    So please don’t preach when you and yours did wrong too.
    I don’t care for petty spats, I care about keeping it real. Stop worrying about nonsense and get some serious work done or put measures in place to stop school children attacking each other and your black and brown brothers being killed by their own. Canada don’t care about the people. They only care about their citizens safety when they are in your country.
    Don’t be fooled people, these are rich, wealthy countries and the minute they feel endangered or unsafe they pull out.
    Uk has several high level risks, for safety and security. You ever see or hear Canada advice no travel to the UK? They advise, exercise a high degree of caution. H you should know that you lived and worked in the UK.
    For goodness sake, stop making excuses, blaming, figure pointing. Just get on with the job.
    It’s simple, This is happening on your watch, so you carry the can.

  9. All these jokers that claim they have phd god will deal with you all st Lucian why you all have these shady men in your affairs wonder a light can’t shine in the country

  10. GOD Bless 🇱🇨 St Lucia ❤️
    When all the wicked in the land will be put to silence,St Lucia will remains as beautiful 😍as it is ❗
    Proud of your paradise,a land of milk and honey !!

  11. I’m proud of my lovely Island,for all those who’s wishing bad for the Country, don’t worry, you’ll will see a difference.
    Why ask for bad things to a place where you were born and raised.
    Guess you’ll don’t have children who will suffer from the cursing tongue.
    God is great,evil shall not prevail.

  12. We only have one problem in St Lucia, most people under think and the xpats over think..
    Let’s all focused on implementing a fair living wage system not less than $10+ per hour based on hours worked..
    Let’s use commonsense and unite…I am a frequent traveller for YYZ to SLU and I have no problem in St Lucia.. We should stop posting negative comments about our Island… The minister is defending Stupidity..

  13. @POLITICAL PIRATES you touched on something the ruling Admin would prefer you to forget; that is the absolute need for a ‘Modern Hospital’ in the V/Fort area; mainly because of the International Airport, just in case of something I would prefer not to mention.
    That is one but mainly of the activities of the Lawless ones there in the South. I find it strange that the U.S. has not yet issued a ‘Travel Advisory’ on St. Lucia. At the rate things are going, I wont be surprised if one comes anytime. Bad news for the Hotel Industry, but time for this Government to bring in foreign Police ‘Badass’ guys to help clean out the mess (But Pjp & Pit Bull wont do it.)

  14. Not one will stay alive to enjoy the goodness of the land, but blessed are those who bless 🇱🇨 St Lucia ❗


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