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Jeremiah Norbert Resigns As Deputy House Speaker

Micoud North MP Jeremiah Norbert has resigned as Deputy Speaker of the Saint Lucia House of Assembly.

In a brief statement Tuesday announcing the resignation, the office of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre said it took effect on February 27, 2024.

The statement said Pierre would provide ‘further updates’ when he returns to Saint Lucia.

The Prime Minister is at a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) summit in Guyana.

Last week, while updating reporters on a ‘medical emergency’ experienced by Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte, Pierre had informed them that Norbert would oversee her Ministry.

However, the PM explained that until his swearing-in, Norbert would not be a government Minister.

“He would have to resign if he becomes a Minister of government,” said regarding the Micoud North MP.

“A deputy could come from anywhere else. But you are going to have a deputy. If the Honourable Jeremiah Norbert is made a Minister, he will have to resign as Deputy Speaker,” the Prime Minister stated.

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  1. He was chosen as a candidats minister not a house speaker,even if he resign,let him finish his term,do not prevent him from his labor…

  2. This is so simple yet people writes foolishness, it’s clear that some of us lacks understanding and we’re quick to comment.
    He hasn’t resigned from the party,nor the government. In order for him to become a minister, he must resigned as deputy speaker
    Sarah flood,resigned as speaker of the house to take the portfolio of Minister of foreign affairs,no one gloats about it,yet people are writing foolish comments,” they just start”. Sorry for some people, who lacks understanding and reasoning.

  3. Shame about the circumstances, however Jeremiah will make an excellent minister. He has shown resilience and fortitude in how he overcame his accident, served as a competent district rep and a perfect example of how a parliamentary rep should conduct himself ….regardless of the portfolio he will exhibit competence,
    I expect Kenny could take on the role of deputy speaker with his experience and knowledge of the constitution …. His lamentable excuses for not serving in PJP cabinet can be rectified .

  4. So as Chastenet call y’all out y’all trying to make things right. Press release says “Jeremiah Norbert will adopt her ministries untill further notice” yet y’all saying it wasn’t done. Farcical Government! With all Y’all smarts and experience y’all letting a supposedly “Not so bright PM” school and outfox y’all at every turn!

  5. I am concur with you, Anonymous. Some lucians have cognitive disorder when it comes to understanding the West Minister Whitehall Model of our parliamentary structure. For Jeremiah to become a minister of government, he has to resign as deputy speaker. If people take time out to read the St Lucia Constitution, they would have a better understanding of the processes instead of spewing asinine conjectures. I am hoping the he is given Home Affairs and National Security portfolio. He is a comptetent young man filled with drive and potential.

  6. People here are hilarious. PJP never had confidence in Jeremiah. He gave independents ministries instead of him. Even Pauline and Gibeon got more important roles. PJP just need to give mate a direct award to build a bridge or a retaining wall. Nice guy but lost in the wilderness. A ballahoo amongst the waycheh.

  7. I live overseas I’m a BORN st Lucian citzen, not in my wildest dreams I ever thought to this time in my life I’d come across such ignorance from my fellow people. We have 2 Nobel Laureates and that’s the level of intelligence we as a country are settling for. Very upsetting, low level low IQ for some of us. Not ALL , It’s from the 43%. No wonder the former PM, when he was approached about st lucia having a full university, he turned down the offer and it was given to Antigua . NO LUCIAN TELL ME THAT’S NOT THE WAY YOU’LL BEHAVE

  8. @Cautious, I was thinking exactly the same before coming across your comment.

    I read the following extract from above and just thought wow “…school and outfox y’all at every turn!” referring to Gwenson.

  9. You mean to tell me Jeremiah first time bring the MICOUD seat for slp..never gave him a misterial position..they gave to independent candidates a position shame on Pierre and shame on JERIMAH that didn’t stand up..they already give him the cool aid


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