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‘No New Taxes’ Coming In Saint Lucia Budget


Although the government is still finalising the national budget, Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Wayne Girard, has disclosed there would be no new taxes.

“This year there will be no new taxes,” Girard told reporters at a press briefing.

He revealed that recognising the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration intends to pump more cash into social programmes.

The Anse La Raye-Canaries MP also said the government would further emphasise youth, sports, education, and health.

“We think it is going to be a very interesting budget. There are things in my constituency that I can’t wait to announce,” Girard told reporters.

He recalled that when the SLP got into office after the July 26, 2021 elections, the debt-to- GDP ratio was over one hundred percent as of December.

As a result, Girard said the Philip J. Pierre administration spent the last few years lowering the figure.

He noted a commitment to the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) to decrease the debt-to-GDP ratio to sixty percent by 2035.

“We are just above 75 percent at the moment, and we are trending downwards,” the Minister in the Ministry of Finance declared.

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  1. Here is your problem. You and your government never speak the language for all to understand. Pierre initially told the people he would be giving $1500.00 and he did capture the votes from the people with that lie. Those voters only found out that you had to be a contributor to the system such as paying taxes to be eligible. Now they realize they were only given part of the statement.

    Here you are coming with some numbers and phrases which the small man Joe does not understand. ” No Taxes are in the budget,” this is part of a story or a paragraph. Can you give us the entire content?
    After getting into office, you think the government would be honest and upfront with the people. All they are getting are dishonest and garbage. Nothing really make sense from Pierre and his government. This is just frustrating.

  2. “The government would further emphasize youth, sports, education, and health,” according the Anse la Raye MP. These are the words of the government. I did not see anything pertaining to Security. I guess it is just ok for those Police officers to operate without training. It is just fine for the criminals to act by horses which have been bolted. I suppose it is normal for the country to have recorded 18 homicides in less than two months along with lots of individuals getting shot. It is the culture of the people to be living in fear in their own homes – a new normal. Is this confirmation the government will not focus on SECURITY in the upcoming budget ? I am just asking for a friend.

  3. One of the comments here is spot on.
    With this Labour Party you can believe half of what you see and NOTHING of what you hear.
    As noted: Nothing related to security as a priority?
    Nothing about inflation which is killing households?
    Nothing about road maintenance for a dilapidated road network that is destroying cars and public transport?
    Norhing about dealing with the perception of widespread corruption in the handling of state assets.
    Nothing about increasing tourism arrivals which are under threat from the crime in the country.
    If you deal with the above then you deal wirh the youth. For decades this government trots out empty words about youth and sports. Year after year: youth and sports, youth and sports, youth and sports while doing absolutely nothing but destroying the economy the youth and their family depend upon to survive.
    Give us a break you empty headed vessels!

  4. Wait, wait, wait……this charlatan wants to pull the wool over people’s eyes..he stated that when SLP got into government after JULY 26th 2021, the dept to GDP was 100% as of December. I take it he meant December 2021. Then he continues by saying, the Philip J Pierre administration spent the last few years lowering the figures…ie the debt to GDP figures…so that means between 2021 to 2024 (3yrs) the SLP has brought the debt to GDP ratio down to just above 75%…SLP reduced the debt by 25% (give or take ) in just 3 yrs….that’s very impressive I must say…IF THAT INFORMATION IS TRUE AND IS TO BE BELIEVED…but then he goes on to say, and here is the blinder…he went on to say He noted a commitment to the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) to decrease the debt-to-GDP ratio to 60% by 203. That is a period of 11 years to reduce the debt to GDP ratio by just another 5% (give or take) after reducing it to 25% in just 3 yrs.🤔….In essence what he has just revealed is that SLP is going to continue a policy of borrowing and spending just like they accused the UWP of doing when UWP were the incumbent. In any case a lower debt to GDP ratio should bode well for the people, but are we seeing or feeling the benefits of such a reduction of the national debt? Are things any better in the country? So while SLP is trying to paint themselves as the magic mushrooms of ecomonic savviness on the one hand, they are continuing the policy of their political opposites in the other. Saint Lucians, when you feel you are being squeezed and not benefiting from this glamorous ecomonic figures, it’s one of two things. These are either: 1) Plain dumb figures pulled from the sky or 2) They ain’t passing on the benefits of those glamorous magic mushroom figures to the people. And so the SLP continues to paint themselves in beautiful colourful paints or smoke and mirrors if you like, or razzle dazzle em if this is more apt. They all do it…SLP, UWP, PLP, PPP, OPP, P…Pierre….🫢

  5. The prime minister has lost all credibility. He has proven to be a liar just like his predecessor. He promise to enact a minimum wage on independence day , but he is just playing on the intelligence of the poor and working class. I hope that the people vote him out in the upcoming elections…. How can crime stop when you have a large percentage of the workforce earning wages as low as 3 EC dollars a hour ….

  6. Is like he knew what we should be expecting. So, saying there would be no new taxes will sound like good news to us. Good news is : REMOVING THE 2.5% tax !

  7. Hahahahaaaa. During Covid the country was on lock down i.e. no economical activity. GDP reached those figures because in 2021 , COVID restrictions were lifted and economical activity resumed….people could travel again-tourism. Ah ‘they’ brought the figures to 75%. Dem mun really feel Dey smart

  8. Anonymous, I need to take you on a vacation on one of the 23 islands Chas built in Vieux Fort. You are really protecting your uncle Chas, door I forget you are white. Colonization has a conscience.


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