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Prime Minister Pierre’s Independence Message Inspires Unity


On February 22, 2024, Saint Lucians at home and in the diaspora received Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre’s address to the nation during the official Independence Rally celebrations to mark our country’s 45th Independence anniversary.

His address was imbued with notable post-independence achievements and a declaration of the government’s intention to ambitiously pursue the development of a new Constitution that is indigenous to our people, responsive to our way of life and totally divested of the remnants of colonial rule. Said Prime Minister Pierre;

“Although we attained Independence 45 years ago, we are still encumbered by some aspects of colonial rule. It was only last year our country acceded to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), as our final Appellate Court to replace the United Kingdom based Privy Council. But this is not the end; we have to acknowledge, that at this juncture in nation building, there is still work to be done to finally proclaim our true liberation from colonial rule. 

Government has revived the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reform with the mandate of examining the work of the Constitutional Reform body and make recommendations for a new constitution and status for Saint Lucia.” 

Under the theme “Douvan Ansanm: Building a Nation Through Unity, Resilience and Creativity”, activities for Independence 45 continued to cultivate a collective action among our people to embrace the ideals of national unity to build a more equitable, inclusive and just country.

“We accept that we will have those differences; but we have also long recognized and we will continue to promote the ethos, that working together as a nation, as one people, with one common purpose, is the only viable approach for our country to achieve inclusive, meaningful and sustainable development. 

We must consciously resist the destructive forces of division, crime and selfishness, envy and embrace the progressive spirit of unity, and love as we build a more equitable, inclusive and just country.

As a country, it will serve us well to adopt a unified vision for the future.” Prime Minister Pierre said.

 The 45th anniversary of Independence heralds Saint Lucia’s renewed commitment to preserving our cultural heritage, embracing innovative ways to build global citizens and implementing a progressive mix of greener, climate-resilient solutions that support our economy and meet the social and infrastructural needs of our people.

The Prime Minister believes it requires a brave and broad society-based effort to build a stronger, equitable and more inclusive nation that can be an example to the world.

“As a country, it will serve us well to adopt a unified vision for the future. This vision must be fashioned through continuous civil dialogue and consolidated through inclusiveness in our social and political relations, in fairness, in resource allocation, and unrelenting desire to improve the wellbeing of the less fortunate.

 And so, on this 45th Independence Anniversary, I renew my call to civil society, political parties, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, business associations, national religious denominations, national and community groups, and other institutions to come forward to play your part in nation building without fear or favor. Our unity is our strength. As a people, we have more in common to unite then divide.”

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Pierre, you speak unity but you practice division, victimization, lies, racism etc. How can some one ever take you serious. You publicly told your supporters to confront the opposition supporters with some stupid slogan – “we beat you.” This was pure nonsense you were promoting.
    Personally, I believe it is a little too late to speak unity. The horses have bolted. How about you start to practice unity and start in the honourable house and the people will follow.
    Right now your words have no value. No one hears you now because you speak lots of garbage. Some folks are asking for a press update from in the post independence homicides while others prefer you not say anything. I support the latter. I believe your choice of words will add more insults to injury. You should just keep quiet and let the folks mourn in peace and let the country console themselves on their own. You are definitely not the person they want to hear right now.

  2. “ “As a country, it will serve us well to adopt a unified vision for the future. This vision must be fashioned through continuous civil dialogue and consolidated through inclusiveness in our social and political relations, in fairness, in resource allocation, and unrelenting desire to improve the wellbeing of the less fortunate”

    Nice words but if only they were said with all sincerity, what a great country we would have. Unfortunately, our reality is a country divided by politics and politicians, a country being overrun by crime and criminals, yet our political leaders can’t even come together to fight it from a unified front, can’t even come together to build a Vieux Fort Hospital, can’t even agree to have a respectable debate in the house. We have a government that outright rejects and refuses to work together with the opposition or take any suggestions from them to deal with our crime scourge and other nagging problems – yet we boldly speak of UNITY, a word that constantly eludes us and remains only a figment of our leaders’ imagination. Only when we can TRULY work together as a people will be progress as nation should.

  3. We are tired of your nonsense. We are tired of you hypocrisy. You are the Prime Minister and the prime Minister for dividing this country. Please change.

  4. Boy make around with a. Joker like you who Will. Listen to you. The boys on the blocks must be laughing at you.

  5. The only problem I had with Kenndy Anthony was leaving room for Philip Pierre to succeed him. This guy never showed any readership skills. I’ve always been of this opinion and will continue to be of this opinion.

  6. Had Pierre called all you jackasses and barking dogs, he would be considered as the best prime Minister. Colonization had a conscience Is killing the 43 percenters.

  7. Pierre it is sickening to hear you mention the fact that you put a stop to the black population of St. Lucia voting in a referendum on the CCJ. To stop a referendum by the masses is massa behaviour. You should have had confidence in the intelligence of the freedom loving people of this country. Instead you and your cabal destroyed democracy because you consider that your cabal and hacks are mentally superior to the masses. You are a hypocrit and remind me of swine in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. This is like a dictatorship. Belle flair san laudair.

  8. Good words, but, how and when will you start and show by example..xpm Kenny Anthony said it well and I quote! Even my own members are against me!
    None of them are trustworthy, the typical saying crabs in the barrel, pulling each other down..
    The PM have no one to trust and I feel sorry for him..
    Too much HATRED..
    I wish all the luck to continue his mandate..

  9. Why don’t you stop the victimization and fix the dam labour department. No justice is a crime. Blocking the Labour Tribunal is not progress. Shame on you.


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