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Police Probe Vieux Fort Shooting


Police are investigating a shooting in Vieux Fort that occurred on Tuesday, in which a man in his twenties sustained injuries.

The incident occurred at about 10:50 pm at Clarke Street and New Dock Road intersection.

According to reports, the victim was in a vehicle when he came under attack.

No suspects were in police custody in connection with the latest incident involving violent crime in Vieux Fort.

It occurred as police continued investigating a chopping at Grace, Vieux Fort, resulting in injuries to three men.

The chopping occurred at about 9:30 pm on Sunday during an altercation among a group of males.

The three men who sustained the cutlass injuries were conveyed in stable condition to a medical facility.

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  1. That Crime Situation in VieuxFort is out of Control and The persons in charge Refuse to Clean Vieux.Fort.When St.Lucia Turns up like Haiti then we will See .Everything is a Joke For Some persons .The gang leaderBarbeque have Been Terrorizing the Citizens of Haiti and the Leaders Cast a Blind eye .This is it He have Taken over the Country .Politicians in St.Lucia take note.

  2. This place needs prayers. They said in the early days a catholic priest went up calvary hill and opened his A..S and cursed the community.
    Am inclining to believe this strongly. A lot of people there are lazy. Its a fact. But there are a lot of good and hard working people to.

  3. It is time for the MP to resign. He has failed the community miserably. Drug money pulls all the strings. Everybody knows who the criminals are and who their friends and puppets are.

  4. Which are the safest Caribbean islands? A guide for a safe tropical vacation.

    Saint Lucia is number 3 on the list.

    Let’s hope for everyone’s sake this doesn’t change because of these useless thugs we have roaming the streets

  5. The gang violence will cool do in vf when the government flush out the gang of fellers France left behind that’s the only gang creating problems in vf, keep coming after the BruceVille ppl and targeting those they believe associates with BruceVille ,there ppl in vf that knws what’s going on but won’t talk becuz when police arrest those lil crackheads they be released 2 days after back on the streets doing more, the government made a plan to arrest 10 guys from BruceVille right now they all on remand the police use guys from france gang that claims they where eye witness on some murders point on the fellers call they name all those they believe that was a threat to them,it’s like working with the police to clear the streets then to come do shit cause they believe mostly all those they fear in prison…. How is that hard to see they in vf town rubbing,drinking,smoking crack 🤔 they a violent gang n that’s they life style but y’all don’t find they the problem because they don’t carry big gold chains drive cars or have boats🤔 take it from me if they really want to calms things in vf they should get reed of the gang France left behind all of those associates with them and see how calm things will be in vf town…….note those are the ones known to be responsible for the killing of the woman and her grandson in her house in vf mang the police haven’t gave the family any update on the case

  6. HN :Which are the safest Caribbean islands? A guide for a safe tropical vacation.

    Saint Lucia is number 3 on the list.
    Hahahaha HN you got jokes St. Lucia cant be number 3 on a Caribbean safe list. Yuh mad. Given the difference in populations on per capita Jamaica a frightening place to go is safer than SLU . Crime and violence all over SLU . St>Vincent , Greneda, Antgua , st. Kitts e.t.c. safer than Saint Lucia and they aren’t the safest

  7. This government won elections by blood so in return blood needs to be paid back . This is a bloody transaction that we have not control over. The police system is a fail system, they need some training and better payment so they won’t be corrupt and taking bribes. The police know who the criminals are because that’s who put money in their pockets.


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