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T&T PM Slams Chastanet – ‘No Thanks Tropical Trump!’


Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has slammed Saint Lucia opposition leader Allen Chastanet, rejecting his advice on crime.

Chastanet spoke Monday at an anti-crime town hall meeting in Trinidad and Tobago organized by the opposition United National Congress (UNC).

During his address, the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister outlined several measures to combat crime.

But, T&T Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley rejected Chastanet’s advice.

Rowley did so during ‘Conversations With The Prime Minister’ in San Fernando.

He referred to the T&T opposition ‘sitting down’ with Chastanet.

“If Saint Lucia, who had Chastanet in their government to run their country throw him out of office unceremoniously, but he in Trinidad to try to tell us how to run Trinidad. No thanks Tropical Trump,” Rowley told his audience.

The remarks drew laughter.

In addition to speaking on crime in the region, during his address at the UNC Town Hall meeting on Monday, Chastanet also disclosed plans to form a group comprising Caribbean opposition leaders.

“We are going to take this voice now to the region and form a collective group of leaders of the opposition,” the Saint Lucia politician stated.

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  1. I want to see the measures proposed by former PM Chastanet. This article should have outlined the measures of disagreement between PM of T&T and Hon. Chastanet.

  2. It is so amazing to hear PM Rowley call Chastanet. “Tropical Trump”, this speaks volumes. Thank you PM Ketih Rowley for speaking the truth. Chastanet just like Trump should be no where close to government.

  3. Total madness with these opposition’s.
    When will Chastanet understands that he’s been totally rejected by the populace. Leave our politics alone and go back to Canada where you claimed you came from.

  4. I do not expect the PM from Trinidad to accept any advice from Chas. The same way Pierre will not take any advice from Chas regarding Crime in SLU. Both countries are plagued with criminal activities with no solution in sight yet they filter advices. If both both PM had countries first they would acknowledge all the recommendations in the speech. Instead, they have chosen politics first and hence the reason he had a rebuttal. We need to forget the messenger and forcus on the message. I do not care if you like Chad or not but he had some advices and recommendations in his speech which was applicable to both T&T and SLU. We need to look at the message and not the messenger. To be honest I was inspired by Chas, a well delivered speech.

  5. This far right capitalist should be driven off the landscape of st lucia with great fire and fury. He could never ever get back in power again …

  6. NOOOOOOOOOO….🫢🫢🫢🫢😂😂😂.. What a dis…. but the T&T PM has a point….And I suspect that name will stick on Chastenet…..😂😂😂😂

  7. PM Rowley,why don’t you call back to Trinidad yo 6’7’s numbers game gangs from Lucia unceremoniously! Woiiii

  8. That’s how low thinking politicians act. There was nothing in the man’s speech that attacked you, your country or your crime figures. The man spoke about the missteps of GOVERNMENT as a whole throughout the Caribbean to engage The Youth properly and entice them into a fruitful life of legality without crime instead of having them fall into a life of crime with all its wicked shortcomings. And he also spoke about who knows what we lost with all those young people being murdered and what the true cost of life and the impact of it. None of those things had to deal with his self centered narrow thinking ass. But as a politician who always seeks to mislead and look for points you had this to say. That reminds me when Sir John wanted to be part of a unified Caribbean them same small thinking, self centered asses complained and called us small island people. We are all in the pot suffering the same date but they are quick to call you names and run you down as if the ones doing The Cooking care about their pettiness. Crime affects One and all just watch how things will unfold shortly after The Grenada Three did their shit to those sailing tourists.

  9. Advice is advice, not a mandate, take it or leave it if you choose. I agree with the statement Anonymous made. Both TT and SLU full a crime but as long as the messenger is oppostion – it can not be listened to. Fringgin idoits. If de ting eh makin sence then alright, but if even some makin sence den take note!

  10. K. Rowley, that is simply not nice. This is how self-centered politicians act; they don’t consider the interests of the people who elected them. In Chas address, he made no mention of attacking you, nor T & T. He talked about how the Caribbean government as a whole had failed to engage the youth in a productive and law-abiding life, luring them away from a life of crime and all its evil consequences. Who knows what we would have lost in the end, with all those young people killed, and the real cost and consequences of that? For example; crime starts by calling people names like you did.

  11. Anybody making an effort should be commended. The useless people at the head of governments that are clueless enablers surrounded by criminal elements are the real problem.

  12. ‘You should be ashamed of yourself Allen’ second regional PM to call you out.

    Give it up now, please not for youself but for St Lucians, save us further emarrassment.

    Please and thanks.

  13. Why not say thank you Allen, for sharing your recommendations with us during these difficult times that we are all facing Island wide. We thank you for your input and united vision. We are looking to review all ideas and recommendations put to us. We intend to make a decision in due course
    Trini You can’t sort your own crimewave house out and you unashamedly calling Allen…tropical Trump and your guest find it so funny. What sort of message are leaders like you sending out to young generation. That it’s OK to poke fun at a former St Lucia PM? How about give the man some credit. He turned up, he tried. Unlike Pierre who has ensured he has a fall guy, Norbert. Yes. Norbert will put it all together. Norbert will sort it all out. I am in charge of security. I am not the policeman.
    Some of all you deserve all you get. Allen leave them, let them go figure out their issues without any help from experts from overseas.
    You so good at what you do in Trini you get outside expertise to help you out.
    No wonder there is so much unruliness in Caribbean culture.
    Disgusting music lyrics, cutlass wielding school children chasing their peers, men fighting ready to chop each other with a cutlass. Gun violent like it’s at the OK Coral. And name calling by men who are in charge.
    That’s why we will always be labelled backward thinkers. We so good we can’t sort ourselves out unless an expert from overseas countries give us a hand.
    We poke fun and too dismissive of our own people.

  14. Chas just a smooth talker .Never ever take advice from a con man. He words are sweet but bitter as vinegar. Lier lier proven lier your works are known.

  15. Those disgusting politicians all they do is put people against each other, what did Allen sa

  16. Maybe some of these just love it so. There is major drug dealing and money laundering in these islands. Many politicians rely on shady money to fund their campaigns. Look the US and UK came together to catch the Premiere of the BVI? Fahie?who has now been convicted of drug dealing. The BVI is still British so they can smoke out the rats there but they can only watch the nonsense going on in these so called independent countries ruled by criminals.

  17. This man has been tslking garbage when he was and now out of power. However it may be as good as it may be it will still be regarded as trash.
    Sorry tropical Trump you political career is over.

    Just quit man

  18. @shock horror PUT A SCOK IN IT ! Allan Chastanet got exactly what he deserved; he has zero business going to address an issue of which he has ZERO experience about. Question you clown what was the UWPEES CRIME INITIATIVE??? THEY NEVER HAD ONE; so what did this joker spoke about.

  19. Wow! Why those bitter statements? Everyone must come together to help solve the high crime rates within the Caribbean region. People should put their differences aside and made recommendations like Chas did. There is no need for the bitter name callings. Just encouraging hatred and those posting it is SAD and bitter! I said it, STOP PROMOTING CRIME BY THE TONGUE LASHING!!!
    just a acknowledgement saying, “we appreciate your thoughts & shared vision and we will examine every suggestion.” this would be what a Prime Minister or head of state would say instead of the unruly behavior and name callings. Politicians have to put aside their differences and set better examples for the youth whose lives are in their hands!
    People, to help solve the crime problems, lets start with us and our homes!
    Stop the HATRED amongst us within the Caribbean Region and let’s put our heads together to make our countries a better and safe place to visit.

  20. Poor jab Chastanet.
    I have no words.
    @Shana – I wish everyone would share your humility.
    Mind you, I do not feel sorry for Chastanet, but he could’ve done this in a better, dignified fashion.

  21. I will do everything (within the lboundries of the law) to ensure Chas NEVA hold the reigns of power in St. Lucia ever again. This man was and continue to be a cancer.

  22. T an T minister is the crime head minister, hear how he dissing a former pm no respect unrully like the gang trouble makers in his country , he should be investigated all crooked stems root them out !! they in politics for money not the people !! shas hae money already i backing the mun 1000% !

  23. @lucian low grade
    Don’t you dare come over my way, with your nonsense. Freedom of speech. If you don’t like my comments don’t read it. I knew you would have some assy comment to make. Why don’t you go down to VF to find out why its a hotspot of crime. All you do is attack other people’s comments. Stay in your lane.

  24. Rowly has reacted proudly and foolishly! Irónicamente, he’s the one behaving like Trump!

  25. yeah that low grade crap never have a mind of his own all he does is read people’s comment and attack y don’t u make your own contribution

  26. Some things should just not come out of a leader’s mouth. This was in extremely poor taste.

  27. Why so much bitterness and hate towards one person? You who are without sin cast the first stone. Let go and let God!


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