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CoP Responds To Report Of Civilians Assaulting Police


Commissioner of Police (CoP) Crusita Descartes-Pelius issued a statement Tuesday following earlier reports that civilians assaulted officers recently during a ‘standard’ police operation in Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

Descartes-Pelius explained that as the officers were leaving, an individual threw a bottle that struck a vehicle in the police convoy.

“This incident was formally reported and there are plans to return to the scene for further investigation and make arrests if necessary,” she said.

The Police Commissioner indicated that despite complaints from individuals the police searched, the situation never escalated beyond the officers’ control.

She cautioned those who might dare to threaten the safety of officers performing their duties.

In addition, Descartes-Pelius spoke of promoting constructive dialogue with the media to ensure the information shared with the public does not empower criminals or spread misinformation.

The Commissioner’s complete statement appears below:

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  1. While respect between Law Enforcement and the citizens has to be commutative, citizens have to let Law Enforcement carry out its duty. Anyone interfering should be heavily fined, and in some cases do some jail time. We have to be careful, and not feed into lawlessness.

  2. Madam Commissioner, In the absence of the facts you will find speculations. In the absence of the truth comes the lies and half truths. It is just normal the concern citizens want to be in the know.
    You and your team take too long , much too long to confirm the facts. You should have a process in place to provide the media with the info. After 24 hours of no info, you cannot blame the public if they decide to fill the blanks with speculations.
    You have only surfaced today with the facts. Where were you between the time the incident happened and today ?
    Feb/22 we had three homicides. There has been no update from you or any body in Authority. Hilaire surfaced yesterday with very little info. We all know with Hilaire’s reputation. If you validate the meaning of crime when Hilaire uses it, it may have meanings such: Range Rover, West Indies Cricket team, London, commissioner etc. One cannot trust Hilaire.
    The homocides in Vieux Fort was a repeat of Feb/22 in 2023. It was the same approach and may have been the same bad actors because no one was arrested, The criminals are still on the streets. Imagine there was nothing on your watch which was put in place to prevent another attack on the crown Jewel of the country. It is ashamed to even call those authorities leaders. The criminals are free to commemorate their anniversary at anytime. There was no post mortem done, no lessons learnt so to restrain or distract the criminals. Imagine we had 75 homicides last year and so far we have 19 this year, have learnt anything from them ? Is there a team who tries to get some lessons learnt from those incidents which can help going forward. The horses have bolted and our leaders are still trying to fix the gate

  3. How can crime stop when poverty is a crime . The system have the youtes graduating from secondary school and the only job is working for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour so it is the system that is responsible for the crime. The prime minister is a bloody liar like his predecessor. He promise to enact a minimum wage on independence day but he is only fooling the people…

  4. Now this is a lie nothing like that ever transpired between the police and the ,madam you need to get your facts straight you were not there you are just getting false information making you say papishow on national media review all the cameras that were placed there .this makes the people don’t trust the police even more .GO your self and do your investigation I think those who report that crap to you wants to jeopardize your office.

  5. I am sorry and I mean no judgement to the ppl of v fort . I know there is a lot of crime and they have a lot of good ppl . I never comment about crime in no other way but suggestions to better the situation Rather than blaming. Actions not words and I will say I am empathetic. Don’t care who thinks otherwise because God is my judge plz v fort ppl don’t get me wrong…BUT in my opinion the commissioner is a good hearted person so she is not fit for handling the v fort situation I will say now . I respect her because she is not corrupt and she is high in her spirituality of God hence why she will do a good job with the rest of St Lucia given more power and resources. Reason for saying so is because the situation in v fort is pass crime going to begin with . Nothing was done to stop a lot of situations in the south on all levels especially social transformation and paying more attention to the south yutes ,by at least providing them with extra care and funds given the lack of services available in the south as to the north where education and job placement would be easier. Anyways I can go on and on so now we all failed v fort the past 25 years plus . So all that long statement you given for a place like v fort I am sorry. It may be uncomfortable but if you handle this with petty legality like warent for suspected ppl where v fort crime situation is concerned,I am sorry . Once innocent ppl are not abused unlawfully physical and verbal in obvious human rights commonsense like beat the granny slap the chil ld in a raid ect ect . The police right now has full right to go as hard as they want in the ghettos and shake them up day and night . And to those community ppl that feel is harassment to throw bottles in hottest zones within the oecs and verbally abuse them for street code, gratitude, guidance growing up which is good.. and I blame governments for that but advise, just go in a corner shut up ,or I rather you all make a call silent to help them I can understand (my opinion) but if you all feel those ways in v fort is harassment well then v fort will be the destruction of st.lucia in the next 5 years tops … bullets in your house and innocent children woman old people getting shot for any relationship to even a word of gang members family. Well we finish …politicians put some legislation in v fort so the police doesn’t look soft with too much details where hot zone crimes has pass it’s line too bloodshed for many other reasons. Sinful acts evil hatred ect ect . Avoid that and my opinion as a citizen and humble minding my business always , but I will even advise to use necessary force where v fort is concerned. Intel is there already. Everyone knows because news item after news item on v fort social media platforms with big guns . If the public knows all that farless what the police really know . It is So serious that even police who is involved in corruption in v fort should be swiftly handled trial and jailed even hanging . V fort needs work on all angles but do those things and clean there up plz . It’s long but I have to give my whole dollar opinion on this one even if it might not count.. I am an average citizen giving his opinion about my own country ,which should matter much but given how most Lucia mentality is i did it anyways. Leaders make things happen and make it happen within basic human rights and entities to support distinguishing the difference on all sides so the sacrifice to get things better comes at a cost but can be justified through all angles especially political . Once it’s v fort and your involvement in what’s happening there can be proven … Bad boy ,big boss, Kartel ,politician, police and all levels should be hash and make an example of them . This now is about equal right s and justice for all in terms of involvement of contributing to the evil in this hot zone in the south.,Especially !!the ones in high position making legal money and public servants to that use their power to entertain gangs through guns ect for the love of money hmm…I think those ones should get the death penalty faster than the goons and bosses. You know better but those gangs and drug bosses in that because majority of the time their struggles started because of being born in a ghetto aka poor ppl because government, private businesses politicians and selfish citizens that worship money didn’t care to provide basic needs so poor ppl can at least have a chance at education. Sad some have to die on the streets if they run or commit some of the worst crimes ..why not shoot them as police in v fort , like I said that’s hard decision and sacrifices but arrested ones I was jailing base on what they did . the high class position ones now !!! who supply for love of money have and still want to for lifestyle,just hang them within a week . Again pppl my opinion and I am talking about v fort not all ghettos in st.lucia should be handled so . I will be against that but v fort lol nah man . Advise alone I can offer because if I see anything of crime happen in v fort given how sinful it is now and gang see my face I would never snitch or call police. I love my life . But it’s serious and since I’m no snitch for my life to be directly involved also I am Not a hypocrite but just saying the only action I can take is give my opinion ,no matter how long it is and it’s not my comfort zone to talk so much publicly. I just wanted to break it down so I can rest with my opinion and know why I am writing this , because again v fort situation is so evil now we must all do our parts in any way we can to stop this in a manner of understanding ppl reasons even if it might sound mad to others . V fort community ppl I understand empathy and I know blame falls everywhere but the least you all can do is understand. When police doing they moves there . If you all want to advocate for you ppl that’s good . Stand and watch if you want.. it’s your right. Speak only when you see abuse by the police given the situation then open your mouth. But allow the boys to work in peace . If you all know fellas who involved is your family I understand no sell out but at least advise him on how hot the situation is instead and take you all energy send them Laba, vincy even Timbuktu, do that opinion again ..but don’t make the police work hard in v fort through those unnecessary rants for simple raids. Bless

  6. Crime will never stop cause url are the biggest criminals. Our government has a grip on greed an won’t let go. The same thing those so call bad boys doing the government an law enforcement doing worse. Clean up url act br the example. Like the good lord said he who have not sin shall throw the first stone. An url not n the position to do so

  7. Some of these Lucians are lawless beyond measure. No respect for self or others …do yourselves a favor and stay in St. Lucia where you all belong. You may not like an individual, however you need to respect them as well as their office.

    Some of you are illiterate and seriously ignorant …malvetaayes who will not survive 5 minutes in a civilized society. Instead of learning to read and write you are busy mayhem in the country…fools going nowhere fast.

  8. Commissioner, how is the investigation going concerning police passing information to certain politicians for them to victimize civilians. You don’t understand that nobody will talk unless this terrible problem is solved and exposed.

  9. I am suppose second most corrupt organization that is after politicians. So the EMT’s lied………

  10. @gajaye..I respect your suggestion and I agree it is a important part of dealing with the issue.. however, in my opinion its just not enough still because the negligence of the south problem now is soo bad we need a holistic approach to this on all angles as small as it is . Just like you and I because your opinion is legit and that’s action of playing your part as a citizen. Don’t know you so if you do more congrats,but I speak on what I see . That problem is a blazing fire and fire hose tactics could of work but the political leaders decided the flame was not big enough to affect the community in damage at the time because of their love for power, the bobol in them hmm who knows . Anyways! now everywhere burning even if the political fools try to use the hose due to choas because they have no choice now (they do it not out of love or slightest care but to keep power )my brother it’s too late . Might help little areas but no end result given the destruction. Anyways my point is all powers even the jombie ,need to perform with action where they see necessary to solve a disastrous situation. There is no time for people that create malice or useless talk where the agenda is not pure but is used in vain for access for personal agendas . Eg the political parties the useless hacks no substance just call to defend party because they sing for their supper ,just about winning a debate not about right and wrong smh ..Both sides meaning the slp uwp . And to the ppl that just hate the police for reasons some I can clearly understand but so bitter ,they can’t understand when situations have gone pass one own self .right or wrong the sacrifice must be made for positive contribution in w.e . Once the flames die I totally understand and respect every ones opinion. I don’t even reply on those platforms. And I don’t reply to people who appose or don’t like what I say . As ignorant and insulting they sound , through ignorance I will definitely ignore. My reply to your comment is not directed to what you said in any negative way . Just wanted to add to a solid point you made .again I am only taking my time to do this because I understand how bad the situation is down south . While we still speak about the criminals we need to understand,I may be wrong but the rise in gangs now , given all those deaths already are results from the out of spiral situation. I am sure some of them killers down there was never even in crime and always fighting down certain foolish acts . Maybe not fighting them down for smart criminal moves like robbery where no one gets physically hurt or not a poor or hard working person got Rob .. anyways just saying so to give benefit of doubt on all angles . I can just say what I think. Take it or leave it but my point is some of the bold gun men on the rise because maybe love ones of them got killed . Innocent or guilty ,pure love is an act of human nature through many reasons adapted eg father always fed son despite the struggles and now he is dead through the gun violence. So emotions on that level can lead some who always tried to fight the demons but because of that same father he tried to live right despite he love bad man or know he is an ignorant man and he can die for his rights ,the respect for the father he will try to do right alone . And now you all kill the man ..worst yet if he was innocent or he was a witness that’s the reason. I can empathize and I can tell you, they can have 1000 deaths in v fort . Once that person falls short of guidance by the right ppl to control that serious emotion the son is going through and it think he cares how many die ??or think of a plan if his plan is revenge in any safe manner?? Hell no ,get a gun which is so accessible now, given the way I see ppl posing with that via social media and police raids, even hearing the shots busting island wide smh . Bottom line I think the suspect of the family shooting can be in church or even inside a police station, that boy will shoot mate with not one care in the world, while the whole nation just running their mouth through only their perception of what they believe is crime lol ..we need professional help to understand, better leaders and more access to having a say in our country..once it’s positive vibes
    . it is our right to contribute .not put a whole plan down and speak about it in parliament without no body opinion in reality but theirs and their party buddies and hacks to defend what they themselves don’t understand. Time we stand up and demand politicians to respect our voices before they decide whats best for us .smh most times colonial minded leaders . .. lastly if we can’t Unite to fight a cause that will affect us so bad and our economy given the disaster and the time taken to act is so long due to puppets and tic for tac society, the projection is doom for all..especially the less privileged. Sorry for this lengthy reply. But I feel it’s necessary regardless of who reads it or say it’s long . All solutions and hand on deck is necessary in w.e way . Does not have to be crime hotline or involved directly in contributing. We already know those systems are corrupt and worst yet broken given the lack of care by our leaders political,private and even religious due to personal gain again . Just saying it takes nothing to feed or help ppl without any agenda but doing something positive. All positive elements will help . Even if we be less judgmental and don’t support it but at least understand why certain criminal activities take place . Rather than going on a rant and because is you now you want justice. Especially when it comes to young ppl doing petty crime and robbery. Yes I know it’s wrong but before we get angry or allow anger to win ,just stop and be empathetic in the way punishments are handle . Poor is poor but the line under poverty through scarcity and deprivation especially under circumstances of where and what environment that child was born ,should be all of our business. Because there the most vulnerable so when boss or ppl want hit done , they will not be so fast to do it . At least let’s give them one reason to think before they commit it anyways or have the power to say no .it can be because the person love sports and through collective contribution in society on all levels he still has access to participate with all the tools and knows there is hope to become a professional because the leaders and other entities within citizen empowerment organize and market a way out without thinking he is nothing because he poor but given his talent and focus alone he can still be successful ..some might still do it but they will think first and some will never because society already accommodate him with a chance from young base on abilities not money or name and he knows if he decided to do it .. it was all on him to mess up and he thinks of disappointing the whole nation just not family. Reason why ? We all did our parts genuinely and it will reflect on us to the child more rather than smart politicians where we already know are never genuine for the cause and he decides to say no ,or if the pressure is always there due to his community of gangs he has a place to escape the pressures because the system now created by all genuine ppl will cater for that . Anyways bless and let’s be more United and get this problem solved to move forward. ..let’s also hope we learn as a country and we could be more proactive rather than reactive. Bless live with respect and unity or we will all eventually live like wild animals to a point of anarchy.

  11. When the gun Violence Got out of Hand in St.Lucia Rss got involved This Caused more Homicides .There’s no Crime Fighting Strategy in St.Lucia.The Cop Should ask the Pm for the Required Tools to Solve these Murders in St.Lucia .Stop asking for eye Witnesses to come Foward papisho


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