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Pierre Commits To National Unity In Independence Message


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre underscored his administration’s commitment to national unity in an address to mark Saint Lucia’s 45th Independence Anniversary.

He spoke during an Independence Day rally at the Soufriere mini-stadium on Thursday.

“My government remains committed to the ideals of national unity despite any religious and political differences among our people,” Pierre told the rally.

“We accept that we will have those differences,” the Prime Minister declared.

“But we have also long recognized, and we will continue to promote the ethos, that working together as a nation, as one people, with one common purpose, is the only viable approach for our country to achieve inclusive, meaningful, and sustainable development,” Pierre told his audience.

“We must consciously resist the destructive forces of division, crime and selfishness, envy and embrace the progressive spirit of unity, and love as we build a more equitable, inclusive and just country,” the Castries East MP observed.

In addition, he spoke of the need for Saint Lucia to adopt a unified vision for the future.

Pierre said the Island must fashion the vision through continuous civil dialogue and consolidate it through inclusiveness in social and political relations, fairness, resource allocation, and an unrelenting desire to improve the well-being of the less fortunate.

“And so, on this 45th Independence Anniversary, I renew my call to civil society, political parties, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, business associations, national, religious, and community groups, and other institutions to come forward to play your part in nation-building without fear or favor,” the PM said.

“Our unity is our strength. As a people, we have more in common to unite than divide,” Pierre expressed.


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  1. How is this ‘MY govt?’ You can’t even tie your shoelaces properly or wear proper socks but is ‘MY govt?’ IT IS OUR GOVERNMENT, NOT YOURS. Where are the traffic patrols? Where are the foot patrols in shanty town? The mangue? The bacadere? Where is Kenny Anthony? The people of vieux fort would like to know where is the mayor? We are tired of all the killing, the fear, THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS!!!

  2. Padna the country under your misguided stewardship is experiencing the most heinous crime wave in its recent history and this is what you say? You’re even worse than Chassneigh. For those hacks yes Pierre does not cause the crime. But Pierre sure can implement policies to counter it. He is the captain of this sinking ship. Captain always gets the blame. El Salvador went from the most violent country in the world to the safest in the western hemisphere. All because their president went after the perpetrators. Murder rate dropped 70% in 2 years.

  3. Pierre, just like Charity, Unity starts at the house or the home. In your case it would the honourable house of SLU. How about you stop with your political gimmicks and do the people’s business. How about you stop attacking the opposition leader and give him the respect he deserves. These are some of the good starting points to prove you are serious. Right now your words mean nothing to the nation. No one seem to be taking you serious. SLU made a mistake when they elected you in 2021. They elected a clown to be Prime Minister in SLU. You have failed them and you have done it miserably. Security, health, cost of living, infrastructure are just some of the areas you have failed them and it is quite obvious. Everyone can see but they are silent about it. Silence can be very loud and in your case it is loud. We have had three homicides recently and no one has heard from you. This was repeat of independence celebration of last year when they had just about the same number of homicides. This means you conducted no post mortem of the homicides in 2023 and you implemented nothing to avoid the same fate in 2024. The horses have bolted and you have done nothing about. All I hear from you are excuses and pointing fingers.

  4. Man you should be the last person to speak about unity because you are chief of not being in unity. HYPOCRITE

  5. Mr. Pierre. Y’all politicians are the ones sowing seeds of disunity with your rhetoric. Case in point, your minister RF harshly criticised the policies of former mayor Peterson Francis who tried to put order to the dangerous vending practices in the shitty of casstries. He made the election promise to all vendors to do as they please. Imagine that, a politician campaigning on the platform of disorder and lawlessness. Now he see the problem he caused.

    At the rate the country is going we will have 115 homicides for 2024. That would be a 53% increase from the previous year. How about you come up with strategies to counter that?

  6. St Lucia 🇱🇨, who has became independant now is depending, but God has not laid is waste !!
    May the God who gives endurance and encouragement gives everyone a heart of unity, peace and ❤️ love
    Love your country 🇱🇨❤️‼️

  7. What an irony….Do those politicians hear themselves when they speak or do they at least read and understand their speeches before the spew vomit on the public? Case in point the PM stated, My government remains committed to the ideals of national unity despite any religious and political differences among our people….yet when you look at the demographics of Saint Lucia there are Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, 7th Day Adventists, Pentecostal, Jehovah’s witnesses, Church of god, Anglicans all under the general banner of the name CHRISTIANS. A few Muslims, Rastafarians etc… yet that vast majority of the population are Christians and yet he speaks of religious differences…but in a rare moment of admission I actually do agree with him for once because here in lies the issue, dispite the fact that there are more Christians, this proves that the tension that exists in our society is not helped by religion but is actually aggravated by religion. How is it that a people so religious, yet suffer the most hardship, poverty, crime, under educated., have the worse health outcomes is the southern Caribbean, most superstitious (religion is also a superstition), most divided politically, etc etc. It appears citizens see themselves as the other first than seeing themselves as Saint Lucians first…

    Now talk about political differences…the record shows that these polical parties are the chief crooks of polical division… cheering on their die hacks (die hards?) to stir up against their opposition…these blow hards ain’t convincing anyone.

    I honestly hope your words of a better Saint Lucia materialises for the sake of our people and the country but mark my words…these issues that Saint is grappling with will only continue until the nation takes firm action to remedy this dire situation…

  8. I strongly believe this government is the main reason our country is bleeding. Never before we had a total silence where everyone is scared to speak. Everyone is in fear party hacks spread threats openly from ministers and talk show hosts. No bar association where are all the pan beaters and the majory beach feters? I guess jack is gone to bathe now . Phillip has failed miserably. To this date no address for our AM not pm but promoting fetes Look out for a bloody jazz and carnival. Sad and scary overtone scared to speak

  9. ALL the commenters on here have “stolen” my words.
    I have nothing more to add.
    The SLP is really a disgrace to the intelligentsia of SLU.
    So sad …

  10. Pierre only now you know that are the the biggest hypocrite and culprit of division ..that’s why under your leadership the country is unstable you are lucky you have a weak opposition but god will surely deal with you Pierre

  11. A weak and failed leader. Crime wave is showing how much of a poor leader Pierre is. From the time he decided to include RF in the party, we all knew that was it. Had so much confidence in Pierre and king but now….

  12. Dear PJP…..please demolish those small mind plywood backward thinking vending stalls that Richard is building by printery

  13. You speak of unity but promote victimization. As a Labour Government look at the state of the Labour Department. No justice for the people. Look at the Labour Tribunal making excuses of no where to meet, in this era of zoom and teams meetings. How can we unite when you cause the separation.

  14. Where is the minimum wage that he promise the nation on independence day . I hope that the working class and the poor vote him out in the upcoming elections.

  15. Nah man. We Labour supporter are too docile. When we see d Flambos we telling dem to their faces “we beat you, you lose, beh leh lesh “ As a badmun


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