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Teenager Granted Bail For Firearm Possession


On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) conducted a joint operation as part of ongoing proactive crime combating strategies.

The operation involved police officers from the Criminal Investigations Department Castries, Gros Islet Patrol Team, Special Patrol Team, Bicycle Patrol Unit and the Traffic Enforcement Team.

The Police Officers executed five (5) Warrants to Search for Property in the communities of Odsan, Castries and Millet, quarter of Anse La Raye.

During this operation, the home of nineteen-year-old (19) Deagho Lawrence alias “Kratos” was searched, which led to the discovery of one (1) pistol.

Consequently, Deagho Larence was charged for Possession of Firearm.

Deagho Lawrence was escorted to the First District Court in Castries for bail consideration, and was granted bail in the sum of twenty-thousand (XCD20000.00) dollars, cash suitable surety and or land documents.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force



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  1. Wasting police time Bail $20.000 or. Suitable Surety .That’s why there’s so many Illegal Guns in the possession of persons in St.Lucia.No one in Government saying nothing its Business as usual

  2. We need a national security minister. Not the PM. PJP
    Please i beg lucia to make this move

  3. All the local gunslinging criminals know that their bail is sure and secure no matter how much gun crimes are out of control in this wretched country! Are the authorities of Government and the Courts so ignorant or corrupt that they can’t accept the fact that they are contributing the crime wave by allowing gunslingers to get bail no matter what!? We are losing the fight on crime because of our stupidity!

  4. This place is one mass killing away from being on the US Travel Advisory list. Nothing is going to prod Pierre to be forceful until that event takes place. His energy is disproportionately spent on Chas and bs. Pierre is oblivious to the stakes. It’s like watching an accident about to take place. The man is ill-suited for the job and it shows. At this point in the game, he is still permitting bail to gunmen. He is expecting a change without effecting serious changes himself. He is clueless that he has no deterrence in place. It’s all a bad dream.

    As the days roll by, it will be increasingly difficult for Pierre to relinquish the security position. It would mean that he is failure. It also means that Chas will talk dreaded “baitiz” about him. We can’t have that. We are doomed to his mismanagement. The travel advisory will come first before Pierre does the obvious.

  5. Please correct me if I’m wrong but except for these countries with dictators which country in the world has a prime minister or president who has this responsibility shouldn’t there be a specific minister for this position?

  6. For all those who are blaming the minister of home affairs, all you should be ashamed. All you are related to those criminals, why don’t all you talk to them? All you will not because of the benefits yo are getting from the crime. All you are equally guilty for the shooting in the country. So don’t blame government but blame yourselves and your relatives.

  7. The police should go on strike or some kind of formal protest against this nonsense. We can clearly see where the revolving door for crimes is located in this country. The ones making the laws. In essence the men are risking their lives to get criminals and guns, they bring them to the court and they let them go. Additionally, where do these men get the money so easily for bail worth $10, 000 and more? If I go to the bank to deposit anything above $10, 000 I must declare my source of funds. They say this is to protect the country from money laundering. So what about the criminals? They do not have to declare their source of funds? Once the magistrates get their money they’re good? Smh. Policemen and women, I must say you are trying these days. Come together to protest against this nonsense. If I were an officer, this would make me feel like I am washing my hands only to put it back in the dirt. In short, pointless and futile.

  8. It may be advisable for the legislators to revisit the conditions of bail for those charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm.
    Monetary conditions are part but should not be the sole.. There should be some restriction of movement timed curfew reporting to the police station.
    A $20.000 dollars condition is not a deterrent.

  9. I may be wrong, but I do not think people understand how the bail system works. You pay bail to get out from jail until your case is called, getting bail does not mean you are not guilty of the crime. Does St Lucia have bail bondsman companies ?

  10. @Kat. Reading is fundamental. Reading words is not enough. Understanding them is what makes reading fun and an intellectual exercise. In early school it’s called comprehension. Ever heard of it?

  11. Aa @Kat only red KoolAid you know of? What about the yellow Kool Aid you apparently drank?
    The Executive cannot control the judiciary. It is called the separation of powers. The PM or National Security Minister cannot dictate the discretionary poweres of magistrates in granting bail.
    I have heard politicians lament about the low $$ for bail but they can only talk. Lucians stop allowing politicicians, especially the not so bright ones , to make you write and speak crap.

  12. @Oh Really, we do understand how the bail system works. Most of us are not as stupid as you would like to believe. In theory, their cases will be called at some point, they are just given bail while awaiting their sentences. But with the backlog of cases in the system, when will that be? In the meantime, quite a few of these criminals are caught committing more crimes while out on bail and awaiting sentencing. So obviously this isn’t working. There is always the option on the magistrate’s part of denying bail in these circumstances. By the way, who pockets the money being paid by these criminals? Like a man once said at a government office in Castries, crime in St. Lucia is a business. Looks like he was right.


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