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Pierre Meets AG, Police Amid ‘Senseless Shootings’ Spike


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre returned home early from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) summit in Guyana amid an uptick in deadly gun violence in Saint Lucia.

So far, in 2024, the Island has recorded 19 homicides, mostly gun-related.

Pierre’s office disclosed that on returning home, he immediately attended to urgent matters of state.

In this regard, the prime minister, responsible for national security, met with the attorney general and the police.

“Putting a stop to the senseless shootings remains a high-priority area of focus for the police and the government,” Pierre’s office declared in a Facebook post.

It said the Prime Minister received a progress report on ongoing efforts by law enforcement officers in pursuit of the individuals and their accomplices implicated in a series of shooting incidents.

According to the release, as Minister for National Security, Pierre prioritizes citizen safety by allocating the necessary tools, equipment, and resources to give the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) the tactical advantage in the line of duty to serve and protect our communities and country safely and effectively.

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  1. You know how caca attracts flies. Dirty politicians attracts criminality the same way. Clean your house. Perhaps there is a dangerous criminal/bully/liar in your midst.

  2. El Salvador went from the worst homicide rate in the world to the lowest in the western hemisphere. A result of policies enacted by government. Homicides dropped by 70% in a few years. The one responsible for that policy was recently reelected with 85% of the votes. Country is seeing an uptick in economic activities. At the current trajectory we on track for 120 homicides for 2024 or 60% higher than 2023. That would equate to 66 homicides per 100,000 people. This is currently higher than any nation by a large margin.

  3. He met the police. OK. I see the AG, Ronald Philip and another gentleman. Where is the Police Commissioner? Where is Dr Sealy? Aa is that so?

  4. The Prime Minister Have not taken the Crime Situation Serious .This is Very Bad For St.Lucia too much Gun Crimes in St.Lucia.The Pm Have to Revisit that Firearm act the Penalties are too Lienent its a joke

  5. Pierre, a little bit late. However, according to the saying, better late than never. I hope you are aware the horses have been bolted and it is your job to come up with strategies to get them.
    This time around I want you to know the police men are not in need of vehicles – please cross this approach off the table. You need to come up with strategies and a plan to go to war with the criminals. You still have a chance to win the war against those bad actors. All is not lost yet.
    Ensure this time you get Security experts to advise. Security experts are not policemen. I am talking about individuals with the knowledge of security. They will strategize a plan and ensure it is executed. There will be a timeline and daily reporting to you. A progress chart will be implemented. You will be able to measure the progress and make changes as required. The policemen and women will take directions from the security team.

  6. One thing the strength of this government lies in their PhotoOps. A meeting which most likely yielded nothing is the subject of a press release and photo op. Most photographed PM. I’m surprised a pic of him in the toilet has not made the social media rounds yet…

  7. This headline was not written correctly.
    Should have read:
    SENSELESS Pierre Meets AG, Police Amid Shootings Spike.

    Secondly: This is not a benign “Shooting Spike” This is a major escalation of a murderous trend in St. Lucia’s crime situation resulting in St. Lucia being one of the murder capitals of the world.

    Third: Posing for another senseless photo opportunity without suggesting or coming up with a plan of action to deal with crime is the usual optics of this incompetent, inept administration. In the next few week expect a plethora of more photo ops with no substance to be the SLP’s answer to the major problems plagueing our citizens.

  8. Imagine, if after 9/11 the US government had only given law enforcement vehicles, guns and electronics. Their efforts would not have been successful. The backbone of their success came with legislation. Pierre is attempting to learn security on the job. Unfortunately, he is a very bad student. He just needs to hand that responsibility to a professional. He has wasted almost three years trying a “lil ting.”

    The short-term solution, is immediately stopping the flow of gunmen back into society through bail. That’s where it starts. Pierre’s catch and release is a massive failure, and sadly, he doesn’t know it. That man is a joke who has befallen on the citizens.

  9. How many shooting phases we have to go through mr Prime Minister or should I say Mr. Crime Minister.
    If you will not do anything about it, you are just as guilty as the offenders.
    Remember Mr. Prime Minister. You are still under oath. Please fulfill your duties.

  10. @ Golden Mare: I’ve read all the comments – yours is the one that hits the point. When you said ” a dangerous criminal/bully/liar in your midst” that sentence hits the Bulls eye; and the one that wins you the golden crown “Dirty politicians attracts criminality same way.”
    With sadness in my heart, I cant think of the way I used to walk freely anywhere on any street in any Town in St. Lucia and the days of this freedom is gone.

  11. Let’s wait to hear the plan. Better yet, let the sheep tell us why we don’t or can’t or shouldn’t or maybe…………. you know blah blah blah we really serious now.

  12. What a joker of a PM, so much for the most readied PM. You and Your entire cabal are responsible due to the questionable character make up of your cabinet. Start cleaning your cabals including what’s going on in the parliament with both the upper and lower house trying to silence the opposition. Don’t forget that “ charity begins at home.”

  13. Pierre is the the biggest divided pm in st.lucia you losse go pay the not a leader sir that is why our country is in that mess failure pm this is karma sir

  14. In this day and age … the PM should really look at other countries which made 360 turns to crush criminals, and other heinous activities (e,g, El Salvador), take a page or two from their tactics.

    @Golden mare … There ARE dangerous criminals, bullies and liars in his midst.

    What is baffling is that ALL the above commenters can SEE the cracks – except those who are falling through them.

  15. @ caltottie you know ppl like you worst than the gang members tbh . You talk about shooting and how many more Mr prime minister, which I can agree but when I read the next part about crime minister smh given how serious the situation is . Cleary your just ignorant or maybe a hack , comments so Cleary stupid with serious emotion, normally a hack.. anyways stop because the crime minister PJP like you say should be the biggest crime boss In the world through your ignorant mind lol..but prime minister and then apply more pressure given the current crime situation, I can say ok he speaks in reality. Not a modern uwp hack but a uwp supporter. It serious in Lucia my boss with crime so that eh time for that .make a sacrifice at least to control the problem.. realistically and positively and genuine actions regardless of party or opinion. When that solve my bro and we make it safe for you to go back to being either a hack or just ignorant then I can live and let live .

  16. You can’t just use El Salvador’s model and think it will work in St Lucia. These Latin American countries have had a longstanding history of high levels of crime. You talking drug trafficking, terrorising communities, extortion, human smuggling, violent crimes, you name it. Some of them are dangerously unsafe places.
    How you so sure that the gang leaders did not make a deal to negotiate a truce with the current government. The country was on its knees my friend. So you think new man in power just rock up and puff, it’s sorted. It’s possible but, I am not so sure. I think there is alot more to it. But, hey if its working over there, that’s their business. Good luck to them, but that will not work in St Lucia. For a start human rights issues is a problem surfacing over in El Salvador. Lets just concentrate on what Pierre is planning to do. We are too close with UK to be going down El Salvador route. Tourist dont like to hear human rights problem when holidaying in “Paradise Island”. No sir, they like nice beaches, smiling locals, majestic Pitons, nice hotels. Oh look at the lovely fruits. Human rights issues in lovely St Lucia, hell no. Hilaire will have alot to answer. So leave that El Salvador model right there. And you heard the PM no resources, so how he go build and feed all those bad boys in that prison? Just ensure these El Salvador gangs are not coming nowhere near your shores, looking to re-start in another country near you, St Lucia, and start recruiting. Those gang members are kept in serious confinement, shackled, tight security, probably don’t see no daylight. Mr PM…your security best be on guard.
    Now, the PM needs to find a way to implement measures to curb the increase of criminal activities on the Island. He needs resources, finances in place, funding in place for a Crime Prevention, Crime Reduction Specialists unit to work out the best way forward. Time chitchat over, time to plan, implement, action, monitor, laws to change if necessary. You get caught with a weapon 10 -20years max, no parole, serve your time. Violent Crime committed, having a gun no bail. Speed up court hearings, you will need it. Stop all that paperwork, bureaucracy and move quick pace. Too slow to implement changes on this dot of an Island. I swear snail move fastest than Lucians paperwork. You guys like a mountain of paperwork. I swear you guys think, the more paperwork you have the more intelligent it looks.
    Get the police force trained. I am afraid the Lucian police force do not have the experience to deal with these increasing numbers of gang related issues. Right now police are having a problem with school students, using dangerous weapons on their peers in broad daylight. What does that tell you St Lucians, in particular Mr PM….these young students are fearless. Hunting in packs makes them strong, knowing Lucian bystanders are scared of them and they don’t care. That poor student did not stand a chance. Thank goodness he survived.
    When you will feel what it’s like to live in a dangerous gang infested cesspit, that’s when you will move fast. I am not wishing bad for St Lucia. Mr PM, this is going to be the toughest job you will ever undertake, implementing new strategies and policies to curb gang-related violence.
    So Lucians stop chit chatting about El Salvado, you not there yet. Soon you will need school security at all school gates and weapon detection system, to search for hidden weapons. Still they will just hid them behind bushes for after school. You have to think of how these kids minds work, when they are caught up in this gang culture mentality. Police training is vital. That’s where sniffer dogs are handy tools. Stiff out the weapons, quicker than humans. There is a strong need to address and identify the problems in schools and local communities crime hotspots. No pussying footing around the subject. So get tough on crime. Find those students responsible and let them know it is not acceptable to carry dangerous weapons. Charge them with intent to cause bodily harm. The best way to stop them doing it again is to make their parents pay a fine. Take responsibility for your children while in school. Yep, poverty or not. Being poor does not give you reason to commit crime. You in school to learn, not in school to chase and hunt down your peers with a machete! If they can’t pay, give them community service, days/weeks of working for no pay, cleaning the streets of Castries, after school with their child. If thats not embarrassing and shameful enough to make them change their unruly ways, then nothing will stop them from entering a downwards spiral of criminal lifestyle. Being a parent is no easy task, but parents need to take responsibility for maintaining good discipline in their homes. I am not talking beatings, talk to your child, spend time at home baking, cooking together
    simple things in life cost nothing, except your time as a loving parent, teach by example. If all else fails, then be prepared to face the consequences if your child is hell bent on causing harm to others. These boys must be disciplined. You must be tough on crime and antisocial behaviours Pierre. If you don’t, you best build more prison spaces both for adults and young offenders. Something must be done PM before these young men get out of control, it’s already happening. Get working before it spirals out of control. I would put all these bad boys aged from 16+ to work cleaning the city or communityservice in other governmentservices. Put them to work, cleaning up. Helping in public places. You will see how quick they think about what they have done. You have no resources. Well, I give you this advice for free. Communities service is worth a try. Everything is taken too lightly in this Dot of an Island. Too much paperwork, too much bureaucracy, too much sitting around. Too damn soft. Too afraid to implement changes because the people will complain. Can you do better? Then bring it to the table to add to your debate of how you will stop these antisocial behaviours.
    Desparate times calls for Desparate measures.

  17. @Shock horror … your comments to my post are very well received. However, the country I used is only as an example. Currently, SLU is in serious repercussions of “Man Shortage”! For the state of criminality in SLU where guns and knives seem to be the order of the day for killings … FACT – a turnaround WILL NOT happen overnight. There are way too many hoops to go through (as you rightfully indicated). SLU needs some VERY SERIOUS interventions (from who? where?) to fix the state! I am positive there are solutions – it is only to FIND them, and implement them. It may take one or two generations for the current state of affairs to be fixed (yes – that long!) A whole lot of new and energised law makers (politicians, judicial /policy makers, police, etc.) with intelligence intact will be needed for that to happen (If at all!). Sadly, there are too many “slap on the wrist” entities who seem powerless (schools, the judicial system, and enabling politicians) while trying to curb current trying times. Unfortunately too – human nature is a B**ch!


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